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  1. Walter Palmer

    For Sale For Sale: BlackRapid Dual | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price $35 shipped Item BlackRapid Dual My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Original BlackRapid Dual camera carry strap. Used when I shot weddings before retirement. All parts are present and it works perfectly. If you cover events, this...
  2. Walter Palmer

    Orionid exposure?

    What exposure values for the Orionids tonight? Is the Olympus Live Composite a viable choice? 4-5 second exposures?
  3. Walter Palmer

    Micro 4/3 Adjust lens mount of E-M5.2?

    The mount of one of my E-M5.2s is quite tight. Tight enough to be a "bother" when it is used. Has anyone here ever adjusted your lens mount? Any special secrets? I'm sure it is "within tolerances", but surely mine is not the first one to just be too tight to mount or remove a lens.
  4. Walter Palmer

    Cropping Recommendations

    Maybe it's isolation, maybe boredom, maybe age, whatever... I need to re-check cropping advice from experts. Do I crop in Lightroom to the desired presentation; only crop for print or export; crop a virtual copy for a Collection? What is considered "Best Practice" in 2020?? Thanks.
  5. Walter Palmer

    ACDSee? How is it these days?

    ACDSee has a sale going on. Does anyone have the current Mac version? What is it like? I remember the Old Days when it was lightening fast, slightly limited, no DAM, and Windows only. I have not seen it in awhile (obviously) and was hoping to get a quick update from people I respect. Thanks in...
  6. Walter Palmer

    Documentary Coronavirus: Emptiness

    How about a thread showing the emptiness created by the Coronavirus? With Governments and Health Ministries calling for lockdowns and greatly reduced gatherings of people, we have a unique opportunity to show our cities and their places without the normal bustle of human activity. South Cascade...
  7. Walter Palmer

    What's the "Standard Proceedcake" here?

    Ok, I'm sure Pooh or Piglet will chime in with some wisdom; but until they do, I'm asking you! In the Lightroom catalog, If I want to try various crops and edits, do I save each edit? I have been saving them in a single stack with the Raw and 2-3 edits. And should they all get the same rating...
  8. Walter Palmer

    Expired For Trade: My HLD-8 grip for your ECG-2. | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Trade Item My HLD-8 grip for your ECG-2. My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Olympus E-M5 MkII user with an HLD-8 grip. I would like to trade for a ECG-2 grip - which is the handgrip without the extra shutter button and headphone output. I...
  9. Walter Palmer

    Critique Wanted Help with cropping

    Which crop should I start from? 1. Or 2:
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