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    Sony Worth Considering ? Sony RX1R

    Hi, Is the now 'old' RX1R a good used buy compared to other similar full frame compacts / I currently use a Pen-F with various lenses and wondered if the extra pixels would make a real difference, I don't mind the fixed lens as I feel it would provide me with a different way of looking and being...
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    Casio Exilim ZR series compact cameras

    Hi, I'm looking for a long reach zoom compact travel type camera & noticed the Exilim ZR 1000, 800 & 700 all have DNG RAW format along with JPEG.:eek: Are there any good reviews of these Exilim cameras to read up on to help me decide on which travel compact to try out beside the 'other'...
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    Pocket Compact Zoom Wanted.

    Hi everyone, I'm considering buying either new or pre-owned, pocket-able compact zoom camera for use on holidays & also at concerts now that CSCs or ILCs have been 'banned' here in the UK at gigs, by the promoters and as an 'everyday' camera to take with me all the time. What do people...
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    Pentax Pentax Q, is it worth considering as a carry all the time camera ?

    I'm seriously thinking about a Pentax Q or Q10, depending on cost as my camera to take everywhere as the reviews here have made me look at it in a fresh way.:wink: I found a new/ unused Q for £200 but a new Q10 was £370 ,both with the kit lens. Is the Q10 that much better ?:confused...
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    Panasonic Nearly new LX5 and accessories.

    Hi everyone, Just been offered a part exch deal ( no extra cash from me needed ) on my 400D for a nearly new LX5 with the EVF and the wide angle conversion lens and its required mount plus a 52mm circular polariser . Should I take it :confused: Thanks in anticipation.
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    Fuji X10-Adding Optical filters

    Hi, Can any X10 owners help me out with a question about fitting additional filters to an X10. Does the X10 have a lens filter thread ( can't find any info on this so far ) if so what size is it, if not, what is the best way to mount optical filters, eg; NDs, Grads ( P size, 84mm) and...
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    Affordable Pre-Owned Advanced Compacts.

    Hi, Did'nt really know where to place this post, so here goes, hopefully this is the place, if not I'm sure it will be moved :rolleyes: As I'm on a limited budget ( nothing up to £250 max ) what would be good 'used/ pre-owned' serious compact cameras to put on my list to consider and look...
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    Hi !

    Just found your site and have registered as I'm very interested in photography generally and hoping to buy a 'serious compact' camera when I'm able to afford one to use as my 'take it everywhere' camera and to replace/ upgrade my Fuji F200EXR.:smile: I also own a Panasonic GX1, G3 and an...
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