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    The way ahead

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    The early dog walk

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    Wind blown

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    Golden glow

    Fuji XT10 35f1,4
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    Catching the rays !

    Fuji X-T10 35-14
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    Blowing a Gail

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    The Mount.

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    Coming in !

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    All At Sea !

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    Street art in Falmouth

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    My Granddaughter my Rottie Yogi Bear

    Sorry I did not see the dog thread so i've posted it there
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    Hitching a ride !

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    Sail away.

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    Jubilee Pool Penzance

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    Fuji Xt10 problem

    I bought a Xt10 a few months ago recently I set shutter mode to Machanical but it keeps setting itself to Electric mode I have done a factory reset but after a day it plays up again any help much appreciated
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    The Feathered Lookout

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    Mike Tyson !!!

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    Summer in Falmouth

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    Inquisitive Gosling (Canada Goose)

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