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    Film Great read.

    These Professional Photographers Are Still Shooting Film
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    Film Pulled out the Hasselblad.

    Changed my mind. Now have a roll of Ilford Pan F 50 in my other 120 back, shooting it instead of the Ektar.
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    Film Pulled out the Hasselblad.

    Yes, I agree. These cameras gave me years of perfect service and worked everytime. In the 80's and 90's I was shooting 20 to 40 weddings a year and 50 to 100 graduation/family photos and the cameras just worked each time. I have a roll of Kodak Ektar in the camera now. Will post soon.
  4. exposed

    Film Pulled out the Hasselblad.

    So after seeing my Hasselblads sitting for about 10 years, decided to shoot a roll to make sure all works. These were shot with a 500CM and either 80mm or 150mm. I used this setup for 25 years doing weddings, graduation photos and anything else I was hired to photograph. All photos are...
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