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    Micro 4/3 The official I don't want the LX100 thread

    I have the D-Lux (type 109) and I love it! IQ is really very good, and the camera is such a great balance of size, IQ, controls, etc. As a simple family snaps camera or a quick photo walk camera it almost can't be beat. I managed to lose the flash though : ( The D-Lux/LX100 and GR make a...
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    Hawk attacks quadcopter drone cam

    That was great. Poor drone though.
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    Ricoh argghh my GR rant

    Was your first GR used or new? You cannot trust that buying a used camera represents the brand. My GR, about a year old, has worked flawlessly. If you love the GR so much buy a new one from a reputable dealer like B&H and try it. If it works perfectly, then you're set, if not then move on. In...
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    bountiful tomatos are NOT a problem. Solution #1

    Yum! Lovely idea! Sadly, here in California with the drought, no tomatoes for us this year.
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    Hi Amin, I just mean including a Serious Compacts sub-forum for general serious compacts discussion. It might just be a mental model thing, and how I perceived and used, but I never paid much attention to the sub-forums, just the overarching topics of serious compacts and things people do...
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    Hmmm... I liked the idea of serious compacts. My preferred type of camera and a place where I knew I could discuss them. Amin, what about a Serious Compacts forum within this site for us serious compact types. And why not just start a new forum instead of changing Serious Compacts? Presumably...
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    Pentax Pentax K-3

    I must have missed this thread. Supreme camera! It and the GR make quite a pair. Fantastic pictures John. The abandoned road and there driftwood are intriguing. Looks like a great trip.
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    Pentax Pentax Q2 Rumor

    Would buy the Q2 if there is a Q2/01 kit. I miss my old Q and the 01 prime.
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    Pardon my rant

    Idiocracy. At least it wasn't Comcast.
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    i feel so OLD (help)

    iPod Classic. Not a big screen, but straightforward iPod and tons of storage. Order via - why bother with Best Buy.
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    Fungi season!

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    Featured: 'Sigma DP2 Quattro Test Shoot Pics and First Impressions' by ggibson

    Thanks for the write-up; like many, I'm very curious about this camera. The design has always looked odd and not quite right. But inside, sounds like it's there. What I am most curious about is the B&W conversions. BTW how is the latest version of SPP - any improvement in speed and stability...
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    Ricoh My Ricoh GR photos are not really sharp. Please help.

    Do not use JPGs, simple as that. I use Iridient Developer, which gives me 100% of the RAW file. If you have a GR then use good software; the GR is not a toy. BTW the current Mac Book Pros with SSDs are amazing! Much, much faster than my previous standard hard drive MBP. Not cheap of course, but...
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    Panasonic Rumor - Panasonic LX8

    Can't wait for the LX32... no rumors, just dreams.. whatever you want... whatever you don't have today, just ask; it will deliver. Never be satisfied with what you have... or, choose to.
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    Seeking guidance on commissioned work...

    Ray, There is a blog called A Photo Editor that has good advice on just such things. But be aware that he'll harp every now and then on people doing work for free, which takes work away from paid photographers. That's really up to you, but in any case it's a great opportunity and a great...
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    Pentax Best lenses for the Q? - native and adapted.

    Th Q 01 lens was fantastic.
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    Nikon Downloadable V3 Raw Files

    Thanks Joe! Pretty impressive. Converted well to B&W too. BTW the first file was not a NEF file.
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    Nikon Downloadable V3 Raw Files

    Where did the links go? I was traveling when I saw them and now I'm home and would love to try them.
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    Sigma SPP or Iridient for XF3 files?

    Iridient is faster, but still not as fast as with other file types. I feel that SPP is "better" but just a hassle to use. ID offers more options plus I have a lot of processing profiles I can use. In general, I love ID!
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    There's also Aptina. Interestingly, they have several monochrome sensors listed. I think Nikon makes most of their own sensors?
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    Interesting way of putting it. I feel that way about Subaru. I used to love the Outback back when it was a wagon, not a crossover. With a turbo 4 cylinder. In the redesign before the very latest 2015 redesign they made it bigger and, well, uglier and used a new form of automatic transmission (to...
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    I understand your point. Indeed, the manufacturing of the T is as much a part of its design as the design itself. But gimmick or not, I believe that Leica knows what they are doing. For better or worse, they are a luxury brand. One we realize that then it all makes sense. You and I are not...
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    I'm with others that the spirit of the T is not to boatload it with features. It is literally and figuratively streamlined. In the eyes of Leica (in my own opinion) the T is not intended as an m-mount alternative. It is a new system with a small set of high quality AF lenses. Optimizing for MF...
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    Really nice. Dang snails, won't cooperate :wink:
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    They did call it the most boring video ever :wink: Slightly more interesting than watching paint dry... but it makes its point.
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    No tangent. No camera is an island. The Leica T is new and offers an m-mount adapter, which the GXR Mount does too (both are APS). Comparisons are apt. If the GXR Mount still reigns above Leica's own APS system camera in overall IQ (as far as we know per Sean Reid) then that implies the level of...
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    And Ansel spins ...

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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    What do you take video of?
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    I think that built-in memory makes perfect sense in a modern digital camera (in truth, a mini computer), although I would also include an SD card slot for larger capacity. But having 8-16 GBs of internal memory is very convenient, and in regards to the Leica T it goes right along with the design...
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    It is interesting to read the comments around the Internet about the T. Cue up the usual responses... "overpriced", "no tilting LCD", "slow", "no weatherproofing" (really, folks? are ya going to take that thing out into a blizzard)... But what's really interesting to me is that most people...
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    16 GBs built-in memory - should be standard on any new camera! The T is not for me, but I appreciate its virtues.
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    News Leica mirrorless camera

    Stated as being consumer/prosumer, not enthusiast. I can see that. It does not look like a serious APS m-mount camera (chi-chi looking (yes, Samsung) and no grip). I wonder what will happen to the X line - I assume that will remain available as the "enthusiast" line. The X Vario is phenomenal...
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    Getting a bit fed up with interchangeable lens cameras

    Not fed up. If I do take a camera out with interchangeable lenses I almost always take one lens. But in general I prefer fixed-lens cameras. I also like how they are optimally paired with the sensor. Ricoh GR most of the time, and lately the ancient Ricoh GXR 50mm A12 too. This past weekend I...
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    FF or aps-c?

    There is a difference in perspective. In both cases, the first image looks deeper. That indicates a wider focal length and thus the APS images. They both looks great, but it depends on what your intent is.
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    You know that you have too many cameras when...

    I have to decide which one to take.
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

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    Can a dedicated mirrorless shooter find true happiness with a DSLR?

    OK, cool. But truth be told the romance may wear off someday and I'll return exclusively to my APS EVF cameras.
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    Can a dedicated mirrorless shooter find true happiness with a DSLR?

    Hi Ray, I hope I did not sound disagreeable! I absolutely appreciate your thoughtful comments. As I read this thread the Df was on my mind so I thought I'd chime in.
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    Can a dedicated mirrorless shooter find true happiness with a DSLR?

    I'm still on my third "fling" with M43. If it does not last this time then I'm gone forever. But since I was able to take pictures in heavy rain a few weeks ago with the E-M1 (giddy after months of drought) it definitely has a purpose in my collection. And so far the PRO lenses seem to be...
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    Can a dedicated mirrorless shooter find true happiness with a DSLR?

    These things take time, at least Internet time :wink: Contrary to Ray, I still have and love my Df. And ironically recently used a Fuji X-M1 for about 2 weeks and ended up not being happy with the RAW files. There was something to them that I liked (a spatiality?) and B&W conversions were...
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    another Earth

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    Animals Show Birds

    Thanks Bill. In fact I have a Nikon Df so that could work with the lenses you mention, and its high ISO performance can help too.
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    Animals Show Birds

    I hope I can ask a gear question in this thread :eek: But my son is big into raptors and I'm intrigued by the behavior of our local backyard robins. We also love to hike in places with tons of birds. Without spending a ton of money can anyone recommend a decent camera or lens for capturing...
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