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  1. usayit

    Leica M Mono seriously pissed

    Man.. sorry... Back in 2009 (ish ?) I had my M8's sensor replaced... amazingly it only took 3 weeks. I dropped it off and picked it up in person.
  2. usayit

    Leica telephoto for M240 with RF coupling

    The rangefinder base length makes it difficult to focus telephotos beyond 135mm... you are better off with an adapted lens and focus with the EVF. Or Like some of us, use a different system.
  3. usayit

    Leica wrist/neck straps

    I like Riley G designworks. The thinner "Dapper" ones with their "superloops". I also have a Tapestry one but it is a little too thick for my taste.. certainly good for a heavier camera. High quality. Comfortable. Not boring. Sued underneath so it doesn't slide off my shoulders. My MM...
  4. usayit

    Leica New to Leica Place, but not so new to Leica.

    Welcome.. I still have my K1000 SE (brown/chrome one). Great camera.
  5. usayit

    Leica Showcase Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical Heliar LTM

    On the Monochrom. Works very well with it.
  6. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica 90mm f/2.5 Summarit

    MM with 90mm Summarit. Cross posted from the MM image thread.
  7. usayit

    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Could you point me to a link or thread that speaks to this in more detail? I must have missed it. I just got the MM and haven't really pushed it but one "accidental" test shot (mostly blurred dark image in my living room) at ISO 10000 showed some minor banding. Haven't really shot more than...
  8. usayit

    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Cool! Those samples make it even more evident that I will be happy with my decision to buy a demo MM rather than continue to save for the latest and greatest.
  9. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica M Monochrom

    Thanks, I'll have to try one of those out. I used to have the Leica bug-eye 135mm Elmarit and couldn't really get a sharp image out of it. Could be that it needed calibration. It didn't pack very well, so I never really used it.
  10. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica M Monochrom

    Just got the monochrom and getting the hang of it... feels so familiar (M9, M8) yet produces results so different. Not exactly the sports camera but hey.. its one time to try it out until I actually get some "me" time. All shot with 90mm Summarit.
  11. usayit

    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Just shot a bit with it.... I absolutely love it. I think I am taking to this Monochrom even better than the M9. I'd post some photos in the image thread but the subject doesn't like photos being posted online. I am amazed how far I can push even in terrible light. Now comes the hard...
  12. usayit

    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Always happy to see Leica releasing new stuff (albeit wish it wasn't so expensive :p ).. especially the monochrom "concept". I'm especially happy because it presented an opportunity to buy a demo original monochrom for a good price from a local shop. Woohoo! Been saving and saving for the...
  13. usayit

    Leica Konost: a new FF digital RF body for M?

    Oh man... this Konost FF can't come soon enough for me.
  14. usayit

    Leica Compact flashes

    No problems using the SF24D on my EM5.
  15. usayit

    built-in memory card reader not working

    I would just buy a reader and move on. Make sure it supports all of the sd card types you require... But before you do, check the warranty of your laptop. Incidentally.. I am a big mac fan BUT I currently have a Mac mini (2009) with a dead DVD drive with overheating problems and a...
  16. usayit

    Micro 4/3 GF1 Still a damn good camera!

    The GF1 and many MFT cameras of that time period are still great! I love my E-PL1 which was my first real jump into MFT. I have 3 now (1 converted to full spectrum).... still being used.
  17. usayit

    Infrared Gear InfraReD

    Just for more discussion.... Two gels in front of my flash; primary blue and primary red. Pretty much blocks most of the visible spectrum except one can still see a little red if looking right at the flash. Taken with the same IR modified E-PL1 with 720nm filter @ ISO 400. Then...
  18. usayit

    Micro 4/3 A question about compatibility

    Note... * Olympus relies on in-body IS while panasonic relies on in-lens IS (exception is the GX7). So non-stabilized lenses are stabilized on Olympus bodies but not Panasonic. Olympus bodies can still use Panasonic lenses and leverage their OIS system... just make sure you don't have both...
  19. usayit

    Sony Showcase Sony A7 and 7r Image thread

    Still learning how to work the A7R with manual lenses. blew the highlights a bit but hey... and another
  20. usayit

    Infrared Gear InfraReD

    Yup. Every camera has different sensitivities to IR transmission. Camera that have a strong on sensor filter will only record the tiny bit of visible light that passes through the filter. This makes some cameras less-suitable for IR photography in their unmodified form. The Leica M8, for...
  21. usayit

    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    Lately, I've been getting more use out of a Ona Bowery.
  22. usayit

    Leica Leica M60 Special Edition

    I would like one; reminds me of when I shot mainly with the Epson R-D1 w/ all of the necessary controls available on the top plate without the need of the LCD screen; which I had hidden most of the time. * I don't like that its collectible (Of course. I use not collect and I can't afford...
  23. usayit

    Leica Leica announced 16 new cameras and lenses in one single day!

    Yeh... u would be interested in the m60 but less components should be less cost too.
  24. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica 50mm f/1 Noctilux

    Here's another but with a quick fix to reduce lens vignette.
  25. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica 50mm f/1 Noctilux

    I'm pretty sure that its the angle of incidence... no question. I knew about it going into it... The A7R body was purchased used yesterday for a good price. I'm having fun with it. I can reduce the vignette in post fairly easily. So far I'm happy with it.. but I've had it less than 24...
  26. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica 50mm f/1 Noctilux

    Another from the Sony A7R + Noctilux 50mm @ f/1 combination. Again.. minimal processing
  27. usayit

    Leica Showcase Leica 50mm f/1 Noctilux

    So this is a sample of what the Noctilux f/1 looks like mounted on a Sony A7R. This is minimally processed with WB, Contrast, and Saturation only. Loads of vignette.
  28. usayit


    Just getting started with my life with a somewhat naive perspective..... Finally graduated, Moved from TX to NJ, bought a house, got married, new job... just 30 miles or so from NYC. It was suppose to be uneventful typical day. I couldn't bring myself to see with my own eyes...
  29. usayit

    Unobtrusive cameras

    I found that its your bodily behavior that matters a lot regardless of the camera of choice. If the first thing you notice on a person is a camera and they are consciously "managing" it because of its heft and size, then its going to matter.
  30. usayit

    If money was no object?

    Leica m240 and monochrom
  31. usayit

    What's your favorite sensor? Why? And what is particularly good at?

    Leica monochrom samples always amazes me.
  32. usayit

    Leica Repair Estimate of my M9 by Leica camera Inc.

    Great price! That's pretty much my experience with Leica. They know that they charge a premium on products so they are willing to keep customers happy even if it means little/no profit (or even loss) on service. They also realize that products hold value in part because they still are able...
  33. usayit

    Leica 35mm f/2.5 Summarit-M

    At one point, I owned all of the f/2.5 Summarits. I still own the 35, 75, and 90mm. Lovely lenses. Fairly underrated. The best aspect for me was just how easy and quick they were to focus. Short focus throw, easy feel, with just enough damping. In comparison, my 35mm FLE is stiff and...
  34. usayit

    Leica Stolen from Red Dot Camera

    Since this is a Leica specific forum, we should probably keep an eye out for equipment being sold through here.
  35. usayit

    Serious HQ Tripods for Serious Compacts

    Gitzo 5section carbon fiber traveler Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  36. usayit

    Leica Some Thoughts About the Sony A7R as a Leica M Replacement

    I hope this is not the case across the board when it comes to FE zooms. Reason being, I'd most likely reserve the Sony A7 to zooms and adapted M lenses rather than FE primes.
  37. usayit

    Leica Some Thoughts About the Sony A7R as a Leica M Replacement

    Yes.. thanks for the write up. Did you get the 28-70 Sony FE lens with the Sony A7R? For me, I'd probably use the Sony as intended with FE lenses with an occasional use of M lenses adapted. If so, how is it? It looks a bit large which is a little concern. Yup Brian. The M8 is...
  38. usayit

    Leica Religions can COEXIST after all !

    Nice and meaningful shot! This is the way it should be. For me, religion has the power to do good and evil.... Its the humans on this planet that are the problem. If religion wasn't around to be the great instrument of destruction, humans surely will find another. The five classic...
  39. usayit

    Leica Sony A7R In Stock with Limited Quantity at B&H

    I am tempted with the A7R But every time I adapt my M lenses to another camera, I end up returning to the M9. In part is shooting with a rangefinder and the other is what Brian already mentioned... manually opening and stopping down the aperture for an accurate focus. I'm more likely to go...
  40. usayit

    Sony Quick thoughts on the WX300

    Its ok in sunlight. At least for me it was completely usable but I had to set the display brightness to the max. Then had to dim it down a lot when we went into the mines. Nope, it does not come equipped with the Sony WhiteMagic display which I believe are only available in their "R" series...
  41. usayit

    Sony Quick thoughts on the WX300

    So I retired my Panasonic TZ5 and ended up with the WX300. * First and foremost, its size. This thing is TINY... its amazing they managed to fit a decent 20x zoom optic inside. Its noticeably lighter when compared to my TZ5. It slides right into my pants pocket and doesn't feel like...
  42. usayit

    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    So I just picked up they use in good condition ONA Bowery bag. So far, I think it just may become my daily. Last few outings I can fit my M8 w/ 50 lux, M9 w/35 lux (hood attached) and a 90mm summarit quite nicely without it feeling intrusive. I can pull out either camera easily and swap...
  43. usayit

    Leica Pls suggest me about choosing my tele-lens

    I too was going to suggest the modern but non-aspherical 90mm f/2.5 Summarit. I've had voigtlander 90mm, 90mm f/2 (fat one), 90mm f/2.8 tele-elmarit and the 90mm Summarit. The Summarit is the only one I have currently. What attracted me was the packaging (small, light), decent build, focus...
  44. usayit

    Leica First was a tryout of the X Vario. Then, at less than 900 shutter counts ...

    The widest framelines on the M8 is 24mm with those framelines being at the far edges of the viewfinder FOV. For more accurate composition with anything wider, you will still need an external viewfinder. Two versions of the 15mm f/4.5 exist.... one LTM and one is M mount. One is rangefinder...
  45. usayit

    Leica Wide angle on M9 - comments, suggestions

    28mm never "spoke" to me but the 28mm Elmarits are well known for IQ and compact packaging. Its the widest frameline on the M9. You can't reduce magnification on the viewfinder to go wider than the viewfinder itself using an eyepiece. The extra optics would need to be mounted on the other...
  46. usayit

    Leica Suggestions for Leica M film body

    I must have taken photo 101 four or five times for a nograde at a local community college just for access to their darkroom. Loads of fun... even showing up to class to chat photography with students. Professor thought I was funny.... Back when I had more time on my hands. Sent from my...
  47. usayit

    Leica Compact flashes

    Fits fine... no problems with mine. It uses a lock lever rather than a screw wheel.
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