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    Coolpix A back for $299.

    Adorama through ebay has the Coolpix A refurbs back at $299.
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    Sony Sony RX100 IV announced.

    It's a monster. 4K video, upgraded EVF and a stacked sensor. But $1000 for a P&S camera.... Whew.
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    Lytro for $60 from Amazon.

    I always wanted one. I was tempted at $100. For $60 I think I'll bite. The graphite one is a one day special at $60. The pink one is also at $60 with no time limit. The red one is $80 but comes with 16GB of memory.
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    Sigma On the fence for a DP2M/DP3M.

    I've always wanted a foveon camera. Now that the DP2M/DP3M are in the mid $300(USD) range, I'm seriously thinking of getting one. The DP1M is still more pricey. I've had my finger over the "buy" button for a few days now. But I've noticed a couple of people selling their DP2M/DP3M off in the...
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    DXO Optics Pro 8 Free
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    RX1 for $1400.

    Cowboom, also known as Best Buy, is selling the RX1 for half off, $1400. I think it's a part of their 50% off Sony that started last month. They started off selling the used ones a week ago for that, then when they ran out of used they switched over to new. It's been going in and out of stock...
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    Canon S100 refurbished for $85. Today only.

    It's old but for $85, still a good deal. I was tempted, but the reality is that I would never use it since I have a RX100. You must have a discover card to get it down to $85, otherwise it's $110. Canon is selling the refurbished S100 for $120. Today only, they automatically give you another...
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    Comparison review of the G7X to the RX100M3.

    Here's review of the G7X with plenty of comparison shots to the RX100M3. The G7X doesn't look as good as the RX100M3.
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    Feedback The black on grey is really hard to read.

    There's not enough contrast.
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    Samsung Trade in a tired DSLR for a NX30 in Times Square on June 4th.
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    Sony Sony Canada jumped the gun, they already have the RX100M3 on their website.

    It may have a pop up EVF, but they did it right. It's not a low res half measure. "Type : 0.39" SVGA electronic viewfinder(OLED), 1,440,000dots"
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    Sony Rx100m3

    I'm surprised no one has started a thread about this yet. Supposedly it will be announced this Thursday, May 1st. It will have a new 28-100mm F1.8-F2.8 lens and an EVF. Those are significant upgrades. Some people have even speculated that it would have the new curved sensor. But Sony has...
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    Anyone in the LA area looking for a Coolpix A for $500?

    Best Buy has a open box in excellent condition for $552. It's that 50% off yellow tagged clearance/open box special they have right now. A 10% off clearance coupon came out today. So it's $500 all in...
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    RX100MII "Open Box" from Adorama for $619.

    Looks like Adorama is having another "open box" sale. Like with the RX10, they say it's open box in the title but list it as new on their ebay ad. If it was really "open box" it should be "new other" at best. I wish the discount was as deep as the RX10 "open box"...
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    Sony RX10 for $937. Should be open box but reported to be new.

    Adorama has been selling open box RX10's for $937. People that have received them report that they are not open box but new. Selling new as refurbished or open box is a common technique to undercut the price structure. Apple commonly does this in it's store. I've gotten "open box" items...
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    Sony RX100 for $439.

    I don't know if anyone cares since the thread to get one for $408 didn't get any attention, but here's one from a non ebay dealer for $439.
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    Sony RX100 new for $408.

    From bigvalue on ebay. They are known to be a good seller.
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    Sony Who doesn't have a RX100?

    I was out snapping today. I noticed that someone else was using a RX100. I see people using one all the time now. She was in a group of 4 people. So I said "Hey, you have an RX100 too." She said it was a great camera, who doesn't have one? 3 other people in her group of 4 had RX100's too...
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    Lytro for $199. US only. CyberMonday only.

    I wanted one. Now I don't know. Still $199 is my I'll buy anything price.
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    Sony Saw my first RX1 out in the wild.

    Yesterday, I saw the first person to actually use a RX1 in the wild. It was even a RX1R. I told him it was a great camera. He said the Alpha 7 is better. My informal survey of what cameras people use while travelling has changed. NEX is way up. As in way up. About the same number of...
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    Last few hours to get the XF1 for $199.

    Today is the last day of the gearlist promo. Th XF1 is $249 at gearshop. Make a gearlist and use "GEARLIST" to take $50 off.
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    Corel Aftershot Pro for free.

    Mac or PC. Use coupon code MACR0913.
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    DXO Filmpack for free.

    Thanks Sony.
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    Sony HX20V for $140.

    At TigerDirect for $140. Open box is $125. I think it's worth $15 to buy new for the warranty alone.
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    News Not just 1, but 3 Sony E-Mount FF cameras coming.

    2 NEX FF cameras. A cheap one and an expensive one. Also a DSLR like E-Mount FF camera, I'm thinking something like a A3000. Sony Full Frame attack: (SR5) Three E-mount FF to come within 5 months! | sonyalpharumors
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    RX100 from Amazon Warehouse from $436.

    Amazon warehouse is selling the RX100 used from $436 for very good to $445 for like new. Great prices for the US. This matches the recent Japanese prices for a new RX100. Buying Choices: Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor Digital Camera with 3.6x Zoom
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    News Sony debuts a new camera cateogry, the camera lens.

    It's a lens and a camera that sticks to the back of a smart phone. One of them uses the RX100M2 sensor. It's a new world. (SR5) Hot! First images of the new DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lens-cameras! | sonyalpharumors And if that wasn't enough, a company is also making a 41MP camera watch...
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    LX7 for $240.

    I think this is the cheapest price yet. Panasonic DMC-LX7K 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 7.5x Intelligent Zoom Deal of the Day | Groupon
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    Sony High ISO comparison between RX100 and RX100M2.

    The ISO 25600 multi frame shot from the RX100M2 is the clencher. It's usable. The RX100 shot isn't. Since it's mostly software, I hope Sony provides an update to the RX100 with the new JPEG engine used in the RX100M2...
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    Sony RX100M2 pics, including video and raw.

    Here's a site with a bunch of M2 shots including RAW and video. Preview: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Beispielaufnahmen | News | | Das Digitalkamera-Magazin
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    EOS M down to $299 at B&H.

    B&H has the EOS M w/22mm for $299. The kit zoom version is $349. Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Digital Camera with EF-M 18-55mm 6609B074 At these prices I'm think it makes a pretty reasonable alternative to the NEX now in the APS-C mirrorless world. The new firmware makes the super slow AF not...
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    RX100M2 for $674 and the RX100 for $584 from Sony.

    Not really a sale or a special. Just the regular EPP/educational price. But many people don't think about going this route. If you have an EPP account or are in school, something to think about. The Sony discount is generally 10% off across the board.
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    News Sony RX100M2 MSRP is $750.

    Maybe Sony will be selling both the RX100 and RX100M2 at the same time. It's very un Sony to have a "Mk II" and a replacement model at a different price than the model it replaces. Generally a replacement model will have a new designation and at the same price point as the old model. (SR5)...
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    Sony RX100M2, no longer rumors just the facts.

    Someone leaked the user's manual for the new RX100M2. So read all about the new features. I so want the tilt LCD. The multi function shoe should allow people to mount an EVF.
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    Samsung Samsung provides source code for the NX200 and NX200 cameras.

    Turns out that Samsung provides the source code for a variety of it's products, including the NX200 and NX300. I salute this. It allows end users to program in their own features or bug fixes. I think all manufacturers should do this. Samsung Open Source Release Center
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    News More proof that the smartphone is killing the camera market.

    CIPA just released their latest numbers. Sales in all cameras but full frame are dramatically off. It's just not P&S cameras that are being killed by smartphones. P&S camera production is down 50% year over year. Interchangable lens cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless, are off 25% year over year...
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    News Upcoming Sony superphone with a 1/1.6" 20MP camera.

    Here's some rumors about Sony's upcoming phone. It's rumored to have a 1/1.6" 20MP camera. That's bigger than a LX7, XZ-2 or S110. Combine that with a quad core CPU clocked faster than anything else around and a 5" 1080p screen. If it's waterproof like the current Xperia this one device could...
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    Sale. RX1 for $2090 and RX100 for $440, tax included.

    I was browsing the favorite camera store in the world to see what deals they have going. Surprisingly the RX1 and RX100 are on sale right now. I thought they were selling well. The 30% discounts seem kind of steep. I wonder if there are new models coming out soon? The commute costs might be...
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    Fuji X10 like new for $317 from Amazon.

    Not as good as new ones for $199 from Fry's. Still an OK deal if you are looking for one. "Like new" used from Amazon. Buying Choices: Fujifilm X10 12 MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera with f2.0-f2.8 4x Optical Zoom Lens and 2.8-Inch LCD
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    Nokia 808, worth $260?

    It's too late now, but Amazon had the Nokia 808 for $260 last night. I had it in my cart and my fingered hovered over the buy it button for a couple of hours. In the end, I passed. I've been interested in this since it was announced. I see good reviews for it. I see bad reviews for it...
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    2 hour window to buy the K-01 body for $229 and maybe $219 today 4/9 from 12-2pm Pacific.

    There will be a two hour window to get this for $229. Adorama sells through the Rakuten marketplace. From 12pm-2pm Pacific there will be a $20 off $50 Rakuten marketplace coupon. That coupon code is IWANT20. So it should be $229. - Pentax k-01 16.3 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera (Body...
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    Camera blowout at Fry's. NX210 for $199, E-PM1 for $199, NEX F3 for $350 and a ton more.

    Also for people looking for a good cheap P&S camera, the Samung ST76 is $50. Fry's Electronics | Check their ad for details for other details. Fry's Electronics | cameras portable entertainment appliances countertop personalcare home wireless
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    Pentax 1.11 firmware is out. Better AF.

    Latest PENTAX Q Firmware Update : Software Downloads | PENTAX RICOH IMAGING
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    Adobe software 75% off at Office Depot LR4 retail for $39.

    Just picked up LR4 for $39. Illustrator is $149. Supposedly Adobe is pulling out of selling software in stores.
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    Sigma DP2M for $800.

    From Adorama via Ebay. Sigma DP 2 Merril Digital Point and Shoot Camera C78900 0000851269267 | eBay
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    Canon S100 for $249. Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black): Camera & Photo
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    Pentax Pentax Q 02 kit for $190

    Newegg is selling the Pentax Q w/02 kit lens for $190. If you are new Newegg customer, you can get another $10 off using coupon "NEWCUSTOMER". - PENTAX Q (15100) Black 12.4 MP 3.0" 460K LCD Digital Camera with 02 Standard Zoom Lens
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    Pentax Pentax Q, the little camera that could.

    I just got a Pentax Q. I've only used it for a couple of days, but I have to say I'm impressed. The shots look good. I totally love the size. This is the size all cameras should be. Even a M43/NEX feel too big to me now. Just a little history of me. I've owned the LX5, S100 and XZ-1. I think the...
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    Free Adobe CS2 containing Photoshop.

    It's an oldie and a freebie. Adobe is giving away CS2 for free.
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    Pentax Q with 01 lens for $199.

    Groupon had the Q with the 02 lens for $249 a couple of weeks back. Now they have the Q with the 01 lens for $199. I swore to myself that I would buy a Q if it hit $200. The 01 lens is like gravy. Pentax Q Camera Kit with Standard Lens Deal of the Day | Groupon
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