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  1. sh0wtime

    No Drone Action for about 2 years...

    Seeing as theres been no drone action here for a couple of years i thought i might try kickstarting. What drones do you guys have?
  2. sh0wtime

    Nikon High ISO

    OK generally i shoot in decent light at low ISO, occasionally i will boost ISO a bit for a fast shutter speed if needed. Anyway i was fiddling around in my bedroom last night & it was pretty dark in there, curtains closed just before dusk. I had my D4 & D810 out & i thought hey lets see how they...
  3. sh0wtime

    What went right today...

    Following on from the What went wrong thread i thought it would be nice to have a "What Surprisingly went right today" thread. Well after dropping my 24-70 the other day i did find my Tripod i had been looking for for ages. It was under the bed in my RV :whistling:
  4. sh0wtime

    Philosophy Found an Interview with working Pro using vintage compacts

    Hi guys. was just browsing the net (like you do) & stumbled across this interview.. quite liked the concept :) although it's very "niche", i can't imagine there would be a lot of mainstream demand..
  5. sh0wtime

    On eBay. Leica Digilux2

    Quite rare to see these being sold nowadays & this looks pretty nice & at a great price. Generally they still go for upwards of £500!!! They look Great, they are a joy...
  6. sh0wtime

    Nikon Walk around with D3 & old 50mm f/1.8D

    My D3 hasn't been out of the bag in way too long so it came out for a walk today. Traditionally i've never liked 50mm, find it a really boring/stifling FL so i made myself use it today just because it's small & unloved lol Remembered how much my D3 loves Red when i looked at the flower shot but...
  7. sh0wtime

    Philosophy Gamechanger?

    Hi guys. Over your Photography careers have you ever got any new kit that could be described as a gamechanger? Obviously most new kit provides incremental improvements but did you ever use something for the first time & be like "Wow, that is awesome" :clapping: For me it was probably my D3. it...
  8. sh0wtime

    Stroll Random Strolls with resurrected vintage compacts FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN IMAGES

    As suggested in the watering hole as something to do while exercising during the Covid lockdown, just to make things a bit more interesting. After doing a desk job for a decade i've barely walked more than a few hundred metres a day in that time so i've been using the extra time in the long...
  9. sh0wtime

    So while we're all on lockdown..

    So i was thinking.... While we're all on lockdown we are allowed to go out for exercise which for most of us i imagine will be a walk. Now i don't necessarily want to take a DSLR with me but i don't object to carrying an old compact. I imagine most of us have an old compact in a drawer somewhere...
  10. sh0wtime

    Leica Not bad for a 16 year old 5mpx digital camera

    I know the Digilux2 has been sneered at for being old tech & basic, well tbh it is old & slow but it has that wonderful Vario Summicron lens & the JPG's are lovely SOOC. Think of it like a classic car, only take it out on a sunny day when you are in no hurry :thumbsup:
  11. sh0wtime

    Nikon Never really liked my D800

    I never really liked my D800. The keeper rate wasn't great & it just felt awful in the hand :( No thumb grip. Too used to single digit bodies i guess.. Thinking back I did do the firware update & tbh the keeper rate went up dramatically but ergonomically it was nearly as bad as a canon lol...
  12. sh0wtime

    February Sunrise

    Just found this while looking for something else in my very unorganised folders... Sunrise over Westbeach Hayling Island on the South Coast UK
  13. sh0wtime

    Been away a while & looks like a few changes...

    Hi guys, been away a while & it looks like there have been a few changes to the forum. Last time i was here it was Serious Compacts & now Cameraderie. i'm guessing that now the forum includes all cameras rather than just compacts? if so Bravo, good thinking :thumbsup: I kinda stopped coming here...
  14. sh0wtime

    Panasonic one of my LX3 shots made the front cover of local paper last week

    hi guys just as the title suggests one of my LX3 shots made the front cover of the local paper last week :smile: Dozens of workers still in dark after garage closure - News - gethampshire i mean, yeah it kinda sucked losing our jobs but i finally took a few shots i liked after a few non...
  15. sh0wtime

    Panasonic LX3 does spooky

    this one came out better than i expected :smile:
  16. sh0wtime

    hi from southern UK

    hi guys posted a few items in your flickr group a while back & thought i'd better join up :smile: i have 2 cameras you could describe as compacts & one of them's definitely serious! i have an LX3 which should go everywhere with me (hasn't lately) and a Leica Digilux2 i suppose i have to...
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