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    Had a couple of goes getting a shot of Orion. This is my favorite so far. Stylus 1 iso 12800 f2.8 0.5 sec
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    VERA- Canadian Lancaster on UK Tour

    Tried to capture some of the drama this aircraft and her crew will have seen.
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    Alley way in Whitby

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    Olympus UZ610 - The Moon

    For a short while I had an Olympus UZ610 - didn't like the lack of manual mode or the absence of EVF. However it did take some craking shots "][/URL] Taken hand held (a convenient building for support/stabilisation) on full optical zoom.
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    Hi from Hartlepool

    Hello from Seaton Carew. Found the forum/site while searching for articles on the Olympus Stylus 1. Thought I'd sign up and say hello. Some wonderful shots on here. Hope I can both learn and maybe contribute a little. Dave
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