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  1. bassman

    So while we're all on lockdown..

    I don't feel bad taking my OM-D with me on the almost-daily walks. I'm out in suburbia, and yesterday I passed exactly three other pedestrians and four bicyclists over six miles.
  2. bassman

    Philosophy Gamechanger?

    Nikon D80. My first SLR since the Nikon 6006, which I shelved after lugging 15 lbs of camera gear on a vacation in a shoulder bag. The D80 just outclassed the digital P&S cameras I had been using, and was the camera I learned to actually be a photographer with (along with some serious...
  3. bassman

    Micro 4/3 Heads-up: E-M5 III firmware update resets all settings!

    Already did that. I've been using it since the original E-M5 as well. Nonetheless, this is really a bug that Olympus should fix. There’s no reason for it, and it wipes out work that the user has done. And correcting it by reentering all of the settings is error-prone.
  4. bassman

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #28: Monochrome

    Washington Square Park, NYC
  5. bassman

    Micro 4/3 Heads-up: E-M5 III firmware update resets all settings!

    Here’s the response I got: Thank you for contacting Olympus Technical Support and taking the time to share your thoughts on the the E-M5 Mark III. I will forward your email to the OM-D Product Marketing Team for consideration. Best Regards, [ ] Olympus Technical Support Olympus America Inc...
  6. bassman

    Micro 4/3 Heads-up: E-M5 III firmware update resets all settings!

    Yes, the E-M1.2 and the Pen F do save your settings via Olympus Workspace. The E-M5.3 doesn't. Here's the Support note I sent to Olympus USA this evening: "Olympus OM-D cameras have more than 250 Settings that allow the user to customize the camera to meet their needs; this is great...
  7. bassman

    Micro 4/3 Heads-up: E-M5 III firmware update resets all settings!

    Alright, I officially hate Olympus for this now. I spent an hour last night documenting my settings, updating to 1.1, and then reseting everything. Except I missed one thing - Raw+LF (the default is LF). So my shoot this afternoon was all JPEGs - which I never want. My documentation is...
  8. bassman

    Micro 4/3 Heads-up: E-M5 III firmware update resets all settings!

    It was quite annoying until they allowed saving them in an update to be original E-M1. It’s really an infuriating downgrade.
  9. bassman

    Documentary Musicians on stage

    Blake Christiana and Rick Bugel of Yarn at The Towne Crier Cafe. Rick Bugel of Yarn.
  10. bassman

    Personal gear review

    Over the last month I’ve aggressively cleaning house and rationalizing my kit. Gone are five Nikon F mount lenses (35/1.8 DX, 11-16/2,8, 50/1.4AF, 70-300G, 80-200/2.8 AF) which I used on the D7000 that’s been gone for years. The two AF lenses date back to my film days in the last century...
  11. bassman


    That is beautiful.
  12. bassman

    Fuji One of the silliest engineering decisions...

    Flash usually won’t work on silent mode because the flash duration is far too short to illuminate the sensor during the long read cycle.
  13. bassman

    Interesting Lens Design Article from Kirk Tuck

    I would argue that all of the lenses from the major vendors are pretty good as well. So I’m not sure how a detailed comparison of all the 24-70/2.8 lenses would help me choose a system. On the other hand, if you need a 600mm fast lens, or a tilt/shift, you know which systems to look at - no...
  14. bassman

    yet another 'what should i get' thread...

    GX9 gives you a 20mp m43 sensor in about the same space as the GX85. I personally would be happy with the GX9, 17/1.8 and 45/1.8. The lenses are each tiny.
  15. bassman

    How to deal with people telling you what you should be taking pictures of or other unsolicited advice?

    I've been on both sides of that, but never saw the problem. When I'm making the suggestion (and it's always just that) it's because I've seen something at a party that I think the hosts/clients would want a picture of that the shooter didn’t notice. I’ve never had anyone push back. Similarly...
  16. bassman

    Minimalism and abstract

  17. bassman

    Travel kit

    It all depends on how important the potential pictures will be. I never take an “important” trip without a backup body. Although anywhere in the US replacements from B&H or Amazon are 48 hours away.
  18. bassman

    Fuji Thom Hogan Article on Fuji

    L You’re correct on the zooms - I was referring to the paucity of primes. I’m out tonight on a shoot with m43 12, 17, 45 and 75: none of which exist in DX.
  19. bassman

    Fuji Thom Hogan Article on Fuji

    I’m not sure you meant it this way, but I believe DX and the Canon cropped cameras were originally introduced because it was way too costly to produce FF sensors. I’m sure neither Nikon nor Canon ever wanted that format to be anything more than a bridge until they could (a) produce market-price...
  20. bassman

    Sony Sony A7R IV

    Yes. And the APC crop is 27MP, slightly better than the 24MP typically found there.
  21. bassman

    Sony Sony RX100 V Flexible Focus Point Recentering

    Perfect UI design.
  22. bassman

    Fuji Sweet Little 68 Cuda

    I lusted after a Cuda. All I could afford was a 1970 Duster with the 225 CI 6.
  23. bassman

    Fuji First World Problem

    Just spent a week in Havana. About 1/3 of my keepers were with the Olympus 17/1.8 (35-e) and 1/2 with the Panny 12-35/2.8 (24-70-e). The rest mostly with the 35-100/2.8 and a few with the 45-/1.8. I could have just taken the 12/2, 17/1.8 and 45/1.8 and been successful. Or the 12-35...
  24. bassman

    "... so it's just normal for my age?"

    Just came out of a checkup with my rheumatologist where he checked my blood pressure and said “... pretty good for your age”. But it’s not as good as it used to be.
  25. bassman

    Which interchangeable lens camera, at least APS-C or above, would you take with you into a heavy storm?

    I was shooting with the E-M1.2 and 12-35/2.8 last week in heavy rain and never missed a beat. The lens did keep getting water on the front element, however.
  26. bassman

    Feedback Multiple Logins

    I haven’t been able to visit the site without logging on (again) for some time now. Clicking the ‘keep me logged in’ button makes no difference. IOS latest version, iPhone and iPad.
  27. bassman

    How's weather at your place?

    Ludlow, Vermont - up to -4F, -25 wind chill.
  28. bassman

    A Wedding (with the XE3)

    What makes weddings hard is no do-overs. What makes weddings easy is you usually get to shoot (with your camera!) happy people. Nice shots.
  29. bassman

    Working with New Lightroom

    LR is designed around its catalog - if you don’t want to deal with the catalog, you should think twice about using LR as a raw converter and post processor. But “dealing” with the catalog, while confusing at first, turns what can be a messy task otherwise into a much more useable workflow. LR...
  30. bassman

    Nikon Nikon 1 series officially discontinued

    It coulda been a contenda ...
  31. bassman

    Sony RX100 - it's going back...

    I’d echo one of Biro’s points - while the RX100 has all the manual controls and settings you might like, I find the controls are all very small and not that easy to use. The Auto functioning, however, is really quite good. So it really is a P&S camera that you might occasionally control...
  32. bassman

    [Solution Found] Apple Photos

    @kyteflyer - You’re right, there is no Flickr app on MacOS. You can load either thru the website, or I use Jeffrey Freidl’s Flickr plugin directly in LR.
  33. bassman

    Still looking for a decent DAM.

    I’m not trying to be snarky, but I really don’t understand the resistance to paying a fair price for software that makes my life easier. I have all of my photos in LR CC Classic, and can sync them as needed to my iPad and iPhone. I can also go the other way; if I’m traveling and want to edit...
  34. bassman

    [Solution Found] Apple Photos

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, your Photos content can sync automatically to those devices via iCloud. From there, there’s a direct upload to Flickr.
  35. bassman

    Greeting Camerads!

    Serious Cameras here, and also an mu-43 member. Not much Nikon gear left, now shooting mostly with E-M1s.
  36. bassman

    Resort Town To Charge Commercial Photographers!

    I prefer the view from the road just east of town.
  37. bassman

    I need more bags

    Five bags in semi-regular rotation: Camera + 1 or 2 lenses Camera + 1 or 2 lenses + iPad Camera + 3 lenses + iPad plus accessories Everything (2 bodies, 5-6 lenses including 100-400 & 40-150, filters, etc.) Plus a basket full of pouches, sleeves, wraps, etc. Plus several tripod bags for...
  38. bassman

    News Ban on cameras in cabin baggage - back to film?

    I'm pretty sure the rent-a-cops that run the screening lines will grab your Leica IID because it's a "camera".
  39. bassman

    Saturday Morning Sax

    I thought it was deliberate ...
  40. bassman

    Fall colors

    Here's another ...
  41. bassman

    Fall colors

    Civil War memorial in Chester, VT. Nice fall colors. E-M1, 35-100/2.8, CP filter. JPEG developed from raw in camera, touched up in LR Mobile.
  42. bassman

    I know it's crazy, but I've changed us back to SC

    BTW - since the name change, my login hasn't been sticking - I have to login everyday, despite having the checkbox checked.
  43. bassman

    Nikon Nikon shuts down Nikon 1 System

    Well, I supported the experiment by buying the V1 and three lenses right after they were released. It had the feeling of a product that was deliberately crippled to avoid cannibalizing the F mount cameras, and was priced way too high to sell very well. The lack of support for CLS flashes, for...
  44. bassman

    I know it's crazy, but I've changed us back to SC

    Back in the day, anything as small as 35mm (or less) was considered a compact camera. So I guess we're good up to FF.
  45. bassman

    I know it's crazy, but I've changed us back to SC

    The new old URL did screw up my Lastpass auto-login until I figured out the problem. Other than that, it makes no difference to me.
  46. bassman

    Hiking Tips for Photographers?

    I use two methods to attach a camera to my backpack (I usually use an Osprey for day hikes). - attach a Peak Design Capture Clip to one of the shoulder straps. This should handle the weight of your Fuji + a prime nicely. I've seen people carrying DLSRs with zooms this way, but that's too...
  47. bassman

    Church Interior with iPhone6s/Zeiss ExoLens

    Great image, regardless of which camera you used. Shows what good shot discipline can accomplish.
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