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    Fuji dpreview: X20?

    How 'bout Imaging Resource? When I first learned of the X20 I went looking for X10 reviews on the body and handling. Imaging Resource's seemed better for real-world use than DPreview's. I have no idea which is more likely to get an X20 review out first.
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    Did you look next to the tree on the far right? I don't know how she made it through the woods without.... :confused: Just kidding. Great shots, Odz.
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    Fuji Why an X20?

    Jdub and Deer_Dodger, I agree wholeheartedly. The best camera is the one you have you. For me the X20 is the answer to the best camera I'll keep with me most of the time. Jdub's closing point in the first post is not said often enough: "And while my 1D could have created a better image it...
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    Fuji X20 Images really not good news.

    One thing in the EXIF data for both those photos may also be playing a part: Sharpness {0xA40A} = hard (2) I've been using NR -1 or -2 and sharpness = 0 since day one. The full res shots available before US X20s arrived had the same excessive NR problems as seen here. It's easy enough to...
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    Fuji Decoding X20 serial numbers

    Thanks. Too bad there's not more to be gleaned... at least until more X20s are in circulation. I should have mentioned that my X20 is from the first US batch.
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    Fuji Decoding X20 serial numbers

    Calling on Fuji experts... I am a mere grasshopper pondering the mysteries of Fuji-dom. :confused: Is there a proper way to interpret a Fuji serial number? My X20 is no. 31A509XX. Some accounts I've seen elsewhere say Fuji's "31" means production from 2013, the 1st quarter. Is there a...
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    Fuji X100s: Change in Expected Availability at B&H

    To start from what Ray wrote and indulge in some wild, barely informed speculation (for which Ray bears no responsibility!) : Fujifilm anticipated the B&H and Adorama closures for Passover. They're two of the biggest, best liked photo stores in the country. Maybe the first 2 waves of...
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    Fuji X20 availability update from Amazon

    Glad to hear it Link0000. Mine just arrived at my workplace. I started charging the battery but put everything back in the box. We'll see how long that willpower lasts :confused: Bob G
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    Fuji X20 availability update from Amazon

    Amazon US showed 5 black X20s available this afternoon but none in silver. My black one shipped from Berger Brothers a few minutes ago.
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    Fuji Private messages - do you want notifications?

    Thanks BB. It took me a little while to find the settings. They can be found under Settings in the top-right menu, General Settings and scroll down to Private Messaging. This URL might work:
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    Fuji X20 availability update from Amazon

    Today I asked a about my pre-order and was told the date in distribution channels is March 29th, with a few days wiggle room before or after. The dealer is smaller than Amazon, Adorama or B&H. I'm #2 on their list with an order placed Feb 3rd. A friend is #1, just to make me jealous :)
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    Fuji X20 availability update from Amazon

    Link0000, depscribe or any other Amazon pre-orderers, Have you gotten any further updates from Amazon? Their public notice has changed to "usually ships in 3-5 weeks."
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    Fuji X20 Availability in the U.S.

    The estimated delivery is March 18th on my pre-order from a smaller dealer, confirmed today. 2 weeks to go, maybe.
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    Fuji X20 ISO Test

    Thanks Jimbo. You can see the noise and sharpness trend by looking at a low contrast detail like "Two Way Power" at the top of the calculator. Every notch up takes a little away but to my eye you have to get into the ISO1000 and 2000 range before things start to fall apart. Ray makes a good...
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    Fuji X20 a Classy or stylish?

    It's close. I'd like silver for the X20 if the front VF window were a wider rectangle instead of nearly square. Black wins by a nose for calling less attention to the VF. BTW, B&H still shows the chrome X20 with "expected availability Feb. 28" but the black one just as "New Item, Available...
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    Fuji So, is this the week the X20 gets released?

    Has anyone gotten a "shipped" notice yet for their X20? Count me as an early mouse hoping not to get squished. -Bob G
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    Fuji X20 -100 to 12800 ISO versus X10

    I appreciate Ralfs' work and don't want to be rude after all the time he invested. Some additional images at a wider aperture than f/8 would help. Diffraction effects are hurting the sharpness and fine contrast in these images. Ten years ago the 4MP of a Canon G2 could show fall off after...
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    Fuji Official Fuji X20 Full Size Samples Posted

    The copy book paper has a good feel to it and the detail in the river buildings shot looks pretty good for a small sensor at ISO400. Some of the other shots look like they've got too much noise reduction. A quick look at the EXIF data doesn’t show an entry for NR. If these are at the default...
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    Fuji Viewfinders

    I still count the M2 as a lucky find: a 20 year old camera for a little under the cost of a new Nikon F3. My girlfriend thought I was nuts! Maybe with some justification :rolleyes: But seriously, a good zoom finder is more to my taste than the fixed mag. with frame-lines except for the fixed...
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    Fuji Viewfinders

    One of my frustrations with the Canon G10 is the low-mag. 80% OVF that's barely better than contemporary Canons at 1/4 the price. The promise of a better OVF in the X20 was a reason for ordering one. I think coverage below 85-90% is common in less expensive cameras to save cost. 90-95+%...
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    Fuji After winning the forum's contest X20...

    JJJPhoto -- that _is_ funny. Cute girl! It was while taking a simple posed photo of my daughter with missing teeth and a snowman that finally tipped me over the edge about my Canon G10's speed and handling (annoyances with both).
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    Fuji After winning the forum's contest X20...

    In the unlikely event the X20 prize comes my way, the first image will be my 6 year old daughter with missing front teeth.
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    Fuji X10, X20 viewfinder magnification

    Hi all, first post here, I'm wondering about the image magnification in the X10 & X20 viewfinder. Would someone with an X10 estimate what equivalent focal length gives a life-size view? Fuji's spec of a 20 degree horizontal apparent view translates to about 100mm from the site below. But...
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