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    Leica Showcase M 10

    Picked one up about a month ago. Original MM and M-E are back at Leica (sensors) so I am rock'n the new M 10 as well as my M 262. Anyone else have an M 10? If so please feel free to share your thought and photos here. The new M 10 is the finest 135 format or crop digital camera I have ever shot...
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    Leica Spontaneous Relationships

    Working on a series Spontaneous Relationships
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    Leica In The Absence of Color

    A body of work I have been working on. These are not in order and this is not finished but a work in progress and you have probably seen most of these but not together like this. In The Absence of Color
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    Leica A portfolio of portraits

    All strangers and from the streets.
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    Leica Season Greetings to all here

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    Leica 2013 with the MM

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    Leica Tom

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    Leica A few portraits

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