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    Leica Nikkor-SC 5cm F1.5, The lens that brought attention to the Japanese Camera Industry

    Thanks Brian for such a detailed write up.
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    Expired Collapsible Leica Summicron 5cm f2 in M mount

    i have this same lens and it gives that old, nostalgic look to the photos due to its low contrast character. Works very well in high contrast lighting and b&w images.
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    Completed FS Konica 40/1.8, 28/3.8, 135/3.5 and Camera

    Finally got around to trying out the lenses. The 40/1.8 and 28/3.5 are very sharp. It really surprised me. Thanks Brian for the items. Been a real pleasure dealing with you.
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    Completed Konica Hexanon 57/1.4, 28/3.5, and 135/3.2. With FT-1 body, three front caps, two rea

    Received the items. They are in beautiful condition. Thanks again Brian. Been a real pleasure dealing with you.
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