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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    I’m a lurker more than a contributor nowadays, but I dust off the Merrill every once in a while. Good to see the community still active! Photo taken during an overcast day in San Diego a couple weeks ago.
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    Leica D-Lux6 Nighttime Cityscape

    Good at low-light, indeed. Is that the bat signal coming from the roof of the building behind?
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    Sigma How many DP Merrills?

    I have the Sigma DP2 Merrill and DP3 Merrill. I'd buy the DP1 Merrill too, but a line has to be drawn. I'm not Roy :tongue: (At least I still have the original DP1)
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    There have been some great additions to this thread since I last visited it. Somewhat inspired by Ed's "High School Football" thread, I brought my camera to my high school's homecoming game this past weekend. It's been quite some time since I graduated, but things haven't changed much. A far cry...
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    Congratulations :)

    Congrats Amin! Eagerly awaiting the review. :biggrin:
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    Fuji X70? = X100S-viewfinder - would anyone be interested?

    There is certainly a market, Luke. I've been waiting for something like this and while the GR comes close, I'd prefer a 23mm or 27mm for an everyday lens over the GR's 18.3mm. Neither the lack of a viewfinder nor the f/2.8 lens bothers me. I don't mind taking photos with the DP2 Merrill in low...
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    too many compacts

    Welcome kavu. Too much gear? Doesn't sound like a problem to me! :cool:
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    finally joined

    Welcome Dan! I'm sure you'll be happy with either and we have knowledgeable users of both cameras on this forum should you have any questions. Looking forward to your photos.
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    NY Times Lens blog: "Looking at Our Hometowns"

    This is fantastic, BB. I know "a picture is worth a thousand words," but it's amazing what a paragraph of context to each image can add to a gallery like this. I truly enjoyed reading and looking through the slideshow.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens

    You're right, 28mm 3:2 OVF. The vertical framelines are close to accurate. It's funny, because I have inserted the memory card and found several blank (black) JPEGs. I never shot film, so it's not in my mindset to remove the lens cap (or, in my case, switch the lever). :redface:
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    Free Photo Magazines

    Thanks ReD and serhan for the links. Although not a traditional magazine, you guys might be interested in The Wider Image app on the iPad. It's a very addicting:
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    password management

    I'm with mrmachine; 1Password is my choice for my Mac and iPad. The iOS app is particularly impressive, although it is expensive to buy both for the computer and iDevice. Do you use a Mac, Luke? If you can wait, Apple is readying their own built-in password management that will sync across all...
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    DAY TWO - Silver September 2013

    There are always rude people in the front row when trying to enjoy a movie:
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    Sigma Dodgeball!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. For those not familiar with the dodgeball, the rules are simple: 1. KILL 2. KILL 3. KILL For those interested in less tongue-in-cheek information about the photos: The dodgeball tournament took place this weekend as one of the many fundraising events at...
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    DAY ONE - Silver September 2013

    Great post, ReD! Here is my Day 1 contribution. Just a snapshot and my favorite from my dodgeball set, but I thought the action was interesting:
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    Sigma Dodgeball!

    The "old fat dudes" were actually the best ones there, surprisingly enough! Maybe dodgeball is the only time they can release their frustrations at the younger generation.
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    Colt Factory, New Lane, Havant

    I know all buildings are heavy, but compared to the steel and glass designs of modern buildings, this one looks very heavy.
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    Sigma Dodgeball!

    In certain corners of the world, a ruthless underground sport has emerged. It takes place in poorly lit gymnasiums and while it is banned in most regions, the ban is not strictly enforced. The number of spectators are often small and are careful to keep a distance from the combat...
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    Hay Field in the Fog

    Do you happen to have a "This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops" bumper sticker? :tongue: Both this and "Rising Sun, Morning Mist" are fantastic images. Thanks for sharing.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens

    Two more, in monochrome:
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    Film anybody see this new fuji 'polaroid'?

    Very cool design. But I'm more interested in their non-mini Instax, so I am curious about the two "Coming Soon" tabs on that website. I guess the only problem about the non-mini Instax is that it's hilariously large. Here is the flickr group: Flickr: The Fujifilm Instax Room Pool
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    Sigma SPP Help

    I also gave the RAW file a try. Here is your OOC JPEG: And my RAW conversion: Settings: All tonal adjustments set to "zero" except for saturation which is set to -0.4. White Balance: Sunlight Color Mode: Landscape Color Adjustment (Color Wheel): 2M All noise reduction set to...
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    Micro 4/3 Pro level Ol - Video leaked: NEW OM-DM-E1

    The design looks too busy, unlike the beautiful E-M5. But, it's not the most important part of a camera and I'm sure Olympus will have a winner with this one. The mobile app looks good as well.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens

    I've decided to join in on the fun! Here are some photos in central Illinois taken with the E-PM1. I found the lens enjoyable to use, especially with the optical viewfinder. I don't really think it's a toy lens, as it is quite capable of delivering decent results.
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    Sigma Sigma 4-Year Warranty on DP Cameras

    From the full press release: This is big news that I overlooked when the announcement was made. This will give me peace of mind when buying from them in the future. I think Sigma is on a roll. The DP Merrills are generally well-received unlike the previous DP cameras, their lenses are...
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    Travel: How many memory cards do you carry?

    I'm wondering the same thing. My camera annoyingly reset the file numbering, but if I remember correctly, I'm below 800 since I bought it 11 months ago. I guess I need to stop refreshing rumors-of-future-cameras-blog-dot-com and start taking more photos!
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    Sony Need Help for Rx-100M2 Filter Adapter Model number: VFA-49R1

    The reviews look good, except for the UV filter. But I don't think a UV filter is necessary on digital.
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    Sony Need Help for Rx-100M2 Filter Adapter Model number: VFA-49R1

    What kind of filter are you looking for? What country are you in? If you're in the U.S., I recommend a search for Hoya and B+W on B&H or Amazon. I'm not familiar with recommend stores in other regions, but perhaps other members can chime in. My favorite is a circular polarizing filter. It...
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    Sony Need Help for Rx-100M2 Filter Adapter Model number: VFA-49R1

    I'd say neither the expensive Sony, nor the off-brand ones. Quality certainly matters (both optical quality and multicoating to avoid flare) and I've been recommended B+W and Hoya filters in the past. If the price is making you pause, remember that 52mm is a common thread and you can use these...
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    Travel: How many memory cards do you carry?

    I only take one because the thought of editing hundreds of 45MB+ RAW files would turn me off photography. This thread has made me realize that I've been breaking an important rule: Backing up! I've been fortunate so far but I will certainly remember to bring an old laptop in future travels (I...
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    Micro 4/3 Panasonic GX7 Released today. Whoop!

    I never end up buying any of these system cameras, but I get really excited about their announcements. I've been following the Micro Four-Thirds world recently and there seems to be an uncertainty about the system. With last year's OMD E-M5 and today's GX7, it makes me wonder how such a...
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    Sigma Which Sigma DP to try?

    wt21, have you had a chance to play with some RAW files? It might sway you to go with one over the other, or perhaps chase you away from both. I downloaded Carl Rytterfalk's RAW packs before deciding on the DP1 years ago, to familiarize myself with the workflow of these cameras. His site has not...
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    Hello from Tokyo!

    Welcome martin! I enjoyed looking through your blog, particularly the photos from Hokokuji. I'm now convinced I need a bamboo forest surrounding my house.
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    Sigma Which Sigma DP to try?

    Images at ISO 200 from the new camera are grainier. It's especially evident with the blue sky, as the Merrill simply can't match the clean result of the original at base ISO. I'll add the word "relatively" in my original post because I was only comparing the two sensors. Update: I've done a...
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    Sigma Which Sigma DP to try?

    Garylh, the original DP cameras had a 1.7x crop, but the sensor's height was very similar to a four-thirds sensor. Its 3:2 aspect ratio just made it wider. It's a good thing you mentioned the fragile nature of retracting lens mechanisms. It's important to note that I have not heard of any lens...
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    Field Trip

    Ah yes. Fortunately for us, Google actually shares the information it gathers. I received a card on Google Now after the end of the month giving me stats on how far I had traveled on foot with comparison to previous months. I go on long runs and carry my phone with me, so I was quite happy to...
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    Sigma Which Sigma DP to try?

    Are you a RAW shooter? The DP2 is certainly worth more than $175 and you may even be able to sell it for the same or higher if it doesn't fit your style. Since you have an RX100, both cameras are small enough to carry together. You could have the RX100 as your main camera and take the DP2 out...
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    Andy, I didn't know you shoot many JPEGs. I had heard that the Merrills had a much better JPEG engine, but I haven't been brave enough to try it. The previous Foveons had dreadful JPEGs and it's ingrained in me to always shoot RAW. The problem, as Bart mentioned, are the massive RAW files. Sigma...
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    Pocket Compact Zoom Wanted.

    If zoom reach is a compromise, remember that the RX100 not only has a much larger sensor (providing great image quality) but also produces massive 20.2 megapixel photos. That combination should be able to provide some latitude with cropping. I haven't seen a formal test, but I suspect the result...
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    Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome and enjoy your new G1X!
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    Pocket Compact Zoom Wanted.

    I don't know the prices outside of the U.S., but I've been a fan of the Canon S90 and the cameras that came after it in the series (I owned the S95). It's truly pocketable unlike its competitors (e.g. Panasonic LX7). Another truly pocketable camera is the Sony RX100, but it's priced well above...
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    Ricoh Oficially joining SC with my GR (image heavy)

    Welcome and thanks for sharing your photos. I'm hopeful that the excitement that the GR is generating will encourage more manufacturers to release something similar. I think it's time for me to vote with my wallet.
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    Field Trip

    Very cool app. Google has been releasing several apps that don't require much input from the user. Field Trip, Google Now, and others have info "pushed" to the user, which makes sense since they are experimenting with hands-free devices like Google Glass. The downside, as pdh mentioned, is that...
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    Feedback forum database error - now "old style" interface

    Don't worry, I believe you ;). I was just posting my experience in case it's helpful feedback for Amin. I wonder if it's a cookie issue. I'll load it up on different browsers to check.
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    Sony Alternative viewfinder for RX1 and focusing method

    How is it on the left and right side? I imagine a 24mm VF would also be generous on the sides for a 35mm lens, but perhaps the RX1 sensor's 3:2 ratio fits a 4:3 24mm OVF's lines. Thanks for sharing the technique.
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    Sony New to the RX-100

    Welcome to the forum, fishworks! I'm looking forward to the photos. The RX100 produces some great watercolor effects that I can't reproduce on my phone or computer.
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    Feedback forum database error - now "old style" interface

    I couldn't access the site earlier, but now that it's back up, I don't notice a difference in the interface.
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    Micro 4/3 First Images of New Panasonic GX7

    That would be great if it was implemented into Google Glass or a similar platform. There's already a (hidden?) feature that allows you to wink to take a photo, so there would be no need for an extra trigger in your hand. On a similar note, I really wish the Ricoh GXR platform was more widely...
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    Lawrence's post had me thinking about potential owners of the DP series that are holding back because they think that the camera is useless in situations that call for high ISO. While it's no match for modern Bayer and X-Trans sensors above base ISO, I want to make it clear that it is possible...
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    I think I'm bored with mirrorless systems

    A small body (Olympus Pen?) with a fast normal pancake would likely be smaller than a DP2 while delivering good high-ISO images and speedy performance. You could treat it like a DP2, i.e. keep the lens fixed. What keeps me interested in photography is a frequent change in scenery rather than a...
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