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  1. Livnius

    Fuji Hi Fuji X -ers

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. It's late spring here in Australia and the days are getting warmer and longer...I think this is a great time to begin experimenting with a new camera. Hoping to get out and about with the new gear over the coming weeks and months...but in the meantime, I'll...
  2. Livnius

    Fuji Hi Fuji X -ers

    Hi all. My name is Joe and just the other day I joined the Fuji-X tribe (courtesy of an XT2 and a bunch of lenses). Some of you may recall seeing me around every so often at Serious Compacts (I recognize many familiar names here)....I started out taking photos about 5 years ago with the...
  3. Livnius

    Nikon Nikon A / Ricoh GR / Fuji X70 with the RX100 just to confuse things

    I have a similar setup of cameras....a D750 as my big rig, a newly acquired GX85 with 20/1.7 and a tele zoom (I prefer m43 for telephoto) and at some stage either the GR or the Nikon A. WRT the GR vs A, the margins of difference are fine, yet those small differences can also be huge, just...
  4. Livnius

    Memesagamesing Lake

    Nice series Ray. That looks like a really great place to spend time with family/friends. Some really idyllic images there but #4 just pops off the screen.
  5. Livnius

    Nikon Dipping a toe back in....

    Thank you all so much for the kind words of support. With this condition being as it is, I deal with plenty of my own involuntary it was a really positive feeling to have been able to go downtown and walk around with a calm mind and fire off a few shots, it's also a really...
  6. Livnius

    Nikon Dipping a toe back in....

    Hi Loungers. Been a while since I've posted, I've been busy coming to terms with a rather inconvenient bastard residing in my head...Anxiety! This unwelcome squatter made its way in entirely unannounced, like a bolt out of the blue, and has meant a total rethinking of how I go about living my...
  7. Livnius

    Stroll Chicago - Nikon D810 + Leica 50mm, Nikon 58mm & Sigma 24mm

    These are wonderful...and your processing is sublime as well. Fine set Shane.
  8. Livnius

    13/11 Paris

    Spent much of the morning feeling like crap....a mixture of disbelief and despair, the sort that you only feel when you watch on as humanity conspires to do something so utterly stupid and cruel to itself. I decided to do something about these feelings, to smother all this negativity, so I...
  9. Livnius

    Thai Boxing

    Good work Pete. 16 especially.
  10. Livnius

    Whats your favorite (Digital) camera for street photography

    I've settled on the Nikon A despite initially starting off with the GR. I found the Nikons compromises more aligned with mine. The GR is for me still the most tactile and comfortable camera I've ever shot with, its curves just site beautifully in my paw and is a real joy to shoot with....the...
  11. Livnius

    Animals The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    A cross-post from the Nikon D610 thread. My tomcat a kitten he was discarded on the street which is were he was found...and in many ways he has remained a street cat, whilst he does come into the house every day to perform his customary lap around the house routine and for a stroke of...
  12. Livnius

    Mysore India - Nikon D810

    Great work with the India series Shane.
  13. Livnius

    Coolpix A back for $299.

    I "re-got" the A just yesterday from a local eBayer for $400AUD (about $280USD)....the poor guy only took 12 shots with it since purchasing it in April, also comes with a 5 year extended warranty. Really happy with this find.
  14. Livnius

    Winter Hiking - Tasmania

    ...and then some !
  15. Livnius

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic LX100 I/II picture thread create room for 'new' features in an eventual LX200?
  16. Livnius

    Alaska Cruise - Glacier Bay and elsewhere

    Nice shots Ray...'White Pass 175' and 'Glacier Bay 19' are really fine. I must admit however that many of the images showing the receding glaciers do make me a hint sad, a bit like seeing a weathered and frail old elephant in its final days.
  17. Livnius

    three days at the beach with the Olympus E-1

    Very nice set...something soothing about all of these images.
  18. Livnius

    Ming Thein on street photography

    I get what Ming was saying with regards to things being shot a particular way 'back in the day' simply because of the technological limitations of the to black and white film, having to shoot at higher noise/grain inducing ISO's and and when you didn't have the ISO to coax the...
  19. Livnius

    Feedback Is a separate SUPERZOOM forum needed? - Poll

    Wouldn't effect me either way as I peruse the forum via the 'Recent Posts' tab.
  20. Livnius

    The 14th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: Fill 'Er Up

    How about "fill 'em up"? Rakija - Croatian Shots by Joe Krizan, on Flickr
  21. Livnius

    What is it Wednesday, week 4

    A super macro of the burnt end of a cigarette.
  22. Livnius

    Ricoh New GR Apparently

    wow...that is a very nice bag/pouch indeed.
  23. Livnius

    Ricoh Some recent colour shots

    Absolutely wonderful....every one of them.
  24. Livnius

    Ricoh Tokyo - Asakusa

    Nice...I really like 'View' and 'Love Goggles'. Tokyo would be such an amazing place to visit...I missed out on a recent trip to Tokyo thanks to work but luckily for me another is the works. A pocket rocket like a GR or a Nikon A would be a wonderful tool to take to your shots have...
  25. Livnius

    Sony Thar she blows!

    Nice. I was lucky enough to be in Byron Bay (Australia's most eastern point) when the whales were doing the return trip back south you speak of.....its was incredible how close to the shoreline they swam, and with a large number of dolphins in escort too. Beautiful part of the world and can't...
  26. Livnius

    What Is It Wednesday, Round 2

    Blue and green and trees? My guess is it's some kind of park/garden fountain.
  27. Livnius

    Winner Announced: The 12th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: MUSIC

    Thanks for the entries guys. In one way or another many of the images presented here struck a chord with me and my experiences with music...Miguel, I like the motion blur you capture in the violinists fingers and bow hand....Paul, I really like the isolation of the musician in the light...
  28. Livnius

    Winner Announced: The 12th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: MUSIC

    Salon Challenge now closed. Thanks for the entries guys...will announce a winner shortly.
  29. Livnius

    Winner Announced: The 12th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: MUSIC

    A friendly bump with 2 and a bit days to go.
  30. Livnius

    Winner Announced: The 12th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: MUSIC

    This thread needs a bump. Hoping to see a few more entries.
  31. Livnius

    Tarangire Nat'l Park, Tanzania

    Good work Kyle...really vibrant color to these. I really think the lazy leopard from the first set and the family of elephants in the second set are two fine shots.
  32. Livnius

    Street Fair "Action" with a long lens

    Some pretty decent air in the first 2 shots of the skateboarders and clearly the tracking performance of the Df is not as 'crippled' as the internet chatter suggests, at least not for the average enthusiast. Those shots looks crisp to me. Interesting in the third shot to see the guy on his...
  33. Livnius

    Winner Announced: The 12th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: MUSIC

    G'day friends...and welcome to the 12th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge....and the theme is....MUSIC. Music has been and still is a huge part of my life, and I'm sure many here could say the same thing. For those of you that love it, it has been your constant and you could probably relate...
  34. Livnius

    WINNER ANNOUNCED: The 11th Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: Long Exposure

    Thanks guys, and a big thanks to Serhan for hosting. Long exposure photography/images is a peculiar sort of interest for me personally...I mostly feel a bit 'meh' about it all and yet sometimes I think it's the coolest thing ever, but I guess that goes for all forms or genres of photography...
  35. Livnius

    WINNER ANNOUNCED: The 11th Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: Long Exposure

    This was done a while ago, I think the long exposure stuff is interesting but after a brief flirtation I discovered I'm too lazy to make it a regular thing, carrying tripods, remote controls and stacking filters. [explored] iMax theatre. by Joe Krizan, on Flickr
  36. Livnius

    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Thug Life by Joe Krizan, on Flickr
  37. Livnius

    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Superb !
  38. Livnius


    Nice images Antonio, I keep scrolling back and forth between 2, 3 and 4 and I feel my pupils opening up to try absorb more of those wonderful clouds.
  39. Livnius

    Fuji From the front of a moving cargo bike

    That's a pretty cool job your wife has mate, what's even better however is the way your daughters face changed between her first, second and third photos. Kids :)
  40. Livnius

    Ricoh The Ricoh GR image thread

    VERY nice set Nick.
  41. Livnius

    WINNER ANNOUCNED: The Tenth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: A WIDE VIEW

    Great salon all round..excellent photography and a top show by the host too. Thanks Miguel.
  42. Livnius

    Before and After: Lets see yours :)

    Taken on the Gold Coast over the recent summer holidays. Nice action going on here but really flat looking. before by Livnius, on Flickr 3 wacks with the hi-contrast mono stick and a tighter crop soon sorted that out ! Summer Holidays - Snapper Rocks Surf 6 by Livnius, on Flickr
  43. Livnius

    Sony RX2 Speculation and wish list

    I'd like to see in order of preference: Built in EVF Nikon-styled shutter speed/ISO control Metering and drive mode dials Flippy screen The RX1 is a wonderful camera and i still miss it dearly but I don't see an RX2 any time soon, atleast not one which is significantly different to the '1'. If...
  44. Livnius

    I've Finally Reached "Zen" Of Gear Inner Peace!

    Well I hope the X100T helps to keep your body and mind busy and your spirits up. Stay strong mate.
  45. Livnius

    Bad Camera Day

    I've had bad camera days....packed my gear, sat on the train headed into the city, got off in the heart of the downtown area....only to then discover that on this day and without having fired a single shot, that I just couldn't be f.....d !
  46. Livnius

    WINNER ANNOUCNED: The Tenth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: A WIDE VIEW

    Some guy from Paris busking on the streets of Melbourne. He was playing some kind of electronic device, looping samples over the top of each, basslines, vocals...he was improvising on the fly and creating some really smooth electronic tunes. Melbourne Streets 7. by Livnius, on Flickr
  47. Livnius

    R.I.P Michael Brown

    That second track is excellent.
  48. Livnius

    Sony I think this might be it ... a7 drawing me away from m43 (lots of images)

    Good luck with the new gear mate, hope you really enjoy it. I really like this shot a lot.
  49. Livnius

    Nikon Just got a D750

    I found myself falling into the same trap with my m43 gear, walking around town with 2 bodies and up to 6 lenses, you know, just in case! As it is, there is nothing wrong per se with doing that, except for the fact that I shot almost exclusively with only 2 or 3 of those lenses, the others just...
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