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    Film Showcase ADOX Silvermax 100

    No problem here Bob. I want to continue to learn that is why I ask these questions. Great results surely! Thanks. John S.
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    Film Showcase ADOX Silvermax 100

    Bob, How much do you place in the developer? I have used Xtol mixed in with Rodinal in stand and semi stand development in the past to tame the grain. I did not know that you could use salt as well.
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    Film Showcase ADOX Silvermax 100

    Hey Bob, What does the salt do? How much do you put? Can you do it with other films or is this specific to Adox Silvermax? John S.
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    Film Medium format look on 35mm

    Cool. But is this the same picture taken 6 times and then merged or is this 6 different pieces (maybe some overlap) stitched together?
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    Film A question for the experienced developers

    I always have trouble attaching the film to the steel reels. Maybe the springs in mine have lost their flexibility being stored for a long time. Do you guys have tips to doing this? Maybe cut the film end to a triangular point as well? For some processes though you have no choice but to...
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    Film A question for the experienced developers

    First, let me try and defend what I said about color negative development; that it is easier/simpler. Simpler: How many choices of developers, times and dilutions do you have in black and white? For Rodinal alone: you can stand, semi-stand, standard: with 1+25, 1+50, 1+75 dilutions, etc...
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    Film Konica anyone?

    instead of tin foil Tony, use hard thin wire (from AC Moore or such used to support long stem flowers) that is looped around itself. First in a circle then across the circle. The other thing to do is to test the meter with a correct sized battery but of higher voltage. You can even use this...
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    Film A question for the experienced developers

    Anytime Tony. I know I am new here. I am willing to help. Any questions you have I am willing to answer. I started the same way. My wife found an advertised darkroom bundle in the paper. I bought a storage locker filled with darkroom equipment for $300 (not free) 15 years ago. I...
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    Film Showcase Ilford Delta 400

    I love this film. Kodak TMY is so expensive that I could only afford it for 120 film size. I believe both to be excellent. Available in bulk load. It is very sharp and the tones are creamy. I like this in Ilford DDX.
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    Film Ready to go...

    I used to use both. But after a long layover of doing pure digital, I seem to have more trouble with the steel ones now. I could not get the spring to attach to the end of the film even in daylight Some things I do when the plastic reels jam. I cut the end of the film creating a curved...
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    Film A question for the experienced developers

    For Black and White film development: I would start with a tank and reel(s). Plastic is easier than metal. Easier to thread. Practice threading in the light with accidentally exposed to light film or old expired film pretending you could not see. Then practice also in the dark. Make a...
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    Film Showcase Fuji Neopan 100 Acros

    I think it is a film best suited for night photography as well as day photography. The reciprocity characteristic of this film is such that you do not need any compensation for 2 minutes and only adding 1/2 a stop for 120 seconds to 1000 seconds. Of course, you would need a tripod. Good to...
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