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  1. philipcs

    Fuji What is your SOOC B&W setting in X100/s/t ?

    My SOOC B&W from X100s. Below is my setting, what is your B&W setting in X100/s/t? Let share your recipe! :) NO Post Processing.... only Straight Out Of Camera! Film Simulation = Monochrome + R Filter Noise Reduction = -2 Highlight Tone = +1 Shadow Tone = +2 Sharpness = +1 Dynamic Range = 100%...
  2. philipcs

    Fuji My X100S died!

    My X100s is now dead. After turn on, it only showing this OPT: ELE: Cannot do anything, even turn off also cannot. Only can remove battery to turn off. I have even reset the settings in Menu but no improvement. My Firmware ver is 1.20 Anyone have this problem before? I tried to Google but...
  3. philipcs

    Sony Sony Attachment Grip, AG-R2

    Just got this stick on grip from Sony Malaysia cost me around USD14.70 (MYR49) So far so good and the grip improved the handling in RX100m3 dramatically! Love it. However, this grip is attach to RX100m3 by using double sided tape, so durability is questionable. :) Sony RX100m3 AG-R2...
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