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  1. William Lewis

    Nikon D600 in 2020?

    I've been pondering starting to save towards adding a full frame Nikon DSLR to my ensemble. So I started looking at lower end ones. These prices are all a KEH but seem representative: D750 - $1000 D610 - $750 D600 - $500 Now $500 is significantly easier to save for in a world of surprise...
  2. William Lewis

    Nikon F6 R.I.P.

    From Michael Johnston at The Online Photographer Blog: The Online Photographer: The Nikon F, 1959-2020 ( And so it goes. Perhaps I should look for another film F again? I've always wanted a F4.
  3. William Lewis

    The Turtles Are Sleeping

    Early this year, down in the mud beneath the slowly freezing over water.
  4. William Lewis

    Fall Colors, Morning Sunlight

  5. William Lewis

    Near Autumn, B&W Edition

    Puttering with Capture One Nikon.
  6. William Lewis

    Nearing Autumn

    First frost last night. Not a killing hard frost, not yet. But the colors are changing and the geese form up in their Vs to head further south.
  7. William Lewis

    Nikon Fun with a 45/2.8 AI P

    Have a new lens to work out and went out to do so. Hint of cool in the air, frost warning for tonight, the birches are mostly changed already and the maples have begun.
  8. William Lewis

    Leica Digital CL with adapted lenses?

    I was pondering today if the digial CL would work well with old LTM lenses via stacked adaptors? LTM -> M -> L ? Anyone tried this? I'm still trying to find a digital equal to my old IIIf and Summitar. I love my Nikons but miss a certain something about Leica.
  9. William Lewis

    Found this earlier tonight...

    It came up at a different website, for a different reason. But still, I have a tiny handful of photos that I know exactly where and when they were made and with which cameras and lenses. They are the exceptions as most blur into the nothingness of memory. But those ones I do? Thank you, god...
  10. William Lewis

    Personal Top Ten Cameras?

    Inspired by today's post at The Online Photographer... No particular order, but close to chronological. 1) Canon AE-1P - first camera owned bought at the px 2) Yashica-Mat 124 - non-G, flea market camera 3) Yashica Electro 35 GSN - another flea market gem. hatteries were a pain 4) Canon IVSb -...
  11. William Lewis

    Afternoon drive home

    More Northern Wisconsin imagery. Coming back from an errand, I took the long way home. I dearly love the Nikkor O 35/2 but I think I need a lens hood this time of day... Thanks for looking!
  12. William Lewis


    Winter to summer. Perhaps I should add spring and fall?
  13. William Lewis

    Our Security Guard

    We have a stuffed bear in our lobby. I often joke that she’s our security guard. Well, we have to keep her healthy too! But, she just can't seem to follow the directions as you’ll notice her nose…
  14. William Lewis

    A Drive Through the Woods - Photographs of Northern Wisconsin.

    Been crazy busy with work at the hotel and that left me rather exhausted. After feeling really poorly the night before, I got some rest and found a better day. I took a nice long drive down a bunch of fire roads in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Here’s a few images from a few hours...
  15. William Lewis

    Northern Wisconsin Summertime

    Just a couple of shots that I finally had a chance to get out after a bit of cray cray time :) Hope you like them.
  16. William Lewis

    Nikon Spots?

    So I posted an image yesterday and was gently informed that there were spots on it that I hadn't noticed. So I ran the sensor cleaning cycle (I have it set to do it on start and shutdown but it seems to run much longer when invoked.) I also cleaned the lenses I had used for the previous images...
  17. William Lewis

    Nikon Capture One Express, now for Nikon

    So this is there is now a new version of the Capture One photo editing and organizing software. It's intended as a Lightroom replacement but I am curious if it can replace Photoshop CS2 and Silver Efex for me. So after forgetting constantly, I finally downloaded and installed the free Express...
  18. William Lewis

    Idea: daily challenge best of?

    I was sitting here scrolling through the day 's images and got to thinking. This is always a scary thing but still :) How about if on June 1 we start a thread where anyone who wants to posts their "best" "favorite" or what have you image from the ones posted in the previous two months of daily...
  19. William Lewis

    Micro 4/3 4x5 with a m4/3 as a back

    So awhile back I posted pictures of my hacked up field cam. I picked up another E-PL1 as a data back for it. So I took this out today: And got these shots of the usual suspects with it. Horizon? What's that? :dash2: I need to remember my tripod next time... :doh:
  20. William Lewis

    Feedback Just me or where is the exif data hiding?

    I just realized that the exif data is not showing up for me below the photographs posted here. I've checked my preferences (yes, still on) and multiple browsers. Is anyone else having this problem or is it something on my end?
  21. William Lewis

    Home Cooking? Recipes in a time of Quarantine!

    BrianS made a comment that we should have a recipie thread and I thought I'd take him up on it. I have an Instant Pot and a tabletop oven/toaster/air fryer that I do 75% of my cooking in. Here's a thing I've done of late in the Instant pot. ---------------- 1) take a small chunk of pork...
  22. William Lewis

    A few trees

    Test run of the D7100 today. OOC jpg because it's test time.
  23. William Lewis

    Concert Photography in the age of Covid19

    So last night one of my favorite singer/songwriters held a performance. I bought a ticket and logged in for the 45 minute show. Since it was the first time I'd seen her live, I had to take photos, yes? Even had a blurry shot or two just as in a non-virtual concert. It was an odd feeling and...
  24. William Lewis

    Last gasp of Winter

    In Wisconsin, in March, you can be sure of exactly one thing: there will still be at least one more good snowfall. It tried the other day... Grey gloom in the snowfall of a late afternoon.
  25. William Lewis

    Nikon Showcase New to me AF 28/2.8

    So due to some generosity that I was blessed with, I have a Nikkor AF 28/2.8. Now, my cheapie D3200 can't AF that lens but OTOH, there is so little focus needed on a 28mm lens even as a 40mm equiv on a DX sensor that I'm not much bothered by that. I mounted it on a drive home this morning and...
  26. William Lewis

    Critique Wanted Local Late Winter

    Still getting used to the new to me Nikon D3200. I was originally looking for images to convert to black and white but today was so beautiful and sunny that the colors just are too good to give away. Thoughts on them are appreciated.
  27. William Lewis

    Oil Light

  28. William Lewis

    Film Diafine Lifespan?

    So digging out my developing kit since I have a Nikon F90x on the way, I discovered that I still have a pair of Diafine A&B jugs mixed up. They've been in my closet several years. Anyone know if it should still work? I'll probably experiment with that first roll anyway but just thought I'd put a...
  29. William Lewis

    New to the forum

    New to the forum, found it looking for Nikon info because I recently switched from m4/3 to a Nikon D3200 (and probably an F90x just because). Back in film days I mostly did either rangefinders (Kiev & Canon) or SLRs from Canon with the T-90 & A2E remaining my favorite SLRs though I did use an F2...
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