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    Leica Canon 50mm f0.95

    Brian, the 50/ 0.95 works well on a Sony a7 mirrorless, but is kinda overwhelming size and weight. I use mine with a 0.95 to NEX adapter purchased on eBay. t
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    Best Pocket Camera for Monster-Mania

    Hmm. Tricky. I am taking my Canon SX280 (for the low light ability and massive optical zoom) to the next Comic Con. I'm really struck by the zoom, it's a lot of fun in crowded situations because you can capture ridiculous expressions on peoples (or monsters) faces without having to elbow past...
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    Sony Got a few things for the RX1

    rpavich, me too. I'm hoping the same... so far feels ok though. Must be my big square manly shoulders, yeah right!
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    Sony RX100 II review

    A bit more optical zoom would be nice.... 3.6 is not bad considering all the other amazing bits and bobs and it's not a 'point nd shoot' per se, I guess. I like the AF speed, and the low-light abilities... I'll have to repost after I receive it! I bought the RX1/R as well - no zoom there, but...
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