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    Hoi An - Vietnam

    Lovely photos brings back memories of my trip a couple of years ago. Delicious food, kind people and had some great clothes made there.
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    Sports Surfing time

    Wonderful morning at the beach, great waves, sunny 35 C, water temp 27 C. EM5 Mk2 + Pana Lecia 100-400mm
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    SiJ 2017 - musings on closing.

    I enjoyed the experience and managed to post a photo each day. I did learn that having a project in mind for the whole month would have been better than simply submitting random shots each day. Even something as simple as photographing a single colour would have tied the project togethet.
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 31.

    As promised: day 31 is a collage of the previous 30 photogra I enjoyed following your project over the month Marlof, well done
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 31.

    I surprised myself that I stuck it out till the end, although many days were more point and click than others. Today was definitely it that style, a photo of a letter holder. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 30.

    Rushed for time and struggling for a subject today, this is a puppet we bought on a trip to Myanmar EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 29.

    We went to a water park on day 29, this photo show about half of it before the kids invaded. EM5mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 28.

    EM5 Mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    What is it Wednesday #80

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    SiJ 2017 - Day 27.

    My daughter wanted some photos taken that made todays subject nice and easy. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 26.

    Great day to enjoy the beach in my hometown EM5 mk2 +Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 25.

    After a crazy hectic day I almost forgot to get the camera out. Busy day and boring subject. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 24.

    Between work and family commitments it is getting harder to to post a photo each day. I am determined to stick with the project but some days the search for a subject often becomes more a point and click than my usual more thoughtful approach. Kind of like speed dating with a camera and...
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 23.

    First day of school, new uniform, same attitude. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 22.

    Been very slack in photographing anything the last few days, but have managed to keep the project going. getting ready for back to school. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 21.

    Chocolates in a bowl. EM5mk2 + Olympus 25
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    Surfer Silhouettes, Australia

    Nice shots, this area has unfortunately been in the news recently due to several shark attacks, never stops us keen surfers though.
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    Micro 4/3 OMD EM5 owner purchases OMD EM5 II – impressions so far

    I have both the EM 1 and the EM5 mk2 (with olympus battery grip) and find i use the mk2 most of the time. It is small and lightweight without the grip and nearly as easy to hold as my EM 1 with longer lenses when I have the battery grip attached. When I first bought it i thought it would be a...
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 20.

    We went down to Brisbane yesterday to watch a game of cricket, this photo was taken waiting for a shuttle bus to the game. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 19.

    Couldn't sleep last night so I just got out of bed and waited for first light before taking a walk on the beach. Beautiful to get down there to see the sunrise and enjoy the cool water before the heat of the day arrives. Came home and tried to process my photos on my iMac but the thing keeps...
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 18.

    What does a well trained man whose wife is returning tomorrow do? Clean, tidy, shop and await the arrival of the duty free allowance. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 17.

    Beautiful morning light today and some small waves rolling in, a great way to start the day and beat the heat. Had to push this file a bit as shooting into the sun blocked up the shadows. The 25mm isn't really a landscape lens although I do enjoy this focal length. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 16.

    I needed something quick to shoot today before heading off to work, walked through my daughters bedroom and saw these bottles of smelly stuff all lined up, not sure if she likes the perfume or the pretty bottles the most. Olympus EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 15.

    Wasn't feeling very adventurous today so had to call on a few African warriors to get me in photo taking mode EMmk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 14.

    It was an early walk along the beach to enjoy the sunrise, chatted with this old fisherman about todays lack of fish and the glory of past catches. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 13.

    Nearly forgot to post today, had to head out the back door and shoot something close. The Papaya are getting bigger. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 12

    Not Byron, Point Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast, looking south towards Caloundra.
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 12

    When the sea breeze blows this is one of the better places to surf and on a hot day it is paradise. Olympus EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 11.

    The only way to survive the relentless heat is to stay hydrated, cheers. Olympus EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 10.

    With the family away from home I am having in depth conversations with our fish EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 9.

    Went out to the garden for this mornings photo, a row of silverbeet with beans planted behind. I'm not the green thumb, I give my wife credit for that, I just swing the spade, badly. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 8.

    Just a vase from home today, It looks beautiful when filled with flowers, perhaps a shot for another day. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 Day 7.

    Something I don't normally do, OTT post processing
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 6.

    My wife and daughter left this morning for a holiday in Bali, unfortunately work has kept me from joining them. Todays subject has a Balinese theme, shot from our patio. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 5

    From a shortened walk this morning between showers and fits of coughing Em5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 5

    Lovely black and wite
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 4

    Wasn't able to post an image yesterday due to a damaged SD card, today was wet, a nice change from the relentless heat of the past few weeks. Didn't stay out long as I have succumbed to a chest cold and the constant coughing is sending me crazy EM 5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm
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    Official SiJ 2017 - Day 1.

    Thank you for your kind words. The lady in red arrived the same time as me, she headed down to the rocks for a peaceful sit to watch the sunrise, I had the other end of the beach to myself.
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    SiJ 2017 - Day 2.

    We had a little visitor stay last night, todays subject was an easy choice. EM5 mk2 + 25mm Olympus
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    Official SiJ 2017 - Day 1.

    I live at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast
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    Official SiJ 2017 - Day 1.

    I was up at 4.30am this morning for a walk along the beach, it was very hazy a beautiful start to the New Year. EM5 mk2 + Olympus 25mm.
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    What is it Wednesday Day 76

    Golden chain tree?
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