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  1. shaolinchris

    Los Angeles Street Meet

    The past week I had the chance to participate in the monthly LA street meet. It is a group of various photographers - amateurs, hobbyist and protogs shooting various formats. From full frame to film to compacts - anything in between. I met up with some of the guys from the sister site...
  2. shaolinchris

    The People of Shanghai's Hongqiao train station

    The other day I had a long layover at the main railway station in Shanghai, and what better way to kill time then shoot people and their surroundings. Taken with the good ol' x100. shanghai by Chris Ferreira, on Flickr shanghai by Chris Ferreira, on Flickr shanghai by Chris Ferreira, on...
  3. shaolinchris

    Fuji Shanghai 1933

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used x100 and on my first outing I visited the marvelous "Shanghai 1933". What used to be the biggest slaughterhouse in East Asia, now holds home to a handful architect studios, creative agencies and a few coffee shops. Unlike most of Shanghai, there are very few...
  4. shaolinchris

    Fuji Hi from China (with images!)

    Greetings all, Not long ago I visited LA and on my first day I had my entire mu43 collection stolen (along with computer, hard drive, etc. (inset death smiley)), and after been camera-less for what seemed like an eternity I jumped into the X world by picking up a used x100. On my first...
  5. shaolinchris

    Fog Image Thread

    There is tons of great fog pictures around here but no thread, until now. So lets see those foggy/misty photos! I'll start us of with some pics from this morning. Taken at Westlake in Hangzhou(China)
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