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    Zombies in London (fake blood warning)

    Got involved in a bit of fun over halloween, a mock up of a zombie apocalypse around the isle of dogs in London. Running around getting chased, trying to find survivors and gathering clues to find the next location! All quite entertaining, anyway there's no photos of the zombies up close...
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    The Diamond Jubilee thread

    Hey everyone, I don't know who else was there yesterday - but I got the camera out and soaked in the mood; in addition to a fair bit of rain. Because London was so busy, once you had a spot, it was nigh impossible to relocate more than 10m to get a better angle on something, so if you were...
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    Cycling to Uni

    Just getting settled in the new house, away from home and still finding my feet. Luckily the weather is nice, so I've decided to cycle while it is still pleasant to do so. Today was the first proper outing I've given the camera since arrival, so this is a vignette of my day All...
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    A Very English Wedding

    BB expressed an interest over on the Leica M image thread to see some more pics from a wedding I photographed this weekend - well here is a small selection. I somehow got talked into doing the whole thing; thus my admiration for professional wedding photographers has reached a new height - I'm...
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    Quite excited

    I'm heading down to the south coast this weekend, and had been ruminating over what cameras to bring. Since I've got a wedding to shoot, but am also going to be on holiday, I will bring the m8 along - but really didn't want to take it to the beach... cut a long story short, I've just...
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    Leica Leica M8/8.2

    I seem to have been drawn, inextricably, to this quiet "M" forum - despite being superficially happy with m4/3. I'm trying to work out if an m8/8.2 with a sensible 28/2ish (biogon, ultron, hexanon) lens will be the right camera for me, and noticed that a couple of users here seem to have such...
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