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    Ricoh New series: 12 shots with the GRD4

    hey all! i am as usual, quite productive with the Ricoh GRD4 these days. here's a second series with that awesome camera. different modes and settings. All shot in the Seattle/Redmond area in the Washington state. hope you'll like them. s
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    Ricoh First series with the GRD IV

    Hi all. here's a first series of GRD IV shots i have been taking during these two weeks. it is actually great trying to get used to a small sensor again. i thought i wasn't going to go back to small sensor cameras ... nonsense! sensor size does not matter when it comes to subjects and...
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    Hello from a french guy living in Seattle.

    Hi there! discovered that awesome website a few weeks ago. i was trying to find more informations on the Ricoh GRD IV and found Paul Giguere's article about the Ricoh GR line and general history of Ricoh cameras. great article. my main job is to take care of concept designs for video games...
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