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  1. Mal Holmes

    The Lost Garden of Llandygai

    For this shot, in a glen close to Bangor/North Wales I was using a Lumix m.4/3 Full Spectrum conversion, with a Heliopan 780nm external filter, to allow me a little less hard contrast than a full 830nm filter (my favourite filter), as the lighting was filtering through a large tree to the right...
  2. Mal Holmes


    Thank you...
  3. Mal Holmes


    On a visit to Western Australia... This image entitled 'Yanchep' was taken on a Full Spectrum conversion, with a B+W (Schott glass) #093 external filter, for a deep contrast style, and edited in PS6.
  4. Mal Holmes

    Infrared Gear IR Filter + X100 = ...?

    As Chris said... the unconverted X100, handles IR photography really well. Infrared on the FujiX100... I use an 'unmodified' X100 for general work, but have found over the years, that the Fuji sensor is VERY sensitive to I.R. light. So much so that you can slap a Heliopan 715nm or Hoya 720nm...
  5. Mal Holmes


    Just a few more weeks, before I get to my beloved Venice once again... sorry I haven't posted for a long time... I'll make sure I post more often. 90% of my images, taken these days are Infrared (B&W + colour), on cameras converted by myself... Although I own many IR cameras, this is from one...
  6. Mal Holmes

    Lets Shoot some Badgers

    I'm off on a Badger night shoot, in a month or so... Although I can get shots from my cameras in a low lux, up until perhaps any time after that it looks like I'll have to use I.R. Flash and cable release.... I haven't made an I.R. Flash in 30+ years and when I did I was using I.R. film...
  7. Mal Holmes

    Panasonic LX5 extended flash options

    I bought it for my larger Leicas... but works just as well with the LX5.... :dance4:
  8. Mal Holmes

    Panasonic LX5 extended flash options

    One of my down issues with serious compacts is the lack of flexibility with the pop-up flash. Although we can adjust the ISO to push the capabilities, it is still somewhat limited. When I heard that the LX3 & D-lux 4 had included a flash shoe, I was extremely happy, but I held out for the...
  9. Mal Holmes

    Leica Leica D-Lux 5

    Just arrived on the web..... Leica announces D-Lux 5 premium compact: Digital Photography Review
  10. Mal Holmes

    Compact Leica V-Lux2 - it's not your V-Lux20, but akin to the V-Lux 1 from 2006

    Just posted on the web...... Leica releases V-Lux 2 superzoom: Digital Photography Review
  11. Mal Holmes

    Animals Show Birds

    Came home one day after work.... looked out of the conservatory window to find this Sparrowhawk in my own garden with a fresh kill.... Rushed upstairs to pick up my Leica V-lux 1 and dashed back down. Made a gap in the blinds and took the shot through double glazing.... so not the clarity I...
  12. Mal Holmes

    Show "Animal"

    Walking the Dog...... Venetian Style
  13. Mal Holmes

    Animals Show Birds

    BBW... Tried the Raynox 2.2x Tele on my new Lumix LX5, but the vignetting on the 3:2 & 4:3 ratios is awfull.... This must be why Lumix have created the all new 1:1 ratio as it works really well on that one.... so it looks like I'll be keeping the extension lens in my compact travel kit after...
  14. Mal Holmes

    Canon from the tunnel of time

    Superb shot
  15. Mal Holmes

    Hi.... thanks for the comments.... on the mute swan..... I've edited the post to include a few...

    Hi.... thanks for the comments.... on the mute swan..... I've edited the post to include a few other shots if you would like to view the thread again.... Mal
  16. Mal Holmes

    Animals Show Birds

    With a Lumix LX5. (Mute Swan) I.A. exposure and with the aid of a piece of bread and a long cable release just in case things got nasty. processing crop... B&W convert, contrast adjust, layer and saturation to the beak On a Visit to Australia.. (Pelican). Leica D-lux 3... with Raynox 2.2x...
  17. Mal Holmes

    Micro 4/3 Lumix GF1 and LX5 usera

    Hi..... Have any of you got the Live Viewfinder (DMW-LVF1) to go with your Lumix. Before I rush out and get one, I would be grateful of some initial thoughts on the item.... for example viewing the screen resolution, the diopter adjustment, and the displayed info... Many thanks.... Mal.
  18. Mal Holmes

    Hi from Liverpool / UK

    Hi... Found my way to this Forum quite by chance... but very impressed by the information on here. I find there are too many 'photographers' who downcry serious smaller cameras, but this must be through a mere lack of investigation into these little gems. I started photography (amateur) in the...
  19. Mal Holmes

    Panasonic Tell us about your Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

    Lx5 Bought the Leica LX3 some time ago from new and was impressed by that and use it as a carry around camera rather than my larger Leicas, However, when I saw that the Lumix LX5 was due to be released, I put in a pre order, for the camera and extension barrel. First impressions are superb...
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