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  1. phigmov

    Share your Year End Stats

    I've got a similar thread over on so started one here too. Feel free to chip in and share your stats too. Still about 36hrs to run in 2020 but I can't see my numbers changing much. I suspect 2021 will see more of the same but fingers x-ed it is super boring and uneventful :laugh1...
  2. phigmov

    Cameras from first principles

    Fascinating interactive web-page by Bartosz Ciechanowski, describing camera operation from photons on a sensor, through to lens design & aperture affect.
  3. phigmov

    Film Press Pan - X-Pan Alternative

    Fascinating to see what makers are creating these days. Jess Hobbs tries out a Press-Pan, a combo of a Nikon FE & Mamiya Press + lots of 3D printed bits and pieces, to create a panoramic 35mm camera similar to the X-Pan. Also links to a number of other people creating bits & pieces to support...
  4. phigmov

    Film The 43rd World Used Camera Fair in Tokyo

    Some interesting stuff here filmed by JCH of the 43rd World Used Camera Fair in Tokyo
  5. phigmov

    Anyone bought a Hasselblad 907x yet?

    Kind of cool. If I extended my mortgage I might be able to afford one. Hopefully someone will create a cheap knock-off so I can use my Bronica 6x6 lenses. Also noticed the shutter button didn't have a cable release screw-in... seems like an odd oversight. Wonder if the Sony/Oly screen-less...
  6. phigmov

    Wide Angle Macro - Anyone tried the Opteka 15mm f4?

    Noticed some of these going cheap on Evilbay. Anyone tried one? Any good? Or are they garbage? I read that they are similar to the Laowa 15mm f4 Macros but without the Shift capability.
  7. phigmov

    Film Antique 4x5 camera creates 20 micron photolithography masks

    Fascinating. Not something you could easily do with a digital camera at home. It looks like a Graphlex 4x5. Reminds me of micro-fiche.
  8. phigmov

    Film Safelight query

    I've seen a safelight for sale and I'm interested in it for a lab. I've seen these in use in tv shows & films but the description on Wikipedia is a little vague - references their use in the development process but it seems to focus a little more on developing prints. Can these be used at all...
  9. phigmov

    Feedback Google Photos links behaving oddly

    Anyone having issues with Google Photos (ex Picassa) album image links? Up until a short while ago I could paste in the image link and they'd appear fine. Now I just get the long URL, even thought the Preview image is fine. Same links work fine in which seems to be running roughly the...
  10. phigmov

    Film Polaroid a day for 18yrs

    Thought this was impressive - Jamie Livingstone took 6,697 polaroid photos between 1979-1997 - Links to a site of all scanned photos, more info on his pics & an exhibition put on by his friends in the article.
  11. phigmov

    Film Nikon F2

    These are with a Fomapan 400 & a mix of lenses including the 45mm pancake
  12. phigmov

    Film Film Camera Repair Channel

    Pretty sure I've posted this elsewhere before but a few more videos are out from the Fix Old Cameras channel - I'm a little surprised by the plastic Minolta gears in the middle video - you could totally imagine stripping those but maybe they're sturdier than they look... More over here Fix...
  13. phigmov

    Fuji Showcase GW690

    One of the Texas Leicas... show your GW690 pics Agfa Optima 200 Kodak 100 35mm vs 6x9 negs compared
  14. phigmov

    Film Nikon Film Thread

    Show your Nikon film shots... kicking off with a selection of mine from the foreverfilm threads... Nikon F100 + Kodak 400TX Nikon FE + Agfa Precisa 100 Nikon F100 + expired Kodak Ultramax 400 Nikon F3 + Kodak Ektachrome 400 Nikon F3 + Fuji Velvia 100 (probably very lucky with...
  15. phigmov

    Film Widelux, Noblex, Horizon - Panoramic Cameras

    After seeing Jeff Bridges shooting his Widelux I started poking around on evilbay and saw the 2 common variants of panoramic 'moving lens' cameras - the Widelux (vintage Japanese) & Noblex (German). And I also stumbled across the Russian Horizon cameras yesterday too - these often appear to be...
  16. phigmov

    Film Video: Kodak 3200 vs Ilford 3200

    Quite enjoyed this - two high-speed B&W films compared. I've never had much luck with high-speed film but I'm tempted to give it another crack in the right circumstances. It looks like the Kodak is definitely grittier and the Ilford has a smoother look to it. The presenter did well in some of...
  17. phigmov

    Film Showcase Agfa Precisa 200

    First roll through the Nikon FA... I'd forgotten it was slide film and got convinced to x-process it by the shop to save a few $$$... I should have just got it done properly as I'm not sure if the super-grainy look is due to the film, camera-exposure or processing. Will need to run some plain...
  18. phigmov

    Film Bronica S

    First roll back - it was some old Kodak Plus-X pan 125. Some shots were better than others - my focusing needs work (even using the loupe, on a sunny day its hard to nail focus) and some of the speeds might be a little off judging by the horizontal line that appears in a few shots. Some more...
  19. phigmov

    Film Masha Ivashintsova - Leningrad's Lost Photographer

    Sad tale, she lived through turbulent times ('42-00) - she left behind 30000 negatives and never showed her photos to anyone. Almost seems like a Russian Vivian Maier. Some of her photos over here - Leningrad's Lost Photographer Her daughter is scanning her photos and releasing them on an...
  20. phigmov

    Film Agfa Kills Vista

    I has a sad. Better check my fridge & eBay to see what the going rate is. Agfa Vista Film is Dead: Report I had no idea it was actually manufactured by Fujifilm. Which explains a lot; they seem intent on running down their film portfolio. eBay seems to have blocks going relatively cheap from...
  21. phigmov

    Film One film, one lens

    Even though I don't shoot movie film, I still find it fascinating to see what goes on in that world. For the film "Call me by my name", they used one Kodak film stock & one lens for the entire shoot. Interesting that they went with a 35mm focal length for the lens & also amazing to hear that...
  22. phigmov

    Film Kodak Revives T-Max 3200

    Well, this is interesting... production ceased in 2012 but now its been revived... Kodak Alaris is bringing back T-Max P3200 high-speed B&W film Film News: The triumphant return of Kodak T-Max 3200 - Japan Camera Hunter I've only shot some expired high-ISO film before and never had much luck...
  23. phigmov

    Film Shooting 70mm film: Murder on the Orient Express

    Film rather than still - Haris Zambarloukos BSC, GSC – Murder on the Orient Express Ask a Filmmaker - The Answers Tough getting things right with 35mm let alone 70! I was amused to read that the train was stationary and the travel/motion sequences (presumably everything visible through the...
  24. phigmov

    Film TCSTV: Analog Shooting

    The Camera Store TV guys have done a live-stream with a focus on Analog shooting - their guest is Olivier Du Tre (shoots 4x5). Some good stuff covered.
  25. phigmov

    Film Pancakes

    Anyone have strong opinions on the quality of old pancake designs ? I've started a scrapbook of a few that are starting to form an expensive 'want' list. I hear the Nikon in particular is not that great even though its become a bit of a collectable. I also didn't realise the new Pentax...
  26. phigmov

    Film Yashica Electro 35 with digiFilm

    Not sure if anyone caught this? Bit gimmicky but if priced properly and of decent quality it could be fun.
  27. phigmov

    Film Showcase Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 200

    Performs in a very similar way to its big brother (Superia 400) - not shown off to best effect in these shots due to my Sunny 16 metering technique. I'm sure a more modern camera would get better results. These were all shot on a Olympus Pen FV - mostly with the 25mm Zuiko F4 & 38mm Zuiko F1.8
  28. phigmov

    Film Share: Cars

    Nikon F3HP + Fuji Superia 400 Olympus Pen FV + Fuji Superia 200
  29. phigmov

    Film Share: Cats

    Nikon F3HP + Fuji Superia 400 Olympus Pen FV + Fuji Superia 200
  30. phigmov

    Film Interesting article: Shooting motorsports with a Kodak Box Brownie

    Automotive Week - 1901 camera technology works fine for modern motorsports photography Lens/shutter seemed to struggle a bit for the first few shots - although the sun looks very very bright!
  31. phigmov

    Film Pick my next film/camera combination

    OK, I finally have some of my stuff in the can and off to be developed. Time to load up some more cameras and film. To that end, I thought I'd start a thread to take the pain out of choosing - let your fellow forum-ites pick for you. Cameras - Olympus OM 4Ti Nikon FE Film - Kodak...
  32. phigmov

    Film Photographer shoots F1 with a Graflex 4x5

    If you're a PetaPixel reader you may have already seen this. The Photographer Who Shoots F1 with a 1913 Graflex 4x5 View Camera
  33. phigmov

    Film Film: B-Sides (doco about 20x24 Polaroid portrait photog Elsa Dorfman)

    Look like it'll be entertaining. Trailer for Errol Morris’ new documentary, The B-Side
  34. phigmov

    Film Film: Cathy at War

    This looks great - Documentary on combat photojournalist Catherine LeRoy - info below Fascinating documentary on combat photojournalist Catherine LeRoy Catherine Leroy - Wikipedia
  35. phigmov

    Film Olympus Pen F

    The original. A few blemishes but otherwise fine. I had no idea the early ones where two-stroke, with a shorter pull than my FT & FV. Need to do a family portrait at some stage. Can't wait to get some film through it.
  36. phigmov

    Film Kodak revives Ektachrome at CES 2017

    Interesting to see Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome - Kodak Brings Back a Classic with EKTACHROME Film | CES 2017 Press Release | Kodak Wonder if its the video rather than the stills that is driving this ? Cost to develop slide film and the low exposure tolerance isn't necessarily the type...
  37. phigmov

    Film Short Film: Master of Camera

    2min short film of Milanese camera-repair man, Gian Luigi Carminati
  38. phigmov

    Film Short Film: The Camera Collector

    Interesting short film about an Italian classic camera collector: Be sure to turn on the subs.
  39. phigmov

    Film Chris Porsz: People Re-united with their 80's photos

    Nice to see the subjects re-united with their photos and in some cases re-created from 80's Peterborough in the UK - Peterborough - reunions
  40. phigmov

    Film Iconic Kiwi Photographer: Marti Friedlander

    Looks like she might be on her last legs: A photographer's courage She took some definitive shots of NZ through the 60's & 70's as the countries identity was being beginning to evolve. Articles & photos for anyone interested... Art New Zealand Marti Friedlander Marti Friedlander: ‘A...
  41. phigmov

    Film Olympus Pen FV

    To go with my FT, the slightly rarer FV, no meter but supposedly a brighter viewfinder. Love the green-leatherette finish - quite a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to running some film through this. I have to say - new found respect for the Japanese postal service - it arrived faster than...
  42. phigmov

    Film Sliding Card Exposure Meter

    I can't recall posting this before but I thought it might be of use to people that have cameras without meters. This is a home-made exposure meter you can print out, assemble and use to set your camera exposure. Exposure-Mat - Free Light Meter I made one of these a few years ago but its...
  43. phigmov

    Film Nikon 24-120mm AF-D Query

    Hi all, I've seen a few of these crop up for sale and I'm interested in supplementing my 28-105 (which I love). It seems like a fantastic range in a relatively compact form; unfortunately most of the reviews seem to pan the lens incl its later VR variant, however the very latest f4 fixed...
  44. phigmov

    Film Trip 35 + Arista 400

    Feels so cheap but then I shoot it and its so discrete, quiet & quick. Then the pics come back and theres a good percentage of properly exposed sharp shots. Such a winner.
  45. phigmov

    Film Pentax Spotmatic & Arista 400

    Not bad - I should probably have been more careful with the metering. Actually a nice shooting camera with lovely lenses.
  46. phigmov

    Film Polaroid PolaChrome - 35mm Instant Slide Film

    Came across this great demonstration of Polaroids Slide Film & Developer system Fascinating.
  47. phigmov

    Film YouTube: ACB Channel

    Thought I'd share a discovery of an arts channel, called ACB, running a series on classic film photographers. Whats great is the Ken Burns style panning over the contact sheet with a commentary from the photographer describing/showing the sequencing that led to the eventual shot choice. Great...
  48. phigmov

    Film RIP Bill Cunningham, NYT fashion photographer

    [re-posted from] Bill Cunningham, NYT fashion photographer - Slideshow is great - his first camera looks like an Olympus Pen D although he appears to have been a long time...
  49. phigmov

    Film Bronica EC

    Only got a few usable shots from my test roll - wasted a few trying to get the electronic shutter to fire on a weak battery :dash2: It does render nicely with the Nikkor 75mm lens though. I'll persevere and keep an eye out for a fully manual S2 (lenses interchange with the EC).
  50. phigmov

    Film Words/No Words: "Requisite Kitty Picture"

    We all know cats rule the internet and drive forum clicks :-) All of these are Agfa APX - you can see the difference in rendering and metering (the Rollei & Bronica were metered using an external Sekonic meter) - From my Olympus Mju II Bronica EC Rolleiflex
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