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    Film Lab for IOS or Android

    A while back I posted a thread regarding a Kickstarter program from someone developing an app for iOS and Android to use phone for converting film negatives to digital positives......almost automatically, by focussing , detecting frame lines, reproducing with accurate color etc. I thought I...
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    Leica Film Lab for IOS or Android

    I got in on a kickstarter campaign for a developer in NY who wrote a program to automatically or manually convert negatives/slides to digital images (soon to be Raw) using apple or android phones. Name is Film Lab and the testers have shown some very nice results and Abe is super responsive...
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    Leica any favorite3 stop ND filters?

    For a fast 50....good value?
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    Leica m240 purchase issue

    OK....I think I could use some wisdom of the crowd. I purchased an M240 with very low mileage from a famous very active forum and a seller with extremely good feedback. It was advertised as complete, boxed, 9+, with all accessories. When it arrived there was no US cord to plug in to the...
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    Leica Raw software for M240

    Have searched abit through the prior posts. Now with an M240 coming in , need to establish a workflow. My only digital software is DXO and it requires some upgrading. I have read reviews such as the one here. The very late Leica M Typ 240 review It seems like there are "issues" with M240...
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    Leica A New Arrival

    It hurt....mostly in the wallet. But, I finally took the plunge and bought a M240. However, now that the dirty deed is done I need to switch mental gears and anticipate the joy of use when it arrives. I've been watching a number of you guys buy and sell some very expensive cameras and...
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    Leica Calibrating lens focus with fresnel screen

    OK....I am going to cut a screen to use in the film slot of my M's to calibrate the focus of various lenses. My question is how large to cut the screen? Obviously the length of the picture area is 36 mm but that's not an issue because the M cutout is more than 36 mm, that is if you place the...
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    Leica M240 prices

    Seems to be entering a universe that might start to tempt me. FS: Leica M240 (silver) $3650/OBO
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    Leica Circular Polarizers

    What's the best way to adjust exposure for a circular polarizer on a non TTL camera ?
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    Leica M8. V 8.2

    so is there really a material difference between these two that knocks one of them out of consideration, no bones about it? Or is one so much better?
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    Leica EVF Leica X

    I just missed out on a well priced Vario with case, grip, and Oly EVF 2. I am looking at a regular X without a finder. However, I would not invest in a Leica EVF given the cost. I am not certain that the Olympus EVF 2...which is reasonably priced used, will work satisfactory on an X, even...
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    Leica Some thoughts on M5

    I have been eyeing an M5 for a while now, reading about opinions on the net . Since I have CL and CLE (not real Leicas ...right?) I have some knowledge of using a metered M mount and rather thought the M5 would suit me better than a newer one. there are lots of reasons to consider an...
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    Leica Digital Scanning

    Why does it make more sense (if it does) to use a DSLR for negative scanning instead of a dedicated scanner? I would guess that most DSLR's do not have the resolution to do the job correctly. Even , if so, any resource in this website on how to do it right? Seems like a fair amount of work.
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    Leica Wheres the Leica T forum?

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    Leica M Baseplate tripod thread "issue"

    This is a query for the most wise and experienced. I have an M3 and finally noticed that the baseplate thread is 3/8 inch and not the "standard" 1/4 inch. Now I have to fool around with reducers. However, it makes me wonder as my local camera store owner who has seen literally thousands of...
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    Leica Leica X type 113

    See lots on X1, x2, Vario.....nothing on the above. Folks have experience with the 113 fixed lens camera and opinions? Hap
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    Leica Canon L1 v Leica III

    Not that I am necessarily on the edge of Leica defection......but I've looked around at Leica III's which seem ideal screwmounts, except when you don't wish to squint....or ping pong into finders....or get a degree in film loading. So I'm just wondering if one of you of the faithful have...
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