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    Fuji How's the X-T10 ?

    I've had a couple of Fuji cameras in the past ( XF1, X30 and X100T ) but sold them all so that I could change from m43 to a D500. However, with a holiday coming i'm thinking about the (lack of) portability of my Nikon gear and should i go for a Fuji again ? I don't want to spend lots of money...
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    Sony My wife went to New York

    Last year, my wife had a call from a friend who needed to "get away" so said she'd booked to go to NYC for a week. She lives in Australia so that's some get away needed :) anyway, my wife and her friends thought when a friend is in need, we'll answer and booked up. Now my wife isn't interested...
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    Chesterton windmill

    This is near Warwick castle - just off the m40. I'm still drawn to this place in search of the illusive perfect shot ( which is probably at dawn or dusk ). As it's around 90 miles from home, it's not going to happen but I can dream Anyway, some recent ones with the xf-1 - showing the crops...
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    Fuji New to the XF1 - now X100T..gone. It's over

    Thought I'd pop in and say hi. Just got a XF1 so have been busy on a learning curve. The reason I got one was that I got fed up of lugging a d3100, d7000 and 5 lenses around so the d3100 and 2 lenses were sold and I thought I'd try this little camera. I wasn't expecting much from it, given...
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