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    Expired Sigma DP2 Merrill | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Sigma DP2 Merrill Prices 625.00 Location USA Ships to USA Description Like new Sigma DP2 Merrill for sale. Original owner, includes original box and all standard accessories. Payment by Paypal. I'll pay FedEx shipping with...
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    What is a premium camera?

    In response to this blog post about the Nikon Coolpix A and why it has fallen off the radar I came across the following comment: Both this and the Ricoh are saddled with non-interchangeable lenses at f/2.8, which pretty much drops them from any kind of "premium" level consideration. I was...
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    Sony $7000 Swedish NEX 7

    It seems that all the innards are Swedish, sensor an all! Who'd a thunk! Ok, who's buyin??? Come on, who's first :biggrin:
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    Camera for Disneyland

    Taking the family to Disneyland over spring break along with another family. Naturally, I am the designated photo guy, but I'm not sure which type of camera to take. The options include... Pentax K30 with 18-135mm lens Nikon Coolpix A 28mm APS Buy a zoom P&S like my old Olympus XZ-1...
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    My time with henri cartier-bresson

    A very interesting story by a gentleman in India who worked with Henri Cartier-Bresson in the 1960s. ISHU PATEL | MY TIME WITH HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON
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    Why are there no 50mm fixed focal length serious compacts?

    The primary focal length for today's fixed lens serious compacts is 35mm. But in the past 50mm was considered the standard lens. And I prefer to shoot with 50mm cameras. I wonder why there are no fixed focal length 50mm serious compacts except for the Ricoh GXR/A12 50mm? Would they be unpopular?
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    Pigeon Cam

    Back in 1908 an enterprising gentleman created the first ever pigeon cam!
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    Expired Pentax Q + lenses + spare battery

    SOLD. For sale: Pentax Q with the following lenses: 8.5mm/f1.9 kit lens lens 6.3/f7.1 wide angle lens 18mm/f8 telephoto Asking $300 for everything. Includes extra battery. Original owner will all original boxes, manuals, and accessories. Everything is in great shape! Just continuing to...
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    Interesting article on the explosion of photography over recent years

    In an Age of Likes, Commonplace Images Prevail - Discusses the meaning of photographs in the time of the camera phone. An estimated 380 billion photographs were taken last year. How does one stand out?
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    Expired Olympus XZ-1

    SOLD Olympus XZ-1 in great shape for sale. Includes Franiec grip and separate wall charger + all standard accessories and the box. Original owner. $265 OBO Payment is by Paypal. I'll cover shipping. Shipping is only within the US.
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    Anyone here use Sony DSLRs with EVFs?

    I know it's off topic for serious compacts but please indulge me :rolleyes: Can anyone share their experience with the newer Sony DSLRs with the EVFs? I'm curious about them. Thanks!
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    Saul Leiter documentary

    Not sure when or how this film is coming out, but it looks very interesting. Home One of my photographic heroes.
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    Eek! A wedding... Help!

    So my sister-in-law has asked me to take pictures of their wedding day :eek: There will be an "official" photographer for the more ceremonial part of the evening, but it's an all-day affair with lounging by the pool and games on the grass during the day and then a short ceremony and dinner at...
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    Expired Nikon V1 two zoom lens kit plus accessories

    SOLD Nikon V1 - 2 zoom lens kit (10-30mm and 30-100mm). In great condition with never a problem. Only around 2-3000 actuations. Original owner and includes all packaging and material. The battery is not one of the ones that were recalled. All items are conservatively rated. Selling to downsize...
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    Alien Skin Exposure or Nik Color Efex Pro?

    For color work, which do you recommend? Thanks.
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    What do you think about Flickr?

    I've been reading a lot about this article the past couple of days essentially claiming that Yahoo has killed Flickr and that they should have instead made it the hottest mobile photography site on the Internet. But I don't get it. I mean, I understand their points, but they are looking at...
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    Expired Olympus E-P3 with EVF

    SOLD For sale: Olympus E-P3 in excellent condition. Includes VF-2 EVF. Asking $675. I'll pay FedEx ground shipping. Payment is via Paypal.
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    Interesting article about camera design

    From Luminous Landscape. A Critique of Contemporary Camera Design - A Synthesis of History, Technology, and Art By Richard Sexton. Complete with quotes from Charles Eames and Dieter Rams :smile:
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    Ballhead for video with a serious compact

    We are about to go on vacation with my folks and my brother and his family. My folks 45th wedding anniversary. I plan to take my Nikon V1 because it is fast focusing and catches kids well and it does great video. My wife has the idea to capture lots of video of everyone. Not necessarily random...
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    Fuji Sean Reid reviews the X Pro 1

    I have not read it yet, but Sean has an in-depth review of a production X Pro 1 now available. Paid site, been debated ad nauseum. Welcome to ReidReviews
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    Fuji Fuji X Pro 1 and lenses available for preorder at B&H

    For B&H, that usually means their arrival is not too far off. Order if you dare (and report back once you try it)! And use that old Serious Compacts B&H link to do it too :wink:
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    Nikon Nikon 1 review at DPR

    Here you go. What do you think?
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    Stuck in a Photographic Rut and Losing Momentum

    I'm in a photographic rut and would appreciate some advice. Basically, I'm searching for a way to keep the photographic momentum moving forward under serious time constraints. It seems my passion for photography is shrinking. Between work and family and the general business of life I find...
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    Is there an alternative to Paypal?

    I use a credit card with Paypal instead of linking a checking account. I'm starting to approach my credit card limit through Paypal and then I'll have to be "verified" by linking to a checking account and paying through that. They claim this is for "security" which is downright silly because I...
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    GAS is not a new phenomenon (and other pictures)

    As this photograph clearly demonstrates. Some great pictures on this page. I don't believe I'll be scuba diving any time soon.
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    Expired Fuji X100 plus extras

    SOLD Pristine Fuji X100 for sale. Includes hood and filter adapter and extra battery. Never a problem with this camera and it worked wonderfully for me. I just have too many brands and the associated UIs, chargers and whatnot and I'm downsizing. Pictures...
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    Ricoh Sean Reid reviews the GRD4

    Welcome to ReidReviews Paid site. Been discussed before. But I thought it was an interesting review because it was informative and he takes a slightly different than normal approach. And he compares it a lot with the Sigma DP1x.
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    Do you still have a DSLR?

    :eek: I'm contemplating selling my Olympus DSLR. Not much use anymore, big, heavy. Spoiled by lightweight serious compacts. Did you finally let go of your DSLR? If not, why keep it? For you, where does it work where a serious compact does not? Not going anywhere yet, but maybe, maybe...
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    Expired Sigma DP2s and DP1x

    Both cameras no longer available. Here's the deal. One of these cameras is yours along with hood and spare battery and original box and everything. But, for each one, payment is this: $40 to cover FedEx 2 day shipping Photobook(s) or other art book(s) that you'd like to share as one(s) that...
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    Printing and sensor size and other criteria

    Last night I printed a number of pictures for a family presentation in my son's kindergarten class. They came from a number of cameras, including the E-P3, GRD3, GXR/A12 and XZ-1. It seemed to me that even though the pictures looked similar on screen, they printed quite differently. Now...
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    Lytro consumer camera

    This is the camera that you can focus after you take the picture. Lytro
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    Horizontal vs vertical pictures

    I've come to realize that I simply do not like to take vertical pictures. When viewing the work of others it is not nearly as much of an issue, but in my own work I no longer take vertical pictures because they just don't seem to work for me. I don't know if this is because I really don't...
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    W/NW: Roadways

    I have an affinity for pictures of roads, whether detailed closeups or broad vistas, and I've seen some great one here on SC. Perhaps it's the journeys they signify, perhaps it's how beautifully mundane and unappreciated they are, perhaps it's how they signify boundaries and grids and...
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    Ricoh Why I love the Ricoh GRD cameras

    One reason at least, among many. With all the hoopla around the GRD4 the GRD3 still rocks. If I could only have one camera... This is a new GRD3. My first one went south for some reason. Image tortured in Silver Efex Pro. And why do love yours?
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    Fuji Case for Fuji X100

    I've read through the various "case" posts for the X100 and did not find what I was looking for. I need a case for when I throw the X100 into another bag or backpack, anything not necessarily a camera bag. Any more leads on what might work to prevent dings, bangs and scratches? Something form...
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    Fuji So I walk into the local camera store...

    This past weekend I walked into a local camera store to check out a Domke bag (F2 in nice waxed cotton, and I bought it). I have not been to this store for some time because it is all the way across town and I'm rarely over there. On the shelves behind the counters, along with assorted Nikon...
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    Fixed vs detachable EVFs

    I know people have their preferences for built-in or detachable EVFs, but I've come to really appreciate the detachable kind. Yes, they are bulbous and a bit clumsy to deal with, but being able to swivel it 90 degrees has been immensely useful. I have the new Olympus EP3 and 24mm lens and with...
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    Camera for vacation

    Of all the worlds troubles I'm fretting over which camera to take on our summer vacation. Most of my cameras are fixed lens serious compacts - Rich GRD3 and GXR with A12 units and Sigma DP2s/DP1x. These don't have the flexibility of zoom lenses so I would have to take multiple cameras. I also...
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    Serious compact for birding

    I made a post on the forums about birding and m4/3 cameras. But I'm wondering what other options exist in serious compacts for birding, particularly in the realm of the APS-C sensor? Ricoh does not have anything, Sony is not there yet, what about Samsung? Any leads I should follow for...
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    Binoculars anyone?

    We have quite a few birds around our new'ish house and I'm interested in viewing them closer and learning what they are. It is also sparking an interest in knowing more about the wildlife in Norther California (saw some harbor seal pups a couple of weekends ago), particularly since our kids keep...
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    What are your photographic tool priorities?

    Spurred by another thread here on SC I began to think about the priorities we all set for how we determine what photographic tools work best for us - cameras, lenses, software, other equipment... Obviously, we can't have it all, so as we become better photographers and as we learn more about...
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    Sony New NEX-C3

    sonyalpharumors | Blog | (SR5) Hot! This is the Sony NEX-C3!
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus Fiml Challenge at the Vail Film Festival

    Just learned about the Olympus short film challenge at the Vail Film Festival. All were given an EPL2 and lenses and competed to make the best short film. Looks fun.
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    Feedback SC is not stable

    I just donated to SC so that you guys can find a new host who is more reliable than the current one, who seems to be less than stellar! SC was inaccessible for a long while this morning. Feed me, feed me SC :biggrin:
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    Feedback Continuous scrolling pages

    Here's an idea for the future of SCs... I'm an interaction designer for software and think about these things daily, and I study what the emerging trends are. More and more we are seeing pages that scroll continuously on and on. For example, you might be reading a blog and as you reach the end...
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    W/NW: Gnomes

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    Micro 4/3 E-PL1 or G2 or GH1(2) for still photography

    Input appreciated on pros and cons of each of these for still photography: E-PL1 - I hear it has the best IQ G2 GH1(2) - I hear it has the best sensor and DR I have the E-P2 but the flatness of it is really bugging me. Also, I appreciate built-in VFs. I plan to use the Olympus...
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    Have you considered going back to a DSLR?

    I am as devoted a serious compact follower as anyone. I moved from a Canon 5D to an Olympus E30 and then to serious compacts almost exclusively (the Ricoh GRD2 was my first serious compact and I was hooked). Every now and then I pick up the E30, but it's pretty much been compacts for a long...
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    Calling from California

    Great site, thanks for the effort Amin! Devoted serious compact enthusiast planning to spend lots of quality time here.
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