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    Camera Bag Review Via The Online Photographer

    Good read. Here's mine. An old khaki Hadley Pro canvas and a Black Fibrenyte Hadley Pro. I've tried loads and there's nothing better for my needs. Use them daily and for everything.
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    Show "Cows"

    :) Cow & Girl by Dan Bing July, on Flickr
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    Sony RX1- How to use the Clear Image Zoom and the Smart Teleconverter?

    I don't use it that much but when I have I put the Clear Zoom on the rear dial (bottom arrow). 2 clicks for max...140mm? I really should get round to reading the manual, lol. Sorry if this isn't very helpful.
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    Sony What I Don't Like About the RX1

    It's quirky needs a slight grip and a VF where the flash is for sure...but jeez when you view the files straight out of the camera all is forgiven.
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    Sony On the Streets of New York with the RX!

    Love them - thanks for posting
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    Show "Flowers"

    Weird Bug by Dan Bing July, on Flickr
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    Fuji 3rd authorized pics in Xinjiang, China. Serious grand pics.

    Painting with light. Stunning.
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    And I thought my M8 was my 'goto B/W camera'. Love pics everyone - inspirational stuff, thanks for sharing!
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    Sony Finally sunk the cash into the RX1 yesterday...

    Gawd...I thought it was just me lol
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    Sony Finally sunk the cash into the RX1 yesterday...

    Congrats. Welcome aboard!
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    Giraffe/Mother In Law Mother In Law/Giraffe Hard to tell.
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    Show "Flowers"

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    Sony show us your RX1

    Thanks. Worrying stuff though. ...and I just tried a wall at find this: So depressed, then I thought I'll try rocket blowing all the nooks n crannies...I failed and it was still there. Hrrrmmmph. Next step, a vacuum cleaner attachment...nothing, UNTIL I opened up the flash and...
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    Leica New Leica Mini M

    *turns to my RX1* "Rest easy my beautiful little boy, rest easy" :smile:
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    Show "Flowers"

    Summer Flowers by Dan Bing July, on Flickr Summer Flowers by Dan Bing July, on Flickr
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    Show 'Food'

    Wedding Cake by Dan Bing July, on Flickr Garlic by Dan Bing July, on Flickr Chicken by Dan Bing July, on Flickr
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    Show 'Food'

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    Sony show us your RX1

    Welcome aboard - love the strap n hood. Also in UK at the mo...and having paid silly prices for Bips Bops (or whatever there names are) for £20, then losing them within weeks of use I decided to get a cheapie off a Hong Kong eBayer for around £3ish, it's metal, perfectly finished and matches the...
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    Show "Flowers"

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    Sony Wim Wenders at Cannes

    LOL at how this thread turned out. Cheers all.
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    Sony show us your RX1

    Ditched the Gordy wrist strap for a Barton neck strap from Red Dot in London:
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    Sony Wim Wenders at Cannes

    So it seems long time Leica user and collaborator (anyone remember his M8 promo) Wim Wenders is a fan of the RX1 too...
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    Sony Leica M9-P To RX1

    Great choice, I feel a bit blue because I'm selling my M9 + 35mm Summicron this week, but yeah from one RX1 newb to another, congrats and welcome aboard.
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    Sony show us your RX1

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    Sony hand grips for the RX1

    That bottom one looks just what I'm after. Thanks for posting!
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Oppan Maid Marian Way Style by FBMJULY, on Flickr Easy Reading by FBMJULY, on Flickr Digging by FBMJULY, on Flickr Buffet Chef by FBMJULY, on Flickr
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    Animals Show Birds

    Robin in Apple Tree by FBMJULY, on Flickr M8 + Summarit 35mm
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    Show "Flowers"

    Flowers opening by FBMJULY, on Flickr
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    Show Landscape

    Nottinghamshire by FBMJULY, on Flickr Nottinghamshire by FBMJULY, on Flickr
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    Sony rx1 lens hood

    Have the same one - original Sony cap stays secure.
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    ^In the last pic of the it just me or is anybody else seeing Jesus looming down (top left)? Spooky. Also thanks to everyone for the awesome comments. I look forward to posting more shots in the future.
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

    Hi can I firstly thank everyone that contributed to this thread and the RX1 section of SC. You've all been helpful in me making a choice to purchase the amazing lil' RX1. I've had mine for around 10 days now and am completely besotted by it in all areas. I've been into photography since my...
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