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    Leica Showcase Leica 21mm f2.8 Elmarit M

    Distortion? Nice pictures, the farm for instance. Jan
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    Foggy Morning

    Nice pictures. I like the second one best. What if you would crop the reddish foreground (street) off? Jan
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    Sony Sony Nex 5 or C3?

    The 5N is said to have an optional, excellent Electronic Viewfinder. In case of MF I would prefer to have that option. Better contrast than the LCD, because of shading. I would at least have a look at it before buying something. Jan
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    Greetings from beautiful Penang, Malaysia!

    A start like a dream. Welcome aboard. Jan
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    Show "Pay Day"

    I wondered at first, if this is a real picture or a Photoshop construction. Very narrow at the left side. But -Netherlands - that lane is for cyclists! It is a photo! Jan
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    Hi from Rotterdam

    Hallo, ik kom uit Delfshaven. Nu woon ik in Duitsland. Welkom, Jan
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    Sigma DP2 issue

    Take a look at this link, Herman! You should try the SPP software first. This is very good. A crop function fails, however. Jan
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    Possible new owner of a DP1

    Hi, my DP1s is my beloved one. You should take in account, that the camera is more or less a step back in time. You will work with RAW, but SPP is a nice (pre-)developer. Jan
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    Leica lens array for possible M8

    You are familiar with full-frame lenses/cameras. On the M8 the mentioned lenses have focal lengths of about: 20, 28, 47, 70, 120 and 180 mm. My choice would be to keep the 28mm (Leica 21mm) for landscapes+streetshooting, the 70mm (Leica 50mm) for people and the 120mm (Leica 90mm) as a tele. The...
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    Compact system camera overload!

    A foveon camera is missing in your collection still. You do with cameras that what other people do in gold or shares. You are happier I think. Jan
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    Show 'Insect'

    We live in a tick area. As soon it is getting warmer ticks are awaking. In March the air was quite warm and the cat and all three dogs brought ticks home. In summer the situation is better. Our technic is to drown them in soap water. A bath in oil is not bad too. The foto is the first and only...
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    Show 'Insect'

    TickandDog Tick and dog taken with a Dlux-4. Jan PS The dog survived, by the way.
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    Micro 4/3 NYE w/the Panasonic LWA-52 wide angle attachment. &#%$&@#!#@@&(!!!!

    The Panasonic WA attachment works well with the Sigma DP1 too. The 28 mm lens transforms to a 21 mm one. Jan
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    First Impressions of LEICA S2, a.k.a. OMG, I touched a $30,000 camera!!!

    We would like to see your photographs!! Jan
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    How many webbrowsers you got aboard

    My wife and I only use Safari on our Macs, also on the iPhone. Jan
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    Color photographs

    Perhaps BB will use his iPhone as a camera.:smile: Stunning photos made with the iPhone in this thread! Jan
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    Show "Candlelight"

    A very nice picture, Bill. Good composition. The glass in front (in the middle) and the candle are sharp. Somewhat strange is the unsharpness of the second glass. The one in the middle left, between candle and glass in front. Jan
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    Self-portrait with camera

    Another elevator self portrait. The warehouse Karstadt in Munich. Sigma DP1 with Panasonic wide angle adaptor, but the picture was cropped. Jan
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    3D Discussion

    Interesting. A viewpoint of the maker of 3D movies. My father was a 3d photographer: Leica-3d-adapter, Verascope, Viewmaster, etc. He never adapted the red/green technic, he worked with either double slideviewers or a polafilter-projector. The stereo effect was clearly visible, also for the...
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    Which operating system(s) run on your electronic devices ?

    Since 1986 I use macs and I don't spend time using trojan removers or virus software. No problems encountered so far. Of course I am careful with emails from unknown sources. I have programmed some rules to find possibly infected emails. One of the ways Apples makes the situation safer, is by...
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    NEX5 First Impressions

    Thanks very much for the review. Did you intend to take a zoom lens? I think of your remark about the front heaviness. No EVF connection yet, I believe. It is a nice concept, I am interested too. Jan
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    Rollei goes 3D

    I see, you know more. I meant the second one. Prettige kerst Jan
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    Rollei goes 3D

    The interesting thing is, that the lenses are arranged vertically. I like these pikupiku pictures very much. If you have a video function on your camera, it is (relatively) easy to simulate the effect. The software for the mac fails, that is the time consuming point. It would help too, if the...
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    Made in Holland

    Welkom aan boord. Jan
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    DP1s - a first test The picture is taken directly into the sun. I think, it is a correct exposure. No colours visible. Test successful. Comments please. Jan
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    What will your next (photographic) purchase be?

    Fourteen days ago I have bought a Sigma DP1s. They are relatively cheap now. The camera is slow in many respects: f/stop 4, reaction after taking a picture, the raw software. On the other hand I somehow like, that it is not complicated. No scene-modes, no "intelligent"-modes. You know what you...
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    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    Well, I didn't know that. My wife and I shall think of what to do the next time. By the way the mouse was caught during eating of coppa of the best (my opinion) delicatessen shop of Milano. Jan
  28. J

    Sigma Sigma DP Series Image Thread

    Caught The picture was taken with a DP1s at 30 cm, but cropped too. Jan PS The mouse got its freedom after taking the picture. However, at 500 meters from the house.
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    Should we have separate forums for different types of fixed lens cameras?

    No please. I like to compare the properties of the digital compacts as close as possible. There are already forums for the different makes. SERIOUS compacts is a nice description. Jan
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    BB, get well soon, beterschap gewenst, wünsche gute Besserung, ...., ...., Jan
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    Photokina 2010

    I also wonder, why for instance the Sony Nex doesn't have an EVF. An almost full frame should be kept to the head in my opinion. I have no use for a swappable LCD -screen (not used to it perhaps). Jan
  32. J

    Leica Leica D-Lux 5

    Expensive or its price worth? Jan
  33. J

    Which aspect ratio you shoot and why ?

    I shoot 16:9 mostly. I like the landscape format. The Dlux-4 has a lever to change the ratio. As I - in the Leica forum - suggested, that it would be better to hide this option in the menu, I was attacked heavily. It seems, that there are people, who - just before taking a picture - decide what...
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    The Leica look - what makes it, what is it?

    Some ideas for another 2 cent. Is it possible to say, that all photos of cameras from the company "Monkeybrand" do NOT show the Leica look? Otherwise we land at double-blind tests like the attempts to prove the effectiveness of homeopathy. During the film era the lens had to deliver the...
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    Pentax Optio NB 1000

    Nice idea. Perhaps something for children. Or as a tripod application "legopod". Jan
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    Micro 4/3 Want advise to buy GF1 or any other portable DSLR

    I would take a serious look at the X1 (as I do too). Of course you need an OVF, that increases the format. Do you really need long distance shots? Do you really need a zoom? Is IQ not the most important? Perhaps you should wait until the end of September (Photokina). Jan
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    Show "Shadow"

    wood Found in the town "Spalt", known for the culture of hop. Jan
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    Why can't a COMPACT, ZOOM, FULL FRAME DIGITAL camera be built? Film ones existed !!

    As you bought your Espio you did not pay for the sensor. Jan
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    Panasonic LX3 goes to Burning Man

    Nice pictures. Also interesting is Scotts cardboard modification of the LX3. A OVF for a zoom lens is not a very useful accessory, also my opinion. Jan
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    Leica Showcase Leica M Image Thread

    Beautiful pictures. It is remarkable, how often the M-cameras are used with non-M lenses. Jan
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    Leica Leica X1 Image Thread

    Hope you agree Enlargement of the X1 picture. Jan
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    Show "Animal"

    An iPhone is a serious compact {period} (as I have one too). Jan (newbie:wink:)
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    Show "Animal"

    Kundry Appenzell mountain dog on 14. birthday
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    Hello from Franken

    Hello Herman Yes, that´s the place where I live, but born in the Netherlands. Jan
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    Hello from Franken

    I started photography with a IIIf. As the EOS line started, I bought one. At the moment I use a Dlux-4. My subjects are my family, pets and holidays. I am interested in 3d too. The forum interested me, because of the comparison of the compacts. Good work! Perhaps I change to m4/3 or APS. A...
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