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    Fuji A Fuji X journey today - received my X100s and an XF35 lens!

    I have had my X100S since last Friday. I could not be happier. I am also an X Pro shooter. That 35 is just an amazing lens. I do have a question. How do you like the Lance camera straps. I have been looking at them. Which ones do you have?
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    Fuji Yet another X100s review

    I have to say I completely agree with you. I'm not sure it's exactly the point this guy or several other reviewers are making. However, I seriously doubt Fuji will impact Leica sales. I would love to own one if I could afford one.
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    Fuji Yet another X100s review

    Nice review. Always nice to see these reviews from professional working photographers. "In short, Fuji have really hit the ball out of the park here and made an already great concept SO much more useable. The X100S will be the yardstick against which all other non DSLR camera’s are judged...
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    Fuji Another X100S review

    From another professional photographer. Some nice images too. A Coming of Age | The Fujifilm X100S. — laROQUE - photographe.photographer.montreal
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    Fuji X10 to X20 - Is it worth upgrading? A PERSONAL view...

    Great write up. Really nice shots!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Animals Dogs (part II)

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    Fuji { Fuji Is The New Leica } | Things.That.Make.You.Go.Hmmm.

    Well said. I would love to shoot Leica but just can't afford it. Maybe one day.
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    Animals Dogs (part II)

    That is really nice!!!!!! How are you liking your X20. I am VERY tempted but of course as usual very broke...but...very tempted. :D Is that RAW or JPEG?
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    Animals Dogs (part II)

    One more from Friday
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    Animals Dogs (part II)

    From Friday. We only had about 45 minutes of sun and intermittent rain. The dogs didn't mind.
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    Fuji Some pros think the X100S is da bomb

    Let 's see getting a large check from a record company as a professional photographer as opposed to say whining on an Internet forum........ Hmmmmm, I wonder who I would trust. And when you get a check from said record company I might take you seriously. Oh wait I bet you are the unrecognized...
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    Fuji Beautiful X Pro/XE photos Beautiful photos. Nice podcast on using X Pro and XE too.
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    Fuji X100S Review

    See: Or you can just skip the review and read the last sentence: "Quite simply the new Fujifilm X100S is one of the best cameras that we've ever reviewed and joins its illustrious predecessor as a worthy winner of our...
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    Fuji FS: Fuji X100 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    (COMPLETED)FS: Fuji X100 | Location: USA | Ships: USA Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> FS: Fuji X100 </br>Prices</br> $500 if paid by check or Money Order $525 if paid by Paypal </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> Fuji X100. Original...
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    Fuji Some pros think the X100S is da bomb

    You are joking right? Zack Arias is actually paid to do photography work. And Ray one could easily say Steve Huff is a Leica or Sony shill. Gee let's see the $10,000 dollar camera is better than the $1300 one or well the $2500 + $1000 worth of accessories RX1 is a better camera. Well they...
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    Fuji X30 what changes would you make to the X20?

    Personally I don't think camera companies should release cameras. I think they should just put out spec sheets for potential cameras then after everyone complains about the feature set on that model of potential camera, they can make upgrades to their next potential camera spec sheet ad...
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    Fuji Hiow low will the X100 go?

    I'm going to sell mine for $450 once the S arrives. Maybe that's too low (and I guess I will know if it's too high), but I got a lot of use out of it and hope it goes to someone who really likes photography.
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    Fuji X100 - X100S Comparison

    If it's accurate I am going to be very happy when Adorama ships my camera! :)
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    Fuji X100 - X100S Comparison

    See: No opinion on whether this is accurate or not.
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    Fuji Nikon COOLPIX A - no threat to X100 or X100s

    I would say cumbersome is a subjective assessment. Hard to see how anyone could say any of these cameras are cumbersome. Then again, I have no problem carrying a D700 + 3 or 4 lenses for 4 or 5 hours when I'm hiking with my dogs. I weigh all of 155 lbs so it's not like you need to be Mr...
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    Fuji DPR Review of X-E1

    I don't shoot moving children so I was just guessing. ;)
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    Fuji DPR Review of X-E1

    I would still go with a DSLR from one of the big two. All things being equal APSC trumps MFT just like FF trumps APSC. Honestly I just don't see the advantage you would be getting from an OMD vs a mid tier Canon or Nikon or Pentax other than the body being smaller (which of course leads to...
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    Fuji DPR Review of X-E1

    You should probably get a DSLR for taking pictures of moving children. Although I rarely use it, I have a D700 for that type of shot. I think there are a number of good Canon, Nikon, and Pentax cameras that are great for it. The Pentax K5 is supposed to be really good if you don't want to go...
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    Fuji DPR Review of X-E1

    For those worried about the AF in upcoming models, here's David Hobby (an actual professional photographer as opposed to a camera reviewer) on the X100S: "Oh, nothing, just hanging out in Dubai with a pre-production Fuji X100s. I love my original X100, but this thing's volume dial goes to 11...
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    Fuji DPR Review of X-E1

    Indeed! It's amazing one could even take a photo without blazing fast auto focus. For proof I submit these which were done MF. Terrible. I highly recommend the book...
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    Fuji 14mm Lens Review

    Apologies if this has already been posted.
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    Fuji Your wish list for the X-Pro 2 ?

    Couldn't have said it better no matter how hard I tried.
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    Fuji First Impression of X100S

    I think they are supposed to start shipping here in the US at the end of March or the first part of April. But I bet it's May. I ordered from Adorama within an hour of when they put it up. No word from them yet so I'm guessing it's at least another month or more.
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    Animals Dogs (part II)

    Sick today Part II. I feel better now. The greasy cheeseburger and onion rings after the 4 hour dog walk helped.
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    Animals Dogs (part II)

    I decided to call in sick today.....:D I needed to outside of an office.
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    Fuji Too spoiled by new FujiNon lenses

    I just sold off my 24-70 and 80-200. I'm probably going to be selling the D700 and the rest of the Nikon lenses in the next couple of months. The Fuji lenses are fantastic. Definitely get the 14mm. It's worth the $899.
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    Fuji Quick Test: Lightroom 4.4RC and 4.3 X-Trans Demosaicing Comparison

    :rofl: THANKS!!!!!! I guess I will download this sometime today and try it out this weekend.
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    Fuji Fuji x 60mm Macro 2.4 . Will this work well for portraits and landscapes?

    I have the most current firmware. I'm not a real technical, wall chart, kind of person. It seems a little better I suppose. I think it helps to sort of use the camera and understand how the focus system works. I primarily use that lens for macro and have used it for some portraits I've done...
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    Fuji Fuji x 60mm Macro 2.4 . Will this work well for portraits and landscapes?

    I haven't had any issues focusing the lens. My guess is that focuses a little slower than the 35 because it is macro lens. However I would also add that unless you are moving from a focus point of say 2 ft to a focus point of say 8 feet it doesn't focus any slower than the 35. My Nikon 100...
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    Fuji What's "Pro" about the X-Pro 1?

    You might want to ask these these guys that question (and a casual web search will give you lots of other "professional" photographers such as Zak Arias to name another one using the X Pro). But really what's professional about any camera? I have generally found that "pro" thing is...
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    Fuji X-Photographers site

    Fuji promotional galleries of photographers from around the world.
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    Fuji Lightroom 4.4 X-Trans rumor

    Perhaps Adobe is anticipating a large number X100S' being sold?
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    Fuji Any chance X-M1 is a Monochrome Fuji?

    An M mount with the X100 rangefinder patch based on the X-E with the build of the X Pro. If the rangefinder patch works well it will be attractive to people who want to use MF lenses.
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    Fuji X100S Promo video

    Interesting. See:
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    Fuji Speculating about full-frame again....based on interview with Fuji managers

    You know it wouldn't surprise me if they actually did this. Of course it would cost about $4-$5,000. I'm not sure the current X series lens cover FF. Fuji has the expertise to make whatever lenses they want to though. Two years away maybe.
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    Fuji Dogs 14mm

    Sunday continued with 14mm
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    Fuji Dogs 14mm

    Sunday 14mm
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    Fuji Showcase Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R

    Thursday evening.
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    Fuji Dogs 14mm

    Continued. Wow I just love this lens!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fuji Dogs 14mm

    Dogs Friday AM. Unlike your humble narrator, they aren't real thrilled with the 14mm. I'm asking them to stop too much.
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    Fuji Fuji XF 14mm f/2.8 - A full workout...

    Those are really great Ray. The one with the guy looking at the bas relief is fantastic! I a cop one time in downtown Dallas tell me I couldn't take pictures of a building because I could be a terrorist. No kidding. I argued with him about it. He wasn't real happy with me.
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    Fuji My Olympus e-p3 was left aside

    Exactly Luke.
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    Fuji Xtogs is Now FujiXspot

    Have you considered the feelings of leopards and cheetahs, not to mention the probably thousands of dogs named "Spot?" :)
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    Fuji Fuji Full Frame

    Given their experience in producing high quality optics for larger formats, I wouldn't be surprised to see them doing MF at some point.
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