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    Completed For Sale: Tamrac Bag & Misc. Items | Location: USA | Ships:

    Cheap enough for me. Where do I send the $$$? PS I tried to PM but can't make it work for me. David
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    Feedback Site changes, again

    I'm behind the times because I just noticed the new site lineup. Love it. Makes much sense. PapaDee
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    Fuji Has anyone bought one of the $99 X10's from eBay?

    Mine came today. 3rd party battery charging. PDF manual downloaded. Now if I can just find my glasses I'll RTFM.
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    Fuji Has anyone bought one of the $99 X10's from eBay?

    Feeding my GAS I bought one. Plus batteries, charger and lens cap from Amazon. Thanks I think. ;-)
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    What Is It Wednesday, Week 6

    A curtain?
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    Feedback Just noticed this

    I block ads. And I subscribe. I block ads because my decrepit old PC sometimes just locks up with all of the activity. In the process of upgrading but in the meantime the "Blocking ads? Please whitelist etc" block appears on every screen. It is only a minor distraction...
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    Completed Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 - Like new | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Great price. Too bad I already have too many bags. Darn. David:smile:
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Mike, I like the pic every time I see it.
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    Potentially interesting technique: using ICE to stitch together in-camera-created panoramas

    I am the king of clutter. You have no worries. Not even close. David
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    Ricoh "Street" review of Ricoh GR

    The first picture in your review is outstanding. The rest are excellent. Thank you. David
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    Micro 4/3 EPL5 + 20mm in London

    Also The Poster. Stopped me in my tracks.
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    Ricoh New GR Report!

    Well geez. I like them. And I'm wearing my glasses.
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    Feedback Booted again

    Exactly. Sorry for confusing you nice people. And I never noticed the "remember me". Thanks for the tip. David
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    Feedback Booted again

    I hope it wasn't something I said. In fact I am sure it wasn't but once again I got booted off while looking through a website that I linked to from seriouscompacts. In this case it was Dewi Sant's great travel blog. I know I bathed and brushed my teeth but I really want to know what I have...
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    Seeking guidance on commissioned work...

    A great conversation. You guys are the best and I also would love to see the pictures.
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    Ricoh GR shots in HDR

    Color, color, color. Both #1 and #2.
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    The Old Silo at Daybreak

    Rapunzel with a beard?:smile:
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    Slices of Hong Kong

    Nice slices. Thanks. David
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    The End of an Era: Blog Post

    Your writing is just as good as your photography. Thanks. David
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    Vyssi Brod

    Thanks for telling the story.
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    Ricoh The Ricoh GR image thread

    Tom Painterly. Very nice.
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    Seeking advice: London street shots

    I'm not in any way an expert or even a good novice street shooter but for some reason I really like #1. Maybe it is the smiles.
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    Feedback Forum Index Re-organized

    It may look a lot cleaner as you say but I find navigation more confusing and difficult. But I'm old so what the hey?
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    Micro 4/3 A new (secondhand) adapted lens put to the test (Nikon 20mm f/4 AI)

    What they said. I really like #3. David
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    Photo book about my hometown

    Brilliant Brilliant. Wonderful pictures and layout. Thanks very much for sharing. David
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    At the Races

    HeatherTheVet said "Woman in the hat the winner by a length, then spats romping home at 2nd." +1 Nice!
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    Why you take pictures?

    Short answer - because I can. And I like the challenge of getting a good picture for my wife to use as a model for her painting. Not easy. I am also a gearhead of sorts in my dotage.
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    Expired Photo Equipment Spring Cleaning Sale...

    PM sent for the Edit 110 bag, lens bags, shutter release and 4 straps. PapaDee
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    Watching the trains go by

    Lovely, just lovely. I am a fan of the way things are not only preserved but still used in the UK. Thanks David
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    Micro 4/3 G3 with my new 20mm lens in Portland

    Good eye. Really like your work. More please. David
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    West Highlands

    Yes. The 2nd is way better. But the first is no slouch.
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    Micro 4/3 A Tale of of Two Olympii

    You have me beat. 6 to 3. Gotta get my GAS on.
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    in West Penwith

    Wonderful series. Thanks.
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    Show #12

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    Eyes, danger

    Oh yeah!
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    Scenes from Charleston SC

    One more reason for me to head south. Thanks.
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    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    First pic Primetime.
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    Micro 4/3 The Panasonic 20mm F 1.7 lens Image Thread

    Riverbank 02 for me. Nice. David
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    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    Ghosthunter, I really like Fish Frenzy. Colors, texture & design. Works for me. Thanks.
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    Venice - I'm going, rain or not

    Love your pictures of Italy. Memories for me and stories for you. Just great. Thanks.
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    Samsung TL500 evf

    Since I started this thread lo those many moons ago, I have done some shooting with the TL500 using the very flexible view screen. I have CRS and can't remember the proper term for viewscreen so forgive me please. I have concluded that I don't need an EVF with the TL500. And my hands are...
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    The Well Trodden Path to the Pub

    Great sense of place. Thanks.
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    Micro 4/3 Some beautiful M4/3 photography.

    If I move to Italy, will I take such wonderful pictures? Probably not. But thanks for the link.
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    Jokes - how about a few - clean ones of course

    I want to thank you all for making my day. Please keep it up because I am going to check back tomorrow. After I find my copy of the Joe E. Miller joke book.
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    Jokes - how about a few - clean ones of course

    Henny Youngman is alive and well and working in a diner in Philly.
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    Micro 4/3 GF-1 and Oly 17mm f2.8 flower.

    You're giving me GAS and I can't afford it. Nicely done.
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