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  1. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Thirty-One

    Just back from Christmas holidays in time to post one last December Doodad. Fossilized by julie | anne, on Flickr
  2. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Nineteen

    For Reading by julie | anne, on Flickr
  3. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Eighteen

    Kodak Retina by julie | anne, on Flickr
  4. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Fifteen

    Daily Disguise by julie | anne, on Flickr
  5. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Fourteen

    Blue Duck by julie | anne, on Flickr
  6. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Eleven

    The Blank Page by julie | anne, on Flickr
  7. Jules

    December Doodads - Day Ten

    Tangible Reminder by julie | anne, on Flickr
  8. Jules

    Fuji Why do you love your Fuji?

    It's been interesting reading the various threads about which X cameras people use, how they use them and what other cameras they own as well. Clearly we're all very different, with different backgrounds, experiences and shooting styles. The one commonality is that we all love/like/feel somewhat...
  9. Jules

    Wandering around Melbourne - this time in colour

    A few more images from my week in Melbourne, this time with an injection of colour. There's still a lot of slanting going on though! Thanks for looking. :) Greenery by julie | anne, on Flickr Established by julie | anne, on Flickr Consider yourself warned by julie | anne, on Flickr...
  10. Jules

    Wandering around Melbourne

    We spent last week in Melbourne for the Australian Open. While we were there primarily for the tennis, Melbourne is one of my favourite cities, so I spent plenty of time just wandering with my trusty X10. Edit: OK, I've just noticed that 3 of these 4 images show excessive slanting - I didn't...
  11. Jules

    How many cameras do you currently own?

    I'm currently fighting a severe case of X100 lust, but I did a quick camera stocktake last night and my camera tally currently stands at 3 x DSLRs, 1 x CSC, 1 x serious compact and 2 x P&S cameras. I probably don't need another camera, do I? Do I? How many cameras do other people currently own?
  12. Jules

    Stroll I'm fine.

    Turns out I'm fine. Good to know. :smile: I'm fine. by julie | anne, on Flickr
  13. Jules

    Taking the X10 to work

    I just started a new job recently, in a new city, and I'm trying to take more photos of the environment around me and develop my ability to 'see' photo opportunities instead of blindly wandering past. I'm not a street photographer and have probably undertaken about 80% of my photography to date...
  14. Jules

    A black and white holiday

    Thought I'd share a few images from our recent holiday at the beach. Most of these were taken with the NX100, with a couple shot on my little old Canon P&S. Comments and crits welcome. :smile:
  15. Jules

    Fuji Fuji X10 - First impressions and a few random images

    I've only had my Fuji X10 for a few days, but I'm really quite impressed with this little camera. The handling is good and all the controls I want are right at my fingertips. Image quality is very good and I find the RAW files easy to work with. Actually, I'm wondering if I even need to...
  16. Jules

    Hello from Australia

    Discovered the forum this week after purchasing a Fuji X10. This looks like a great site. A little bit about me: I'm from sunny Queensland in Australia (although we've not had much of our trademark sunshine lately) and I'm a Canon user by trade with the 5DII being my weapon of choice. Of...
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