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  1. Rs6er

    There's no place like Moab.

    Spent Thanksgiving in Moab. Here are a few pictures from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
  2. Rs6er

    Visit to the Oregon Outback

    Ever since we've lived in Bend we've heard about two places called Hole in the Ground and Crack in the Ground— a crater and a a fissure created by volcanic activity. Today we went to check them out and found ourselves in an are known as the Oregon Outback. Along the way, we traveled through the...
  3. Rs6er

    Autumn in the Central Cascades

    Last Saturday (10/14) I snowshoed up the cinder cone at Mt Bachelor with my skis and Boots in/on my backpack and my X-T1 w/ 14mm 2.8 hanging from my Peak Designs clip. It had snowed 14" the night before.
  4. Rs6er

    The Steens

    The one place I could camp in Oregon with no smoke. X-T1 14mm 2.8.
  5. Rs6er

    Fuji What are you using to clean your sensors?

    I live in Central Oregon where volcanic dust is king. Since I hike a lot with my X-T1 and often change lenses in less than optimal situations, my sensor is filthy. What do users recommend for do-it-youself cleaning? I do not want to have to send my camera to Portland.
  6. Rs6er

    Fuji Solar eclipse. X-T1 w/ 70’s Nikkor Q F4 200mm lens

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