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    Olympus Olympus XZ-2

    I think so, in a camera where every parameter is digitally controlled they can't put anything but a smooth analog-like digital control.
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    Would You Buy This Camera?

    May be I would buy one as a second compact camera, because it's very attractive, but my first compact camera would be a zoom camera. Having this one and a RX100, one in each pocket would be very nice. However, for a combined use a slightly tele prime lens would better suit my needs, given that...
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    Olympus XZ-1 shoots Harry's Caf

    Thanks Sue, wonderful shot! After seeing this, I would buy a XZ1 if I hadn't one yet ;)
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    Wishlist camera May 2012

    An Oly EPL3 with the electronic viewfinder that I could use on my XZ1 too is on top of my wishlist. The optics would be a 17 and a 45.
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    Olympus ND filter on XZ-1

    Long exposures in bright light too EG falls shots with water motion effect, of course you need a tripod
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus TG-1 iHS - Serious Compact? For some, yes.

    It's very serious as long as you really need a rugged camera! I've an old Pentax W80 and I'm happy with it but this new Oly seems to be a further step ahead! I like the possibility to mount a fisheye too. They are very useful when shooting or filming sport action.
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    50mm on cropped sensor for street?

    It's good for street with a reflex as far as street with a reflex is a good option ;) Actually, I tend to stay a step back when I use a reflex, so a 50 mm on APS-C is perfect for me.
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    Pentax K-5 vs XZ-1

    I can't see much difference here. I too have an older Pentax DSLR and an XZ-1. With good light I can't see much difference On my monitor between the pictures I took with these cameras. Of course, even in easy condition, XZ-1 is not comparable to K5 with a good fixed lens when speaking about...
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    Fuji X10 or Oly XZ1?

    Here you are Compare camera dimensions side by side
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    perhaps not a "serious" nor a "compact" - but what a cool idea!!

    Cool, let me have one and I'll show you Rome as you have never seen it! ;)
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    What's Your Favourite Camera (and lens combo optional) of all time?

    I loved my first camera Pentax MX with SMC M 50 F/1.7, but I was young and confused and always looking for new gear. My second love was after many years and several cameras my first serious digital compact, an Olympus C-60Z. Now I love my Pentax K100D with FA 50 F/1.4 and should say this is my...
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    Fuji X10 or Oly XZ1?

    I think the XZ1 is nice and compact. Buy it if you want a very usable P&S with wonderful IQ. But I would recommend a X10 if you are going to use the viewfinder on a regular base. Unless you already own an Olympus M43 or you are going to buy one soon., in that case go for the Xz1 and share the...
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    Do you still have a DSLR?

    I still have my Pentax k100D with kit zooms, 50 f/1.4 and a Sigma 28-105. I don't use it much at the moment, may be I'll bring it with me in the next photography challenging travel, may be I won't and I'll bring only my Xz-1. I really don't know what to do. I feel very fine with my Olympus XZ-1...
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    Review or User Experience?

    I read reviews to learn what a camera does and what doesn't, how interface is and other mere facts. After that I read users reviews, then I read forums. I think forums are a very good source of information. I always read manuals before buying. Then, I go and see. Finally, I look at real world...
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    Sensor Size Does Matter

    I think that small sensor "serious" cameras can be as good as any other "serious" camera if you understand their limits. I can have somethimg compact enough to, let's say, fit in my pocket, but it's either a small sensore camera, a 4/3 or APS-C camera with a pancake or with a tiny slow zoom. In...
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    xz-1 compared to lx-5

    I'm a new mwmber and I have had the XZ-1 for a short time now. I can tell you that the lens retracts in play mode only after some minutes. I find the startup time quite good. Unfortunately you can't choose ISO range in AutoISO mode but you have P mode with some 100-200 ISO range, Lowlight...
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    Hi, I'm new from Rome

    Thank you everybody for your welcome! I'll post some pictures as soon as possible and, of course, I want to share opinion and information about our little jewels with you. It's so difficult to find experienced photographers trusting little cameras, that I think this site is really a precious...
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    Hi, I'm new from Rome

    Hi, I'm new here. i live in Rome. I strongly believe that small cameras are very serious. My first SLR was a Pentax MX, as far as I know it's the smallest 35 mm SLR in the world. Lenses from the M series were very small too. My first serious digital camera was a Olympus Camedia C-60 Zoom...
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