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    Fuji Really having trouble choosing a bag for X system

    Hi guys, My setup is currently X100S XT1 14 2.8 35 1.4 56 1.2 I can just fit all of this into a ThinkTank Retrospective 5. However, it is a very tight fit. Once I add an SD card wallet and a few spare batteries, it is packed to the brim. I also have a Retrospective 7 however my...
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    Fuji What one zoom for travel with the XT1?

    Hi folks, I am off for a year in 2015 to do some travelling around Europe (Western and Eastern) for a youth working holiday and instead of sorting out visas and employment, I'm more concerned about what to bring camera wise. My X100S is definitely coming with me. I am also bringing my XT1...
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    Fuji About to pull the trigger on a Billingham for XT1 and X100S. Need some opinions.

    Hi everybody, I am about to purchase my first serious camera bag (my current one is on its last legs) and I was stuck between the Hadley Small and Hadley Pro. I am currently carrying an X100S (no hood) and an XT1, 56mm, 35, 10-24 lenses. In addition to some SD cards, batteries etc. My...
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