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  1. grillec

    Fuji New firmware for Fuji X-E2

    Today the "old" X-E2 got an update who add a lot of features of the newer cameras of Fuji. Here is a description of the new features (thanks to fuji's idea of Kaizen) Substantial firmware updates for the X-E2, delivering a new AF system for better capture of moving subjects among other...
  2. grillec

    Camera! Action!

    One of two sets I ran in randomly during a short trip in Berlin
  3. grillec

    Stroll Thieves of the sun

    A6000 with Tamron SP 90mm/2.8 Adaptall and Lens Turbo
  4. grillec

    Small knights festival

    Yesterday here was a small local festivity where different associations could present their work. A group who specialized on the living in mediaeval times caught my eye especially. A few impressions (I)
  5. grillec

    Hello from Bonn (Ger)

    Greetings, until now I am/was a quiet reader of this forum but a few times it was itching to add some pics to image-threads here. So I signed in and writing a few words to introduce myself. Simply I enjoy to make photos (only since a few years) and after two Nikon DSLRs I began to develop...
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