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  1. Rose55

    Fuji New zoom lens 15-45

    Hi Ricoh I am thinking of purchasing the new zoom lens when it is available. Will it work with my xt1? Or will it only work with newer cameras? Thanks. Rosie
  2. Rose55

    Fuji X100f evf

    my husband was using his x100f today for photos of a green parasol. On looking at the lcd it is green but when viewed through the evf it turns blue! I have tried the evf colour change in the settings but nothing changes. I have also tried the light balance settings too with the same effects. So...
  3. Rose55

    Rye Harbour, East Sussex

    First processing following purchase of Iridient Developer today.
  4. Rose55

    Fuji What should I use with new X100F for workflow?

    Hi I am thinking about purchasing the new X100F and wonder which raw processer I should use with it on my Macbook Pro and also on the PC? I have LR which I haven't used yet on the macbook and have used photos for my xt1 with no problems. Also have used LR on the PC with no problems with the xt1...
  5. Rose55

    Fuji 18-55mm kit lens for x-t1

    I own an x-e1 with an 18-55 kit lens and have just purchased a new x-t1 with another 18-55 lens. The new lens seems to be slightly smaller! Is it my imagination? I know it may seem mad to purchase another kit lens but the first one will be passed on to my daughter unless my husband grabs it...
  6. Rose55

    Fuji Movie on xe-1 or x100?

    I need to record some short movies of my horse tomorrow and wonder which is going to be easier to use and upload to YouTube/email? Any ideas or comments please. Or I could just use my old canon ixus?
  7. Rose55

    First xe1 pics

  8. Rose55

    Fuji Newbie

    Hi, I have just come across this site today through fuji rumors. It's now on my iPad and I. Need to learn to post pics. I have an x100 and xe1 . I took the xe1 to California recently and had a great time learning to use the camera, not all of my pics turned out well but that doesn't matter as...
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