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    Obsolete Technology performs Carol of the Bells

    Shades of Darker Side of Black Friday! Scroll down for the lyrics.
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    How "Earthrise" was taken - you have to listen to this!

    Article with link to new video produced by NASA for the 45th anniversary of the famous photo, including audiotape of the conversation of the astronauts.
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    December PAD?

    Is there going to be a December PAD? With Christmas coming on, I'd be content to skip it, but I'm game if anyone else is. If the moderators haven't made up their minds yet, I'd suggest December Doodads - close ups of anything - an ornament, not the Christmas tree, a rose, not the bush, a wheel...
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    November Nocturne Closing Thoughts

    First, I'd like to thank Bill (I still have to look up people's names, Lightmancer!) for suggesting this challenge. It was a challenge indeed, and even if I stretched its boundaries and outright cheated a few times, I learned a lot from it. Second, thanks to everyone who participated...
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    November Nocturne Night 30

    After Prison Brews, I had to go out on a cheerier note, and it was this or a graveyard at sunset. Day for night. OK, morning for Golden Hour: Thanksgiving is past. Let the Wild Christmas Rumpus begin! Christmas Bear by rubyj29, on Flickr
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    November Nocturne Night 25

    I was mistaken - Henry has 4 bars. Three of them are right in a row and register to me as one establishment, because when we go out we go somewhere that serves craft beer, and the only craft beer in Henry is one that has been bought up by one of the "big boys" and therefore no longer counts for...
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    November Nocturne Night 24

    My last one from the Metro Center. It's dusk for night - taken when it was just dark enough for the cars to be turning on their headlights, with the intention of "aging" it fifteen or twenty minutes in PP. Light at the Metro Center, Peoria, IL by rubyj29, on Flickr
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    November Nocturne Night 23

    Another one from Thursday. It's 20 degrees out, my questing nights are on hold until it warms up to freezing! Horse in Window, Metro Center by rubyj29, on Flickr
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    Bird of Paradise Plant and Egg

    I NEED a link to the famous photo of the Bird of Paradise plant (blossom) and egg so I can make a joke on Facebook (you see how vital this is:smile:!) I'm pretty sure it's dada, because I had one of my few revelations about artistic intent when a lecturer mentioned that dada delighted in...
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    November Nocturne - Night 4

    This is very much a learning process for me. I've attempted almost no night photography before. I swear the sky was pitch black to my eye when I took this photo of the intersection I live on. My Corner by rubyj29, on Flickr
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    November Nocturne - Night Three

    Boy, I seem to be the early bird! I think it's legal to post this. I went on a photo walk after dinner this evening, and I found a dollar bill in a parking lot. Evening Photowalk Paid Off by rubyj29, on Flickr
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    November Nocturne - Night two

    I was going to kill two birds with one stone - do an exercise for the local photo club and shoot the sunset for the Nocturne. Right on the cusp between day and twilight, with the D40 on the tripod and no time to spare, I turned around and this black monument was glowing as if gilded. Literally...
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    Crew of Bourbon Perido perform "Africa" on the ship in Equatorial Guinea in West Africa.

    I don't watch a lot of videos but a friend shared this one and I find it strangely moving. If you didn't "grow up" with this song, it probably won't affect you the same way. It came out in 82, so I was out of school but I hadn't hit 30 yet. I'm sharing it on this site because even though it's...
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    Thoughts on a Winter PAD theme

    Since 2008, every winter I have vowed to get my catalogue up-to-date and to systematically work through post processing tutorials instead of pushing sliders around almost at random. Every winter Seasonal Affective Disorder stops me in my tracks. If it's attractive to others, I'd like to see a...
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    Airships Article

    Oh, dear. No HTML. Well, has a cool article dated Oct 11, 2013 under its In Focus section called "Airships" with photos from 1905 to 2013. If grebeman sees this post, I learned from #13 that dirigibles could carry fighter planes named for him, Gloster Grebes. Is this even...
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    Feedback Help with edit "My Profile"!

    I can't figure out how to edit my profile. I'm sorry I can't find this in the forums if it has already been posted. I'm not savvy about searching. If it's already covered and you know how to search for this topic, you can answer me that instead!
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