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    Gold Coast, AU

    A couple of images taken during some rare spare time! XF14 XF35 XF55-200
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    Fuji My X site

    I have just started an new website dedicated to images taken with the Fuji X system. I'm not good at all that blog stuff so we shall see how it goes! The site name is a bit corny :) Xtographer - Home
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    Milky Way

    Not sure if 'Nature' is the correct forum for these, the milky way is certainly natural. Shot with the XF14.
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    Rain Drops

    XE1 and 35 f1.4 @f4
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    Spent a weekend in Brisbane earlier in the month. The first taken with the 18-55, and the rest with the 14 which I purchased when in Brissie.
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    Fuji 18-55 with close up filters?

    Anyone tried using the kit zoom with a close up filter or combination of filters and care to share their experiences? I am aware of single element filters, double element filters etc; and in various strengths, +1,+2, +4 etc; but never used them. With my Nikon gear I have a dedicated macro lens...
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    Share Triptych's

    A photographic triptych is a group of three photographs usually arranged with a plain border between them. The work may consist of separate images that are variants on a theme or that tell a story, or may be one larger image split into three. Here is a recent one of mine titled "3 'S' Ritual"...
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    Fuji G'Day

    Just found this site and liked the look of it, so joined up! Currently located on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia. Originally from the UK. I have been an avid Nikon man for many years and still have D300/D700 bodies + lenses, but since purchasing an X E1 a month ago the Nikon...
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