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  1. Davoe

    Fuji AF Performance differences...

    What would be the differences in performance between setting the front switch to C and half pressing the shutter to focus on a moving subject verses using AF-C and pressing AF-L while pressing the shutter button in manual focus mode?
  2. Davoe

    Fuji Focus difficulty at soccer games..

    I attended my grandsons' soccer games yesterday with my X-t1/55-200 combo. I used a monopod with OIS turned off at 1/500 sec. I followed the latest tips, performance on/mechanical shutter only. I tried many combinations of single, zone, and wide area tracking with AFS/AFC/MF. Also, switched...
  3. Davoe

    Here's one from Joshua Tree National park last week

  4. Davoe

    Fuji Is it just me...

    I've been trying to generate more pleasing photos with a few RAW converters, but I can't get better than the JPEGs out of the camera! I bought C1 because of the favorable reviews, and spent a few hours with it and Aperture to make a better photo than the OOC jpegs.....I can't do it. Where can...
  5. Davoe

    Fuji X-E2 Body only (Black) | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling X-E2 Body only (Black) Prices $650 Location USA Ships to USA Description Black X-E2 (Body only) in great condition with original kit box and all original contents + Red ThumbsUp soft release, ThumbsUp thumb grip...
  6. Davoe

    Fuji X-E2/X-T1 functionality

    I understand the ergonomic advantages of the T-1, with the 2.00 firmware release, what remaining performance advantages does the T have over the E?
  7. Davoe

    Fuji Question for switchers from E2 toT1

    I bought my E2 right before the T1 came out. I love the E2 and have been waiting for the promised dynamic upgrade for the view finder and other goodies. I'm a right eye shooter, so I like the position of the E2 viewfinder (keeps my nose off the camera), but miss having the tilting screen...
  8. Davoe

    Fuji Yea! Aperture update!

    Apple finally released raw support for the x-e2 (and x-t1) tonight.
  9. Davoe

    Fuji Histogram and ettr with X-E2

    A little help please. When I ETTR with the live histogram (fine JPEG) and check histogram after the shot, all is ok. When I open the file in Aperture the image may look overexposed. I'm shooting with auto iso and auto DR. When I just let the camera do its thing (no exposure compensation)...
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