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  1. Alessio Coghe

    Expired Panasonic Lumix LX3 + Leica Leather Case

    The Panasonic Lumix LX3 (a leica dlux4 in disguise) is a perfect camera for street photography. Now is for sell with Leica Leather Case and two original batteries for 384 US dollars. Contact me if interested. Please email me for any kind of questions. I sell this for the worldwide.
  2. Alessio Coghe

    Read the first issue of HP Photography magazine

    HP PHOTOGRAPHY FIRST ISSUE "STREET PHOTOGRAPHY" di ALEX COGHE PHOTOGRAPHER, su Flickr The first issue is online! Read the first 25 pages in prewiew. Join us to read the full magazine! Hyde Park Photography
  3. Alessio Coghe

    Canon G12: the leader of the gang?

    Very real soon i'll buy the Canon G12. I'm thinking, after that i've seen all the alternatives...we can talk about G12 like the leader of the compact cameras actually? I'm talking in consideration of diffusion of this camera, for the quality, for a series that has going on... In the throne...
  4. Alessio Coghe

    Samsung What do you think about NX100?

    My profession is photography. I'm an editorial freelance photographer andi'm an happy possessor of Olympus Pen E-P1. I consider myself with pride a micro four thirds photographer, i I believe that the future is in mirrorless cameras. Now i'm thinking that Samsung NX100 will be my camera FOR...
  5. Alessio Coghe

    Micro 4/3 Canon G12? No, better Panasonic G1 or G2

    Guys, I am increasingly convinced to take the Panasonic G1 and forget the Canon G12. Why? Located at roughly the same price, even in a store online pana costs less, but particularly:the size and weight!!! READ HERE: MEASURES AND DIMENSIONS panasonic dmc g1 dimensions: 124 x 83.6 x 45.2...
  6. Alessio Coghe

    Creative compact cameras

    My new work (agency photographer) ask me new necessity. Now i must think to a new camera. I need a new compact camera, naturally creative. I've got the lumix lx3, but i need a zoom more long. I've got the necessity to have a compact camera for speed travels. Next year i will do a travel in...
  7. Alessio Coghe

    Mexico city -8224090

  8. Alessio Coghe

    We're on flickr

    Post your photostream link in flickr in this topic. I start to post: Flickr: ALX COGHE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER's Photostream
  9. Alessio Coghe

    Micro 4/3 Street Photography with Your Micro Four Thirds (Image Thread)

    I use only pancake zuiko 17mm with my olympus pen.
  10. Alessio Coghe

    Hello from Mexico City

    I'm a proud E-P1 user, i love street photography an' i think that evil cameras are going to be the future, expecially for this kind of photography. I create in Italy a street photography community and i've knowed this board in e-p1 community. I'll share very soon my shots.
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