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    Feedback Just noticed this

    I block ads. And I subscribe. I block ads because my decrepit old PC sometimes just locks up with all of the activity. In the process of upgrading but in the meantime the "Blocking ads? Please whitelist etc" block appears on every screen. It is only a minor distraction...
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    Feedback Booted again

    I hope it wasn't something I said. In fact I am sure it wasn't but once again I got booted off while looking through a website that I linked to from seriouscompacts. In this case it was Dewi Sant's great travel blog. I know I bathed and brushed my teeth but I really want to know what I have...
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    Samsung TL500 evf

    Can anyone direct me to a source for an EVF for the TL500 in the USA? I find I am a bit shaky without using my face for camera support. Thanks. PapaDee
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    Hello from Northern Virginia

    I'm a retired computer geek - long ago. And I may be more of a gadget freak than a photographer in training. And I have been told that I am almost 75. I gave up birthdays long ago. And as far as I know I have CRS but I can't remember. I have enjoyed lurking here and thought it was time to...
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