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  1. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase GFX50R w/63mm 2.8

  2. SRHEdD

    Completed For Sale: 18mm/2.0XF (LN-) | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item 18mm/2.0XF (LN-) My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Lens was brand new a couple of weeks ago. $275/obo. PayPal only US ship only. Payment Methods Regular PayPal (buyer adds 3% for this option) Shipping Locations USA...
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    Fuji Showcase Nikon 200-500 adapted to Fuji X-H1

    I bought and returned a Metabones Nikon F to Fuji XF adapter, but grabbed this one shot before I boxed it back up. I should have ordered the Nikon G to Fuji XF.
  4. SRHEdD

    Fuji A nice black band...

    Ha! Fooled ya. Took this to send to Barton Watchbands to try to get a free one.
  5. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase When you're on a cruise and miss photographing birds...

    Our ship was turned away from Cuba by the U.S. Government, so we spent a couple of days in The Bahamas. The zoo and gardens was over booked, so we walked the streets. This is how I knew I missed photographing birds. Even the pigeons started to look good.
  6. SRHEdD

    Fuji At a local salon yesterday...

    I photographed the staff of a new hair studio yesterday and while I was waiting to get started, a client was finishing up. She had this really great grin and awesome hair. She was a reluctant participant, but we got her to sit for a minute...
  7. SRHEdD

    Fuji Question about 50-140...

    Just opened box, grabbed lens and ran to a lacrosse game. Lens seemed to work great, but clunks a lot when moved around off the camera. Is that OIS doing that when it has no power?
  8. SRHEdD

    Fuji First World Problem

    My wife surprised me with a trip to Cuba in June. Cuba has always been on my bucket list as a photo destination. I've picked out a backpack, but in trying to pack it lightly for the trip I'm conflicted. I have great gear and I want it ALL to go... stupid of me. So to start, do I go with...
  9. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase If you're considering the Fuji 2X converter...

    ...sometimes 800mm is close enough.
  10. SRHEdD

    Fuji There is just something about...

    ... a silver X-E2. I DO need a silver Fujicron of some sort though...
  11. SRHEdD

    Fuji Where's the GAS thread?

    My friend sold me his black X-E2 and I fell in love with it. Then came the X-Pro2 and my love for Fuji grew. A few key lenses and I was really happy with my new direction with Fuji. But then... I saw SILVER! I found a NOS silver X-E2 on eBay and is arrived today. I've not had an XC lens yet, but...
  12. SRHEdD

    Fuji Anyone buying the X-T30?

    If you don't want the lens, buy it for the $150 package deal and I'll pay you $200. I need a silver Fujicron... 23 or 50.
  13. SRHEdD

    Completed Want to Buy (WTB): Wanted: SILVER XF lens and SILVER Lensmate Thumb Rest marked "LM X-E2" | Location

    Classifieds Type Want to Buy (WTB) Item Wanted: SILVER XF lens and SILVER Lensmate Thumb Rest marked "LM X-E2" My Location United States (USA) Description Scored a nice new silver X-E2 and need a LN silver XF lens and Lensmate thumb grip. Lensmate only marked "LM X-E2". Would also like...
  14. SRHEdD

    Viera meeting/shoot

    My friend, tonyb on Nikon Cafe, has is putting together a meet and shoot in Florida. Anyone is welcome. Probably a meet n greet at a local restaurant, then a day at each of two local reserves. More here:
  15. SRHEdD

    Fuji X-H1 question...

    I'm still new to Fuji, but it seems there is more love for the X-T2 sensor than X-T3. Does the X-H1 have the X-T2 sensor?
  16. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase On Safari at my local zoo w/55-200XF

    Going to post a few shots from today's trip to the Brevard Zoo in Viera, Florida. Sunny and about 77 degrees today. Mostly with X-Pro2 and 55-200, but the last one was my X-E2.
  17. SRHEdD

    Fuji New to the Fuji world, so...

    ...does the sale on the 56/1.4 signal a new version (maybe with OIS) is coming? Nikon has tells about when new cameras/lenses are about drop, does Fujifilm? I'm an old guy, OIS in that lens would be nice...
  18. SRHEdD

    Fuji So tell me your experience with the 56/1.2XF

    Please. It is on sale for a decent price. I'd be shooting it on an X-PRO 2. Thanks in advance.
  19. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase WAIT! This can't BE! SPORTS with an XPRO2?!?!

    As I was leaving this morning to shoot a lacrosse scrimmage my son was playing in, I decided to NOT take my Sony A9 and 100-400GM, and instead try out my new XPRO2 and 55-200XF. I have to say I was amazed at the ease of use and the quality of the files! These are jpgs with a touch of crop and...
  20. SRHEdD

    Completed Want to Buy: Wanted: LensMate thumb grip for XPRO-2 | Location: USA | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? Want to Buy What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Wanted: LensMate thumb grip for XPRO-2 What are your prices? Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? Description Looking for a clean sample, Lensmate shows it out of stock...
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