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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    I really enjoy using my OM-4T, it is a pleasure to use. It doesn't see much use but I did just buy ten rolls of Ektar 100 recently so I suppose I should get out and run a few off...
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    Ricoh Ricoh GRD IV - What do you want to see?

    The only thing that has held me back from getting the GRD III is that it doesn't have an articulated screen. Keep that high-resolution beauty that it currently has and put it on a 'swivel' and I will buy the GRD IV without a doubt! For whatever reason the majority of my favourite photographs...
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    Water - Show us your shots

    Does frozen water count? :tongue:
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    A Late Season Rose...

    Thanks BB - I find using P&S cameras a little 'challenging' for close-up/macro work as the working distance is so small (the increased DOF is nice though). I actually am just waiting for a +5 achromat lens to come in the mail, using the lens at full tele with the +5 should make things much...
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    A Late Season Rose...

    I went to a local rose garden this morning, the light was so nice… The rose garden looked better this morning than I have seen it all summer, very strange. Maybe my eyes were just more 'open' today! :doh: :tongue: EX1 @ 24mm, 1/45th @ f3.9, ISO80, Handheld Just wanted to share this...
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    Show "Signs"

    I love the tones and structure of that one BB...very nice!
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    Show "Signs"

    LX3 Buntzen Lake, BC, Canada
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    Fall at f1.4

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    Plants of all kinds

    Nice one! It's very captivating...
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    Show "Rust"

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    What will your next (photographic) purchase be?

    I have to do some selling first, my cabinets are over-flowing (literally) with photographic related items and I am surprised my wife hasn't said much about it. That said, I really want to try one of the latest superzooms but nothing has really caught my eye, maybe the V-LUX 2, we'll see. :wink:
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    Northeast Cruise vacation with NEX-3

    There are some real gems there, I really like the city photos, especially the off-kilter one, great composition and colour! Thanks for sharing.
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    Nature Show Landscape

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    Leica Leica D-Lux 5

    I concur, there is absolutely no difference between the D-Lux 4 and LX3 lens quality. Any differences seen in the IQ of the cameras was in the JPEG processing, shoot Raw and they are identical.
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    Show "Reflections"

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    Plants of all kinds

    I have no clue what this is but it thrives in the shade... Samsung EX1
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    The Old Part of Town

    Thanks BB. That's funny actually, I was just telling a friend last night that I was trying to get across how desolate the place was...I guess it worked!
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    The Old Part of Town

    Hi Djarum, Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated! I actually have tried those with less distortion but something gets 'lost' when I do, so I just went back to the original as presented. The second and third were taken with the Samsung EX1, my favourite new P&S...
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    The Old Part of Town

    For sure Djarum, I am open to criticism...please do.
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    The Old Part of Town

    New Westminster, BC, Canada this morning... I really like the juxtaposition of the old/new buildings here... Photographed with either Samsung EX1 or Panasonic G1 (w/ OM 50mm f1.8 MiJ)
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    Color images from nature

    BB - That sky is gorgeous! While on a hike around Buntzen Lake, BC a couple of weeks ago... LX3
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    Should we have separate forums for different types of fixed lens cameras?

    I don't think it's necessary. There are a limited number of "serious compacts" out there so seperating the forums would almost slow things down. I own a number of "serious compacts" from different brands and like being able to talk about them all all under one "roof". Just my opinion of...
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    I don't normally do B&W stuff but this thread has been is one from this morning. Samsung EX1
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    Film Fun with film cameras (Image thread)

    Olympus OM-4T - OM 55mm f1.2 - Ektar 100
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    "Show any picture"

    Your wish is my command...once at the photo click on it to fill your screen. Zenfolio | Neil Vanderwolf | Recent Additions
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    "Show any picture"

    EX1 - 5 images stitched with AutoPano Pro 2. Pitt River, BC, Canada - Looking North...
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    Micro 4/3 Spider!

    Nice one! I am really liking the colour, the heavy vignette, everything works so well together. Nice work!
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    Multi-Image Panoramic Stitching

    Another vote for AutoPano Pro 2, fast (64-bit version), reliable and does a fantastic job! This was roughly 30 images from a Sony a900, CZ 135mm f1.8, HANDHELD!
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    Which aspect ratio you shoot and why ?

    I have several cameras that allow my to capture in 4:3, 3:2, 4:4 :wink: and 16:9 in the Raw format. I end up shooting in the 3:2 format probably 90% of the time but like the option to compose and choose in the field from time to time...
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    What is your preferred file format for shooting ?

    Raw for me since 2001'ish. Personally, I won't buy a camera that doesn't have a Raw format. I just like to added control after-the-fact.
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    Show pictures taken with a 3 layer sensor

    These were taken with my SD14 and 300mm f4 HSM. I will try to find a couple of my favourites that come from my SD14 and post them here later. I can't seem to find them right now...
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    Samsung Samsung TL500 (also known as the EX1) my ongoing review (updated 10-14)

    Wallace, A few observations: If you are basing this battery life and this was your first or second time you charged it don't despair. I was out the other day and shot around 320 photos and the battery life had just gone down to the 2 bar level, this was with the IS on, LCD on and and camera on...
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    Show "Flowers"

    OK - One more from me...
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    Signs of Fall.

    Hi Brian, I really like the leaves taken with the Fujica ST801. I would be interested to see what the Pentax 85mm looks like on the E-P2. Thanks for sharing! Neil
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    Fall has Begun (EX1/TL500 Photos)

    Hi James, Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated! I actually don't take photos of people at all. Never have, probably never will. :tongue: I also don't (very rarely I will for the effect with a photo intended for B&W) shoot beyond the base ISO with any of my small sensor cameras...
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    Fall has Begun (EX1/TL500 Photos)

    My second day out with this wonderful camera. I am really enjoying using this camera, probably the best camera purchase (out of roughly 30) I have made since the Sony R1. My DSLR's don't get used to often anymore, these compacts are getting just to darn good! These were all taken at Deer...
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    A Day in the Garden

    Hi Karen, Correct side of the continent but no, I am in western Canada. Coquitlam, BC to be more precise. I have been going to this community garden for eight years on a very regular basis for photography...(Colony Farm Community Garden), stop in if you are ever up this way, it is beautiful...
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    A Day in the Garden

    Thanks for the comments folks... My apologies but I am not much of a 'reviewer', just a user (I don't often read reviews either :rolleyes:), I prefer to just buy cameras and see if they meet my needs. That said, if any questions come up about the EX1 I will answer them to the best of my...
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    A Day in the Garden

    I bought a Samsung EX1 yesterday and went to my local community garden to give it a try. So far I am extremely impressed with this camera. The colours are spot on and it has wonderful image qualities that I haven't seen in a P&S-type camera (and I have had a LOT over the years)...
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    What cameras have you "connected" with and why?

    My current collection of 'keepers', they have fit my needs, ergonomically and image quality wise: Olympus OM-4T - It's just to pretty to let go! Sony R1 - A camera that will never be sold, wondeful image quality and amazing lens. Panasonic LX3 - Great little pocket camera that has the 18mm...
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    Wrist Straps

    I have used Gordy's straps for years on all of my cameras. The string is very strong, I used to have a video I took of my swinging my a700 (with a grip and CZ 135mm f1.8) around and around . The string is strong period. With my smaller cameras I just use a simple little Olympus wrist strap...
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    Show "Flowers"

    G1 w/OM 50mm f3.5...
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    Micro 4/3 E-P2 with skin - Nice!

    Beauty is definitely subjective! :wink: The possibilities are endless, check out this site: Custom camera leather and leatherette
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    Micro 4/3 Macro lens for m4/3

    I have been having fun with an OM 50mm f3.5 (with an adapter). I just bought a G1 last week to try out m4/3 with my OM lenses...I have been pleasantly surprised! A 100% crop of this photo can be seen here, the level of detail will speak for itself: Zenfolio | Neil Vanderwolf | Recent Additions
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