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    Expired Ricoh GXR + A12 APSC 28mm module

    Hi, I'm selling my almost new Ricoh GXR with about 800+ actuations. I badly need funds for my upcoming business that's why I'm going back to point n shoot for the mean time. Hopefully, I can have one of this in the future or the Fuji X100.:smile: I do have a problem though because...
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    Hi from the Philippines!

    Hi to all! I'm an electronic/firmware engineer by profession and loves photography as a hobby. Here's a short history: As a child I never got to experience photography. No cameras, no internet, no money!:redface: I envied people with cameras and especially beautiful photos hanging on...
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    Ricoh Ricoh GXR + 28mm module

    Hi this is my first post. Sharing you some of my first images from my GXR. B & W Color
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