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  1. Harry Cutts

    Nikon Nikon 18-35 D

    I recently acquired a Nikon D700 FF for a very good price with only 18K shutter actuations, I also picked up an 18-35 f3.5/4.5 D lens to satisfy my wide angle fetish :) I know it's getting on but the results are fantastic. Anyone else still shooting with these oldies? Please share as I couldn't...
  2. Harry Cutts

    Canon 50mm f1.8 FD

    The walk home by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
  3. Harry Cutts

    Pentax M 135 f3.5

    Pentax M 135 f3.5 by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
  4. Harry Cutts

    Vivitar 17mm f3.5

    Couldn't find a thread for this one so here goes. Taken on an Olympus EM10 mk2 at f5.6, looks quite decent to me. Vivitar 17mm copy by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
  5. Harry Cutts

    Fuji XT20 losing settings

    I recently acquired a used Fuji XT 20 in very good condition and I am very pleased with the results that I get, however, when I change the battery it loses all my settings. If I charge the battery in camera through the USB port, I have no problem. This is all well and good if you are at home or...
  6. Harry Cutts

    "Show" Mushrooms

    LX100 Mushroom Garden by Harry Cutts, on Flickr Mushroon Garden 1 by Harry Cutts, on Flickr
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