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  1. Woody112704

    Winter walk at Rodeo Park (image heavy)

    So I finally got to uploading some images taken at the end of December last year a few days after we had a light ice storm. I tried catching the light gleaming off the ice on the trees. I did learn my lesson to check your settings before you start shooting though. Something must have gotten...
  2. Woody112704

    Landscape photography blogs

    Anyone know any good landscape photography blogs to follow. Looking for some more inspiration and hopefully some that can teach me some stuff.
  3. Woody112704

    Micro 4/3 Spring Training in Black and White

    I know spring training has been over for a little bit but I just got a new computer and editing images on my laptop wasn't the funnest experience. So I got to editing them and this new computer is a dream to work with! Went to the St. Louis Cardinals vs the Miami Marlins. Cards and Marlins by...
  4. Woody112704

    Fuji Walking in Florida

    Took a walk one afternoon about an hour before sunset. Was a really nice walk. Walk In Florida-11 by woody112704, on Flickr Walk In Florida-2 by woody112704, on Flickr The road looking in one direction. Walk In Florida-16 by woody112704, on Flickr And looking the other direction. Walk In...
  5. Woody112704

    Fuji Fort Island Gulf Beach (Image heavy)

    While down in Florida we went to the beach. It was such a beautiful day. I used a 0.6 Tiffen ND Filter on my 23mm for most of the shots. The others I used a Minolta 50mm f1.7. There are going to be a few shots with my Olympus Epl5 and the 40-150mm mixed in with the X-T1 shots. Rocky outcrop on...
  6. Woody112704

    Micro 4/3 Playing At Night.

    Here are some of the SIJ rejects from the past few nights. I'll probably come back and add some more once I get through processing the rest of them. I really had a tough time choosing which one to throw up on the gallery for the challenge. Lost In Clouds-3 by woody112704, on Flickr Passing...
  7. Woody112704

    Kids react to a film camera.

    Saw this on Yahoo's front page and thought I'd share it with you. Watched it and got a pretty good kick out of it. I remember using disposables when I was younger but never did use any regular cameras before digital. Also I'm curious if you use a film camera and...
  8. Woody112704

    Fuji Bought a Rikenon 135mm f2.8 the other day.

    Was wondering if someone could help me out. I did some researching to find out what mount it was and it came up with an M42 mount. I have an X-T1 so I bought a M42 to Fuji X adapter. But the lens doesn't come close to fitting into the adapter. Am I doing something wrong or did I buy the wrong...
  9. Woody112704

    Anyone use Adobe's Creative Cloud?

    I just recently tested Capture One and LR 5 against each other and there wasn't enough difference between the 2 to justify the over double the price of LR5 so I was wondering if anyone on here is using Adobe's Creative Cloud as they have a pretty good price for the photography one with LR and...
  10. Woody112704

    Fuji Testing out Capture One Pro 7 vs Lightroom 5

    I downloaded the trial for Capture One Pro 7 and Lightroom 5 to see which one I liked best. Each definitely have their pros and cons. This is based on using the X-T1. Lightroom Pros: Seems to be more intuitive to me definitely easier to use for a beginner. Better integration with other...
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