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    Happen to know this guy & was told about his work a few years ago. Tonight I came across his web link while googling something else. Kind of Street set in a Taxi - a nice little series worth a look TAXI INFO
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    Sky Arts Master of Photography Just watched this & found it informative and encouraging - Sky Arts Channel is becoming more & more impressive which is not something I ever expected to say. Not sure if the link will work if not google to find your pwn best solution.
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    Show Crime

    Cold Case File in BW Cold Case File CCF5 DSCF6960 by Roger Evans, on Flickr Cold Case File CCF4 DSCF6954 by Roger Evans, on Flickr Cold Case File CCF3 DSCF6959 by Roger Evans, on Flickr Cold Case File CCF2 DSCF6957 by Roger Evans, on Flickr Cold case File CCF1 DSCF6947 by...
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    Show Life's Moments

    Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    Recipes with a Storyline (Show Food)

    Watching a film on BBC I Player I noted a throwaway line where one character said she had just made some Spelt Soup. I didn’t have a clue what Spelt was so googled and came up with this recipe Chickpea, Tomato, and Spelt Soup Spelt is an ancient whole grain native to southern Europe. It's...
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    Anyone from Stockholm Sweden Here?

    Just watched a programme on BBC i player Art of Scandinavia, 3. Democratic by Design featured Social housing built in Bromma in 1932 - architect Paul Hedqvist & Landlord Olle Engkvist Would love to see someone's photos of these here if you could manage it
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    Maggie Centres

    Inside The Maggie Centre Feel Free to add any centres local to you These from Swansea (all with the X10) Maggie Swansea DSCF6170 BW by Roger Evans, on Flickr Maggie Swansea DSCF6180 BW by Roger Evans, on Flickr Maggie Swansea DSCF6189 BW copy by Roger Evans, on Flickr Maggie...
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    What Is It Wednesday - Week 36

    What Is It Wednesday - Week 36 What is It? Each member gets one guess. The answer will be revealed on the following Tuesday. The first correct guess has the honor of submitting the image for the next challenge. Sometimes there will be more than one thing in the photo or more than one way to...
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    Site Suggestion - Featured Threads

    Hi Something I've been meaning to raise for a while is could the featured threads be swapped around more frequently or at least given a time limit Logging onto the same page daily gets a bit boring even after a few days & I think we need to refresh more frequently Many Thanks
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    Photos from an Empty House

    Photos from an Empty House Fuji F660EXR F660EXR DSCF0167 by Roger Evans, on Flickr F660EXR DSCF0143 by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    National Library Norway

    National Library of Norway Some interesting photos here worth a scroll
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    In the Footsteps of Robert Frank

    In the Footsteps of Robert Frank In the early 50’s Robert Frank visited Caerau in South Wales and took some memorable if not iconic shots of the Coal Miners working there. Treading in his footsteps today nearly 65 years later I visited Caerau and tried to find the same street. The mines have...
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    Off–Hand My Right Hand It surprises me how something like the Single in January challenge can lead you down paths you hadn’t realised were there. Quoting myself from the Blooper thread “Inspired by a documentary of Barbara Hepworth Sculptor – considering the next roll to be a photo...
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    Advice Please

    Looking for advice on how best to get some decent images of this Cameras available - X10 /F660 /Cosina C1 film with a couple of lenses 50 28 & 70-150 macro zoom Lighting - Ratio - Composition etc Its a small sculpture from found objects part matt part shiny Two Figures by Roger Evans, on...
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    Filmmaker IQ . com

    Some neat useful interesting bits here
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    Alternative Cameras

    Alternative Cameras This guy assembles his own cameras from reclaimed bits – his Blog makes interesting viewing especially with his Flickr pages I’m still uncertain of exactly how he goes about it or what parts he reclaims but I like the results and would love to have a crack at it Brana...
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    Olympus on BBC i player

    BBC i player Programme has been aired and posted before but still an interesting watch BBC iPlayer - Storyville - 2014-2015: 18. 1.7 Billion Dollar Fraud: Full Exposure
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    Painting - Digital Painting

    Painting - Digital Painting Painter Essentials 5 I downloaded Painter Essentials 5 a couple of weeks ago & played with it ever since This is the trial copy but I will be buying it – at £25 its excellent value Not without its problems – not least is the lack of tutorials especially for cut and...
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    Scan Image

    A simple scan Epson V550 2D from 3D form I was a bit surprised A bit like sitting on the office photocopier img524-002 by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    Film Pentax K to M42 adapter

    The Cosina C1 is a pentax K fitting (ie old film type) I want to mount M42 extension rings & lens to it Looking up adapters I see all sorts of K numbers & I'm not sure what is relevant to the Cosina C1. Also if anyone here is looking to offload an adapter I may be interested. Any advice...
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    Views from a drone

    Blowing trumpets (Make that a fanfare) My son just came back from South of France after having this video made for his underwater LED light products. He is the guy in the water on the night shots. The smaller boat ferried the drone master. Video is preliminary & will be worked on some more...
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    Film Cosina C1 Again + Olympus Trip 35

    Bought two working film cameras last week & just had the test rolls developed Cosina C1 (rebought this with a 50mm f2.0 lens) Olympus Trip early silver button version (kind of a replacement of my long gone Halina Paulette Electric) Both are really very nice to use. I had the Cheapo...
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    Intentional Object Movement

    could also be called Intentional Subject Movement I used an old stripped down Samsung Hard drive as a mini turntable & rotated the ceramic taking a variety of shots then stacked them together (collage) Next stage will be to try a longish exposure but expect this will be very blurred - I'd...
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    Flickr Performance Issues

    Over the last week or so I have been having Flickr Performance Issues - OK on my first page photostream but everything else is glitchy slow or failing to load at all I'm using Chrome on Win 7 as browser. Previously I had good performance & it was a pleasure to use - not so now. Absolutely...
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    Objet Trouve – The Bonymaen Venus

    Objet Trouve – The Bonymaen Venus Wiki Definition - Objets trouves can mean: Found objects, use of an object which has not been designed for an artistic purpose, but which exists for another purpose already, in arts including music and sculpture Found art, an art movement founded by Marcel...
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    Graphics with Word

    Been inspired by a few people on flickr but not had much luck with my usual programs then remembered a guy who used to do some wonderful drawings with Word so I tried that. This is a result of a fairly quick experiment - then had to learn how to snip a capture in jpeg Everyday is a learning...
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    Deedle i doe

    Deedle i doe The Skye Boat song has a very special place in my heart because when I was little my Dad used to sing me to sleep by humming it. He never knew the words so just used to sing Deedle i Deedle i Deedle i Doe Deedle i Deedle i Deedle i Doe Doo di di doe, Doe di di doe Dee did i...
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    Film 70x45mm

    I discovered some negs I'd like to scan Film size is 70x45mm Some are singles some on rolls but no notation on the negs & no perforations What type of film format is this ? Likely cameras?
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    Show Film Noir

    My take on Film Noir Often with multiple light sources. Usually Black and White Frequently High Contrast Almost Always Dramatic Normally tells a story 13 amp by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    Show Music

    A space for musical themed images This one developed since the last challenge
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    Flickr Non Valid

    Just tried loading up a collage image to Flickr - upload timed out on a 3.7MB file then I clicked on the image & a message came up "This does not look like a valid photo" Duhh No .. it was a collage not a photo - but an image nevertheless. If this was the case about 50% of my images would...
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    ICM Lessons

    Webinar on You Tube Doug Chinnery explains his approach to ICM I've watched the first section aptly named Part 1 - Interesting enough to move onto Part 2 & beyond these will follow automatically note the sound for the first minute or so is echoing but gets corrected
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    Digital Autochrome

    Experimenting with Red Blue Green Reading up on early Autochrome process I thought I’d try taking an old BW photo making 3 copies then tinting them up and mixing together to see what happened – obviously far from perfect but you can see the start of some colour seeping into the image. 2015...
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    Stand Back - don't Pixel Peep

    Best stand back - the opposite of pixel peeping. On my 23" monitor I find myself at least 1 metre away and varying the height and angle of view because the image alters M Split Duo by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    Show Black

    DSCF4067 Matte Black by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    Film My Father-in-law Archive

    View to Mumbles Head Swansea - from my late father-in-law's archive. No idea of camera used -scanned with the V550 from a print. img403-007 by Roger Evans, on Flickr
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    Austin A30

    Austin A30 When my Wife & I started stepping out she drove this 1950's Austin A30 whereas I drove around in a Mk 1 Ford Cortina Estate. (Not that it was significant but both were Green with white roofs.) I discovered this 120 neg of my wife’s motor on the weekend & scanned it with the V550...
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    Film Agfa Rondinax 60

    Clearing my father in law's cupboards & found the Rondinax 60 Any idea of what it is worth? One on Ebay at £120 bin at moment but not sure if this is realistic
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    Flickr image down

    I'm having a problem with selecting image size posting from Flickr link code for sharing image sizes just not there Anyone else ?
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    Pencil Sketch Conversion

    Not something I do very often as the results are usually dire to terrible but in this case if I could figure out how to get rid of the neck blotches I'd be a lot happier. Any suggestions ? preferably simple? DSCF9189 010 by roger-evans, on Flickr
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    Computer for DP Merrill

    Recommended specs for a DP Merrill? Operating System? Monitor? I'm currently using a Dell Vostro split Windows XP & Windows 7 geared up for 3-D cad work & its quite adequate for most of my Photo needs intel core 2 duo CPU E7300 2.66GHz 64bit 4.0Gigb ram Monitor is a Samsung F2380 widescreen
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    Fuji Hello from South Wales

    Hello Everyone - Recently joined here though a member of the Photograpers Lounge. Based in South Wales UK Always have been interested in Photography but became more active after buying a Fuji F660 January 2013 and started having a lot of fun with it. I bought an X10 in May 2014 and although...
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    Camera Short Story

    Camera Short Story I ordered some prints from a local camera store for Mothers Day. When I went into collect there on the counter was an old film camera – (instant recognition) “Halina?” I asked. “Paulette Electric” he said “ My Dad’s, I’m just cleaning it” “My first 35mm camera” “His too”...
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    The Le / La Bump

    The Le / La Bump Series I always regretted not taking photos of my wife when she was expecting. So now that my daughter is imminent I thought it wise not to repeat past mistakes. In truth the planning for the new baby is the reason (read good excuse) why I bought the X10 a few months back...
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    Photography v Art

    Thought I’d have a go at a Pastel sketch as a change from photography. The attempt after so many years was such a disappointment that I immediately went out and bought gouache paints. The Pastel drawing remains unfinished & insipid on paper. The gouache paint box is unopened at the moment...
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    Tips for a Steady Hand

    Tips for a Steady Hand needed I brace myself (or so I think) but still manage to get unsteady images especially compared to a tripod shot. I find a big advantage in using the viewfinder but still want steadier control. I don't use flash as a rule. I like to set my iso at 100 consequently I...
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    Flickr Explore - What's the point?

    RANT - I'm a newbee to Flickr so the process is all a bit weird to me but as Explore is not something I ever look up I was surprised to find out through an invitation that one of my images has hit explore - I have no idea of its ranking & to be frank having now seen some of the Explore images I...
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    Photo Montage

    I started playing with iColorama yesterday - not exactly intuitive & I need to get some video tutorials to explain the functions but it seems like it has legs So much to explore these days Grey Gehry Experiment by roger-evans, on Flickr
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    Film Photo Rescue

    Photo Rescue Back in 78 my family took a holiday in Salou, Spain. Barcelona was a short train ride away & the opportunity of seeing Gaudi’s work first hand was too good to miss. My own Zenit E had started to rip & chew up film so I borrowed my friends E. It was only after developing later I...
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    Old Photos

    Discovered these on an old CD copy I made a few years ago. Not just a slice of nostalgia more like the whole cake with cream on it Old Photos Me & two of my cousins. Sometime in the 50’s. I’m in the middle. 2015 Old Photos-001 by roger-evans, on Flickr The large...
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