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    Expired Ricoh GR Digital (price reduced) | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Ricoh GR Digital (price reduced!) </br>Prices</br> $225 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> Purchased the GR and now will need to sell the GRD. It was not an easy call to make ( I waited 2 months)...
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    Family Vacation in the Cayman Islands - Ricoh GR and Sigma DP2M

    Waited until we had enough points to cover our airfare, and chose to come in August (rates are lower). Finished both son's Summer lacrosse tournaments and our oldest son's online summer school class (never again) This is our big trip of the year. In the past, I've always taken a FF...
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    Ricoh A walk in the neighborhood with the GRD

    Have been using the GRD for about a month. My 1st posting of photos. Tried to get some closer up shots of the neighborhood flowers since they are blooming. Mixed results. Planned to sell it when I was able to get a GR (it is arriving on Friday). This is the 1st camera I have carried...
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